Monday, February 24, 2014

49th Letter 2-24-14


Pictures: 1-Me with President and Sister Parrela, 2-Michael, Gabriela and me with Chemarrou.

Animada Familia!

Your prayers have worked! This week went super good!! We found a bunch of new investigators and taught a lot of people. We taught a new investigator named Siezer and he is super solid! He came to church and stayed all 3 hours! He is reading the BOM and his family is perfect too! He reminds me of my dad! He is super intelligent and really ponders about our message! I am very excited for him and the growth he has already made and will continue to make. I could see Siezer being a leader in the Church. Also, the weather was super nice this week. We had a lot of wind and rain! My companion and I are getting along great and working hard. I think the branch here is starting to really trust us! I can’t believe I am almost to my year mark! Tà Louco!! (OK CRAZY!)

Monday I had a very good P-day and didn't feel too homesick! P-days are hard cause once we finish all our necessary stuff we just sit around. This day went good though. Got all the things done and even washed my clothes in the shower, because the washing machine is broken. Wow does it take forever to hand wash clothes! That night we taught Frenando and Mechela. They are super nice, but we can’t figure out the reason they won’t come to church!  Also, we taught Vauley, who is a bit timid when he is around us...I don’t know why. Also received some solid referrals this night.

Tuesday we taught a lot of people today after a super good District Meeting! I really think this DM helped pump us up for the week! Elder Johanson did a good job! Contacted Marley who was a former investigator. She wants to stop smoking and she wants our help. She had a baptismal date, but couldn't stop smoking in time. Taught Irma Rosa and shared the talk by Pres. Uchtdorf "Come Join with Us."  I think this talk will help her a lot. That night we taught Cristiane and she wants to be baptized soon as well. She just needs to get married.

Wednesday, This day was AWESOME! First we taught Arce about the BOM and gave him one to read. Then taught Seizer and his friend the Restoration. I don’t think I have ever had a lesson go as well here in Brazil like it went with these guys! It was perfect! They both were listing to us and understood what was going on and more importantly why we needed a restoration of the gospel. They got very excited when we got to the part where we explained about after Christ died and many of the Apostles and members were killed as well. They wanted to know what happened. So we told them and the spirit was so strong! The spirit entered Siezer’s mind and helped him understand the importance of our message. I think he knows it´s true now!  Really was an amazing experience and really brightened our week! After that we continued with success and taught 2 less-active families. The lessons went very well. This day really changed my view of these people and the power of our message here.

Thursday, another successful day! We were walking to a less-active family’s house when it started to rain a ton! We ran under a tree and a family that was nearby called us over. We sat under their "patio" for a bit and after the rain stopped we taught them a little of our message. They want us to come back (family of 5). We then got to our less-active member home and he had a referral for us and took us to the house and taught with us that very day! Super cool! The lady we met is super nice but has some bad medical problems. That night we taught a few other people and planned another member-present lesson with Jair.

Friday, ANOTHER great day! Ha-ha. First we taught a new investigator named Duda (15). She is super cool, but her family doesn't like us for some reason. Then we taught Adriana about the Restoration and the lesson went pretty well. As good as it can get with 3 baby girls running around wanting mommy’s milk. After this we taught Siezer and his wife. We briefly talked about the Restoration with her and then talked about the BOM and invited them to read it. Siezer said he would come to church but not his wife. I think he wanted to make sure we aren’t some crazy church. Then we taught the other Adriana with 3 girls and the lesson went okay. She has a hard time understanding things. The rest of the night went super well and the weather was nice and rainy!

Saturday, you can guess it, another sweet day! Taught Arce again and also Marley with Jair. The lesson with Marley went super well and she cried a lot. She feels the spirit strong with us and knows she can stop smoking! Rained like crazy and I didn't have an umbrella so I just walked in the rain...Bad idea, because it rained a ton! I got soaked! Ha-ha. It was all fun though! That night we taught Irma Rosa about the talk by Pres. Uchtdorf...She read it but didn't really apply it. It is very difficult working with less- actives here.

