Monday, February 17, 2014

48th Letter 2-17-14

Photos: Elder Dias was transferred to Santa Maria because of health reasons so we took these pics.

Minha Bonita Familia,

Another great week here in Brazil! This week was a lot cooler and we received a lot of rain! To be honest it was kind of cold and I wanted the heat to come back. Ha-ha. Now it is back and I can sweat like crazy again. : ) This week we had some progress with our investigators and LA members. Also, had a great zone conference that went very good!

Monday, we had a nice relaxing p-day and got a lot of things done. Sometimes P-days are more busy than other days. That night we saw Von and had a great conversation with him. He is a lot more relaxed when we aren't way uptight and only there to get him back t church, but more to be his friend. Through this we will get him to come back! Also, had a great family night with Bruna e Bruno and 2 LA´s. Went very well and could tell the LA´s liked it a lot. Gave Bruno a tie of mine and he loves it. Ha-ha I will need to get a pic with him.

Tuesday we had some good success. After district meeting we had lunch and then taught Carline (LA), then Allyson’s familia (LA) and Adilson (Non - Member) Odilso is very cool and is very open to us, even though his brother is a pastor at the Assembly of God church, which is pretty popular here. When we walk by the chapels they have a person out front that always gets a little nervous as we walk past him, ha-ha. I don’t know why he does. I think he thinks we will enter or say something. I don’t know.

Wednesday morning we had a service project that went super good. We helped a school her sand down the building and tables. It was nice to get some service! I miss it. Later that day we taught Jair (LA) and then found a few new investigators, a family (seizer e Rosa) and contacted Adriana, a referral from the sister. They both were super nice and open with us. Maybe some potential! The other Adriana lives on the same street. We had her on date but she didn't make it to church so we have to move it back.

Thursday we had a normal morning and then taught Elias more about the Restoration. He has concerns of leaving his church and feels like he would betray his family and heart to leave. Very complicated. Do any of you have ideas to help him? He already knows this church is true. We taught a few more less-actives and tried contacting a few referrals.

Friday we woke up at 5:20 and got on a bus to San Gabriela for the Zone conference. The Zone conference went so good! I could understand almost everything and this made it a lot better. I learned a lot from this! President Parrela is so inspired. You can tell he is a great leader and will continue to climb as a leader of the church. He had so much love towards everyone. So amazing! You guys need to meet him. I talked with him a bit and he said some very nice things to me. Had a great lunch there as well. It was a buffet so I ate a ton! We returned home late that night.

Saturday we didn't have much success. We did invite a lot of people to church, but many of them didn't come. We taught Jennifer about prayer, but she doesn't want to pray about this church because she doesn't want to keep the commandments. It is hard teaching her. I think we will try talking more about the commandments with her. Had a great English class and after the primary had an activity where we helped out. It was pretty fun!

Sun, no luck with investigators to church, but had a few LA´s, which is always good! The meetings were powerful and I am sure they felt the spirit. Had a great lunch and after taught Rotine (15) he is a special investigator. He wants to convert us t his church, ha-ha. He said he would go to our church 7 times if we will go to his 7 times. Also, he said we needed to only read the Bible, fast every week, pray a whole night once a month and pray (the Sermon on the Mount) 3 times a day. It was pretty funny him trying to invite us to do this. We told him we will keep with our schedule and program of study, prayer and fasting and maybe we will visit his church. We have to ask president and I think he will say no…it was pretty funny. He also talked about how when he reads the BOM he feels someone pulling it out of his hands. We think it’s Satan doing this but he thinks it is God. He is very confused. We will continue to help him and hopefully he will come to church. The week went very good though and I learned a lot!

Mom, Thanks for the great letter! Also, for your worthy heart! I am glad you had a great time on the cruise with Amy and all her friends. I am very sad t hear about Aunt Kim.... I will be praying for her a lot! That is cool you got to talk about the work I have done so far. I will read these scriptures when I get home! Tell the ward and family thank you for the prayers! I am sure the work here will change in no time! I have not yet received the package, but I think I will tomorrow. Mom, I love you so very much and miss you! Thanks for all you do. MY MOM IS THE BEST!

Dad, Thanks for the letter. In the picture last week with the cake is our whole zone. Sisters Seal, King, Claret, and Carvalho, and Elders Soares da Silva, Mateus, Dias, Crandall and Johanson. Yes, my health is a lot better and I have a lot more energy. The heat really is the only problem now. But that will go away soon. I received a letter that I will be district leader this next transfer...kind of nervous. Love you dad!! Miss you.

Family, You all are so amazing. Keep in mind all the blessings you have in your lives. Heavenly Father truly loves all of us! I hope you all have a great week!

Love, Elder Hauck

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