Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Third Letter 3-22-13

Dear The Best Mom in The World,

This week went by great! Some exciting news is that Elder Melendez and I are now the zone leaders.... haha, it was kinda a big surprise 'cause we aren't really the oldest ones in our zone, but I’m really excited to help and lead. On Wednesday night Elder M. and I got to welcome the 2 new districts and make them feel comfortable. There are like 140 Elders and Sisters in our zone. Hopefully they like Elder Melendez and me. I think they do though!:) It's crazy to think I only have 16 more days here at the MTC! The time here has flown by and I loved every second! My district is getting stronger together and we are learning Portuguese very well. Elder M. and I can pretty much teach a lesson with no notes now! It's more just like a conversation. I still have a lot to work on and Elder M. keeps me working hard 'cause he’s practically fluent, since he knew Spanish already.

Mom can you send me pictures of the Blog? I wanna see!

I’m getting more letters then I deserve. Uncle Court sent me one of the nicest letters I have ever received. He is such a great uncle. I love him and the Rad man that he is. I have been truly blessed with a great family. Sometime at night I find myself asking myself why I’m so blessed. My family is perfect! I have the Best Mom, Dad and siblings I could every ask for. Heavenly Father really loves us!
 I’m so glad I get to write the people that I love! It’s a true blessing. For my missionary plaque put Ether 12:27. This scripture has really helped me here. Learning the language and doctrine with these amazing Elders and Sisters has really humbled me, I know these weaknesses that I have will soon become strengths if I just humble myself and serve the Lord with all my might, mind, and strength.

The house sounds like it's going great! I can’t wait to see it in 2 years! Is dad still doing all the work that the workers mess up on? haha, I love how great Dad is. He is the hardest worker I know! I wanna be that kinda worker and I know I can improve all aspects on myself by serving the Lord.

What’s new with everyone?? Tell them all I miss them a ton and I love them!

Um.. I could use a few more ties. Jeff gave me a Brand Q tie that I love. So, like three of those would be nice! Have Jeff help you choose some cool looking ones with not too many crazy designs. haha and as far as treats, I don’t know. We already eat a bunch of junk.. Haha. They have these cinnamon roles from Dear Elder that are way good. I'd love to share those with my district. A little more about my district, there are 12 of us. All guys. We sometimes get out of hand and lose focus, but for the most part we work hard. It would be kinda nice to have a few sisters to keep us under control. Most other districts have 4 sisters.

I love you Family and I miss you.
-Elder Hauck

Sunday, March 24, 2013

Second Letter 3-15-13

Hey Family!

Sorry Mom, I got a hair cut so I’ve kinda been busy and wont have as much time on here now. I’m glad I’m here at the Provo MTC! It's such a great place, my cousins and some friends are all here so I get to see them occasionally! Makes me so happy to see them! I saw Jake and Kurtis today and we are going to get a picture together at the map. Mom thanks for sending me that stuff. I didn't realize I'd be using so much athletic clothes here. Gym time is way fun, I get way sweaty from playing basketball and sometimes using the weight machines. I have made a bunch of friend here that I will always remember!

Earlier this week we got a call over the intercom that called half of our district down to the travel office, which usually mean you got your visa. So we all were freaking out thinking they were really leaving, but it turned out we just had to resubmit our police record because it expired after 6 months.. Crazy to think I’ve had my visa in for 6 months. The travel office told us it was a good thing because that means they are actually looking at the visas. So that was pretty exciting. haha
The speakers we get are amazing! Tuesdays and Sundays are the best! On Tuesday we got to hear from an area 70 that talked to us about humbling ourselves (Ether 12:27) so we can experience growth. It's crazy how many missionaries there are here. Their are a bunch of Brazilians here too, so when they see our tags they come talk to us and speak a little Portuguese to us. Way funny cause they are way bold and funny! I can already tell I’m gonna love it there in Brazil.

The food is alright. I think my stomach is getting used to it. When I was sick it was just a cold. I’m pretty much over it now so that's good. I can’t believe the house is almost done!! You all are going to love it, I bet.  I'd love to see pictures of the house.