Sunday, we showed up to church and were surprised by Siezer waiting for us at the front gates. He was dressed all nice and excited to be there! He is a boss! Church went great and I think he felt welcomed. Some of the members here don’t know how to be friendly so that kind of bugged Elder Gois and I. The rest of the day went very well and we taught Nara about the same talk by Pres. Uchtdorf. Hopefully she actually reads it and applies it. This night we had a family night with Cristiane´s family and Pres. Vladimirs family as well. It went super well! The Spirit was very strong and I think Cristiane´s boyfriend really liked the Restoration video. After we had great lasagna!

The week really was great and got me cheered up to work even hard this coming week! I feel strongly that Siezer and is family will join this church! The work here is improving and the members are helping more. The language is coming a lot faster and I am starting to think in Portuguese. Things are looking bright! : )

Mom, I have not yet received the package. Hopefully nothing went wrong. Mom, you are awesome! So yes, carnival is starting up here and already is a little crazy. We are supposed to be very careful during this weekend. I don’t really know why they have carnival, but just to go crazy. I think here it is just an excuse to do whatever you want and not worry about it after. IDK. That is awesome about the new stake presidency. Those are good men. Funny to think Shaye is only less than 500 miles away from me. I wonder what his opinion will be when he returns. I will answer your 3 questions next week. : ) Thank you for sharing your thoughts with me! The house looks beautiful! I love you Mom!! Miss you a ton.

Dad, ha-ha, sounds like your week was pretty crazy! Cool you got to speak with Elder Johnson in Norwegian! I bet it was nice to have all the family in town! I love the pictures!! : ) You are exactly right about the work here, Dad. The members are the key! Right now they aren’t helping a ton, but I think things are changing! We will see.

Steph, I hope you have a great birthday!!

I love you all so much and miss you all! Take care of yourselves and strive to be better every day!
Elder Hauck

The scriptures I like this week: 2 Nephi 10: 14, St. John 6:64-69, and D&C 121:36

Monday, February 17, 2014

48th Letter 2-17-14

Photos: Elder Dias was transferred to Santa Maria because of health reasons so we took these pics.

Minha Bonita Familia,

Another great week here in Brazil! This week was a lot cooler and we received a lot of rain! To be honest it was kind of cold and I wanted the heat to come back. Ha-ha. Now it is back and I can sweat like crazy again. : ) This week we had some progress with our investigators and LA members. Also, had a great zone conference that went very good!

Monday, we had a nice relaxing p-day and got a lot of things done. Sometimes P-days are more busy than other days. That night we saw Von and had a great conversation with him. He is a lot more relaxed when we aren't way uptight and only there to get him back t church, but more to be his friend. Through this we will get him to come back! Also, had a great family night with Bruna e Bruno and 2 LA´s. Went very well and could tell the LA´s liked it a lot. Gave Bruno a tie of mine and he loves it. Ha-ha I will need to get a pic with him.

Tuesday we had some good success. After district meeting we had lunch and then taught Carline (LA), then Allyson’s familia (LA) and Adilson (Non - Member) Odilso is very cool and is very open to us, even though his brother is a pastor at the Assembly of God church, which is pretty popular here. When we walk by the chapels they have a person out front that always gets a little nervous as we walk past him, ha-ha. I don’t know why he does. I think he thinks we will enter or say something. I don’t know.

Wednesday morning we had a service project that went super good. We helped a school her sand down the building and tables. It was nice to get some service! I miss it. Later that day we taught Jair (LA) and then found a few new investigators, a family (seizer e Rosa) and contacted Adriana, a referral from the sister. They both were super nice and open with us. Maybe some potential! The other Adriana lives on the same street. We had her on date but she didn't make it to church so we have to move it back.

Thursday we had a normal morning and then taught Elias more about the Restoration. He has concerns of leaving his church and feels like he would betray his family and heart to leave. Very complicated. Do any of you have ideas to help him? He already knows this church is true. We taught a few more less-actives and tried contacting a few referrals.

Friday we woke up at 5:20 and got on a bus to San Gabriela for the Zone conference. The Zone conference went so good! I could understand almost everything and this made it a lot better. I learned a lot from this! President Parrela is so inspired. You can tell he is a great leader and will continue to climb as a leader of the church. He had so much love towards everyone. So amazing! You guys need to meet him. I talked with him a bit and he said some very nice things to me. Had a great lunch there as well. It was a buffet so I ate a ton! We returned home late that night.

Saturday we didn't have much success. We did invite a lot of people to church, but many of them didn't come. We taught Jennifer about prayer, but she doesn't want to pray about this church because she doesn't want to keep the commandments. It is hard teaching her. I think we will try talking more about the commandments with her. Had a great English class and after the primary had an activity where we helped out. It was pretty fun!

Sun, no luck with investigators to church, but had a few LA´s, which is always good! The meetings were powerful and I am sure they felt the spirit. Had a great lunch and after taught Rotine (15) he is a special investigator. He wants to convert us t his church, ha-ha. He said he would go to our church 7 times if we will go to his 7 times. Also, he said we needed to only read the Bible, fast every week, pray a whole night once a month and pray (the Sermon on the Mount) 3 times a day. It was pretty funny him trying to invite us to do this. We told him we will keep with our schedule and program of study, prayer and fasting and maybe we will visit his church. We have to ask president and I think he will say no…it was pretty funny. He also talked about how when he reads the BOM he feels someone pulling it out of his hands. We think it’s Satan doing this but he thinks it is God. He is very confused. We will continue to help him and hopefully he will come to church. The week went very good though and I learned a lot!

Mom, Thanks for the great letter! Also, for your worthy heart! I am glad you had a great time on the cruise with Amy and all her friends. I am very sad t hear about Aunt Kim.... I will be praying for her a lot! That is cool you got to talk about the work I have done so far. I will read these scriptures when I get home! Tell the ward and family thank you for the prayers! I am sure the work here will change in no time! I have not yet received the package, but I think I will tomorrow. Mom, I love you so very much and miss you! Thanks for all you do. MY MOM IS THE BEST!

Dad, Thanks for the letter. In the picture last week with the cake is our whole zone. Sisters Seal, King, Claret, and Carvalho, and Elders Soares da Silva, Mateus, Dias, Crandall and Johanson. Yes, my health is a lot better and I have a lot more energy. The heat really is the only problem now. But that will go away soon. I received a letter that I will be district leader this next transfer...kind of nervous. Love you dad!! Miss you.

Family, You all are so amazing. Keep in mind all the blessings you have in your lives. Heavenly Father truly loves all of us! I hope you all have a great week!

Love, Elder Hauck

Monday, February 10, 2014

47th Letter 2-10-14

 Photos from My Birthday

My Family,

Another super hot day here in Brazil! This past week it almost hit 45 Celsius, which is like 114 degrees Fahrenheit. I have never sweat so much in my life! Ha-ha. But all is well! : ) This week we had pretty good success. I am learning Portuguese a little faster and I have become pretty accustomed to Brazil. Elder Gois and I are getting along well and working hard. The branch is struggling and our investigators are pretty weak... We find a lot of new investigators every week, but when we go back to teach them again they are weak and don’t want us to came back. It is very hard to stay motivated. President Parrela wants us to each get a baptism here this month and we will continue to work hard and I know Heavenly Father will bless us with someone.

Monday was a pretty boring P-day. We mostly just cleaned the house and slept. It is pretty much all we have the energy to do. The work here is very challenging. This night we met a lady that said she had a dream of herself in a fire and 4 Mormon Missionaries came and helped her out of the fire. She explained that the missionaries looked like us and that the dream represented her being held back by Satan in the fire and us trying to help her escape. It was very cool to hear this story and I hope it is true. We explained the importance of our message and that is would help her. She said we could come back whenever. We did go back another day and she had her son lie to us to say she was not there... A member saw her came outside right after we left. I don’t understand why so many people lie here... This night ended well though. Remember Ana Paula? She is an investigator that wants to be baptized, but has to wait 3 months (a new rule our mission has for investigators 9-18). We met her parents, though, and they received us very well! Answered a lot of questions and I think they like us.

Tuesday we had district meeting and then went to the Vila that afternoon. Taught Jennifer about baptism, Adriana the rest of the Restoration, Irmá Rosa about Missionary work, and that night we found two new investigators that seem promising. Super hot here every day and is very hard to talk to people in the streets, because no one wants to wait in the sun and get fried. The heat makes it challenging.

Wednesday, today went pretty good. Had a great lesson with Elias and invited him to the family night on Friday. He is a great guy and needs to be a member. The rest of the day we tried a lot of people, but didn't have too much luck.  That night we did teach Frenad and Mechela and it went well. Dropped a few of our investigators today as well.

Thursday, today went pretty good as well. Saw Jair and talked about the family night we would have. He was pretty excited for it! We then went and saw Nara and her family. Allysn, the son, was very sick so we gave him a blessing. I think he has something wrong with his stomach. That night we taught Elias and followed-up on if he would come to family night.

Friday, today was a better day. Still super hot, but had more success. Had a great lunch with Michael and Gabriel. They talked about how if I return with my parents they will feed us lunch (chorrasco- BBQ). We then taught Karlyn about the Plan of Salvation and Adriana about the BOM and invited her to be baptized on the 22nd of February. She said yes, but I don’t feel like she is ready... She is really lazy about it all and isn’t excited. This night we had an awesome family night! Went so well! Had Elias and his wife there, all the members that we invited and Jairs daughter’s boyfriend who is German and super cool! The spirit was s strong during the Restoration movie and the Testaments after. I think they all felt the power of our message.

Saturday, in the morning we went and contacted a referral we received. It was kind of funny what happened when we got there. The Mom was super nice and let us sit down with her and we shared a little of our message. Her son arrived and she started talking bad on him while he was standing right with us. He drinks and so she was saying how evil he is and how he needs our help. They got to the point where they were almost yelling at one another. Ha-ha. We bore our testimonies that our message would help them and said we would return another day.  Later that day we taught Jusay and invited him to church, but he flaked again. The learning English class is pretty good here. It is fun being able to help people learn English.

Sunday, went to go pick up Adriana, but she was not there...Kind of weird because all her kids were there. Church went well, though, and we learned a lot about Noah and The Arc and more cool stuff in the Old Testament and Pearl of Great Price. Had a great lunch after church and saw a few investigators. Was very hot and sweat through all my clothes, ha-ha. A storm finally came through for only 10 minutes and it was crazy! Took the electricity out and ruined a few things in our house, like the washer and microwave. It was very hard to sleep with no fan so Elder Johanson and I talked for a while about the mission.

I have been thinking about ways to help the area that I am in and really am having a hard time figuring out what they need. Can you all please pray for the people of Sâo Borja that they will open their hearts to our message and follow Christ?

Mom, thank you for the great letter. I hope you have a great time with the Jetettes on the cruise. They do not celebrate Valentines Day here but have something kind of like it; it is a day of boyfriends and girlfriends. It looks like Emme is having a blast with you guys! She is so CUTE!!! : ) I love you Mom and hope all is going well!

Dad, I am glad you can tell I am adjusting to the work here. We pretty much only talk Portuguese here, as far as with the American missionaries, but on occasion we will talk a little English. It feels weird talking in English sometimes. Ha-ha. The French toast is one of the highlights of the day! I haven´t really developed any new tastes. I like rice and beans a lot now and f curse the meat here is usually very good! They have this drink called Terere that is very good! I don’t know how to explain it besides saying its almost like wheat grass. I am glad Millie is keeping you company while mom and Amish are away. I do remember Taylor Murdock! That’s is awesome!! Sounds like you have some exciting things coming up dad! : ) I love you s much Dad! Thank you for all you and Mom do for me. I miss you guys!

Love, Elder Hauck

Monday, February 3, 2014

46th Letter 2-6-14

Photos: 1-Mateus and me, 2-After the first day of hard work with Elder Gois, 3-French toast!

Dear Family,

This week was GREAT! Elder Gois and I got a lot of work done! We are getting a long great and the branch trust us a lot. Things here are looking a lot better. I am feeling a little more at home every day, but feel a little down at times. Really have to keep busy at all hours to not get homesick. Work really is the secret to missionary success. Also, this week we received a bunch of referrals from members and found 6 new investigators! Elder Gois and I have a competition to talk to 5 people in the street about our church and invite them to do something (read a pamphlet, come to church etc.,) every day. It is working very well! I have seen the blessings already.

Monday, after emailing the best family and friends ever we went and had lunch, shopped for our food for the week and just hung out together. We cleaned the house very well and organized things. That night we had a family night with Irmà Rosa Bruna and Bruno and we were supposed to have Jennifer with us as well but she couldn't make it. It went well though!

Tuesday, we had great studies and then had Zone Conference. ZC went super well and I learned a lot. They taught us some new teaching techniques. That really helped us a lot. Had hot dogs as well, which are a lot different here. They cut up the hot dog and put it in a pot with tomato sauce, beef, and vegetables. It is pretty good! That night after the ZC we had a lesson with Elder and Nara. It went pretty good but we need to resolve his concerns... Nara wont return t church unless Elder come with and is baptized.

Wednesday, we taught a lot of people today and had a lot of success. Found 1 new investigator named Rosa. Got 2 investigators progressing and taught some less-actives as well. Lucio, Aline, and Irmâo Henrique all gave us referrals! :) Referrals are super rare here and super good!

Thursday, we taught quite a bit today as well. Talked with Elias and Juão for quite awhile and it went very well. We figured out how we can reactivate a less active member through these two. Today we walked a ton. I am getting very used to walking and it´s kind of cool. We speed walk most the time too because we have a lot of ground to cover and not much time.

Friday, we had a great weekly planning and made some great new goals. I made a new map of the area and organized the area book. Most area books here are a disaster. Contacted a referral today and got 3 new investigators, a family of 3! The family has a son who knows his doctrine. He is only 15 but goes to a Seventh-day Adventist Church. It was kind of cool to open up the Bible and Book of Mormon with him and answer his questions. Even if he would misinterpret the verses every time.

Saturday, today we contacted a ton of people. Found some new investigators, including a super solid one named Adriana! We invited her to church and she said yes. Talked to a lot of people in the street and seriously just worked super hard. Don’t know if I have worked as hard as I did this day ever before. Plus we were fasting so we were about to die! Ha-ha. I dint know if it is smart to not drink water while working in this heat. What do you all think? It is about 110 degrees here. I was super tired this night and slept like a baby.

Sunday, Adriana and her 3 daughters came to church and they loved it. Besides the part when Lara, her youngest daughter, got her arm stuck in the box that holds the hymn books...ha-ha. Elder Dias, one of the zone leaders got very sick and had to go to the hospital so we had Elder Crandall with us for the day. It went well and he helped with my teaching a lot. The teaching here is very different. I have been just teaching the same way as I did in the US, but here I cant do that. They aren't smart enough...We missionaries have to give them a little bit at a time and teach it as simple as we know how.

This week went very well and I learned a lot from my studies, companions and from the members of this branch. I am so glad things are getting better here and that the language is coming. Thank you all for your prayers and love. Sorry my spelling is horrible.

Mom, thank you so much for the great letter and photos. You may have to review this email and correct some misspellings. Sorry…ha-ha! That is so awesome about Amy and the Jetettes! Academic All-State as well! Wow!! Golden Child! ;) Really though, Amy congratulations and keep working hard! Little miss Emme is so CUTE! The picture with her and the random other little girl at the per store is super funny! Mom, I am glad you are learning so much as the Gospel Doctrine teacher. It is cool how we learn the same things here as you all do there!

Dad, things are getting a lot better. Definitely with my health that is for sure. Elder Gois is from a city near Porto Allegra. His whole family is members and he has always been a member. It is hard at times having to refer to him when I don’t know a word. I think it gives him a lot of confidence…Sometimes maybe a little too much, ha-ha. Broncos...Wow! They let me down. I think it was because I left Denver. That is interesting about the church retention around the world. South America does have a hard time keeping converts. We have a lot of less-actives that don’t even understand what a covenant is.Thank you for the great photos!

I love all of you s much! Hopefully I can get some photos off to you guys! : )

Love, Elder Hauck