Oh Millie, haha. I miss her always being by my side and watching me eat my food. haha... Emme, every time I think of her I almost start to cry. She has brought so much happiness into our family and especially to Amanda and Shaye. They deserve nothing less than a beautiful healthy daughter. I love Emme so much!

Amy, congrats on being an officer! That's awesome! I bet you are a great example to all the girls on the team. You’re amazing Amish. How is school? Better stay away from those boys! Anything new with you little sis?? I miss you!

Steph, I hope everything is going well with you! I miss your jokes and funny personality. Some people here just don’t understand humor. haha I Love you and hope Jordan is a cool guy. Even though Ryan was a total BOSS! Love ya Stephy.

Tell Jeff and Cam thanks for taking the Brad Mobil. I know it's in good hands. I hope everything is well with you two. You are so perfect together and I love both of you. Both of you keep working hard and Jeff, I would really encourage you to start taking classes at Dixie. I feel like you will go into a great profession if you dedicate yourself to the work. I’m sure it will all pay off.

Amanda and Shaye, I hope all is well! Anything new? Shaye better get that Porshe ready for me. That's awesome about your new jobs and promotions! You both are going to do so well in life. Amanda- Chocolate chip oatmeal.. haha( she will know what I’m talking about) I miss both of you and love ya.

Thanks Mom, I know this is what I’m suppose to do and I know I'll experience a huge growth here that will carry over to my life after a mission; like becoming a great father like Dad, Shaye and Jeff soon :) haha. Mom you have been such a blessing to me. You love everyone. I am really trying to be more like you and dad and be patient, loving, hard working, and humble. Sometimes I get irritated and it's hard to settle down and remember that I’m on the Lord's time. Not mine. I’ve realized how selfish I have been in the past, so I’m sorry family. That phrase you shared with me is exactly what i needed! I need to keep all my actions thoughts and feelings towards love and Christ.

In class we have been learning a lot about how to teach a new investigator. We now have to plan and teach a lesson everyday! Kinda crazy but really fun applying their needs into the lesson.  The language is coming surly but slowly. I can’t wait to be fluent, even though I know it will be awhile.

That’s awesome what you are teaching in Sunday school. We actually just taught Paulo about the whole restoration and he really liked the things about prophets!

I love you family. I’m sorry I had to write this quick cause we are so busy here!
I love hearing from you and miss you all.

Paz e Amor
Elder Hauck

Monday, March 11, 2013

First Letter 3-8-13

Hey Mom!!
Everything is going great here at the MTC. It feels like you dropped me off here ages ago. haha.. The MTC is awesome! I have learned so much already. On Sundays and Tuesdays we get to have devotionals and on Sunday we pretty much just get to relax and hear awesome talks. Sundays here are great days. Finally I hit my P-day so I got to do my wash, go to the temple, and finally email you and the fam. The language is coming along great! The first few days I felt like this was going to be impossible, but now I feel like I'm improving everyday! It's amazing how fast and well you can learn when you have the spirit there to help you learn. Elder Melendez is my comp. He is a great Elder. He is very patient and nice to everyone. I know God blessed me with him cause I have found times where I have a hard time being patient, but Elder M. always helps. The other Elders in my district are awesome! We all get along very well and have a lot of fun. We goof off a little too much, but I feel like we are progressing very well. The district I'm in is so great because we are all so different. The Elder I probably get along with best is Elder Lapray. He's from Texas and reminds me of a mix between Chris Abraham and Josh Little. He's our district leader and is so funny. Our main teacher is Brother Butters, he is way cool and teaches very well. The first 3 days he wouldn't even speak one word in English, all Portuguese! I think it has helped though 'cause now I can understand like 50% of what he says. Our classroom is small and crowded with 12 of us Elders. The AC doesn't work either so it's HOT! We move to a new building on Monday though. Right now we are mostly just learning the language and basic principles of the gospel. We had an investigator named Rodrigo and we taught him 4 discussions! Elder M. and I did very well and almost got him to commit to baptism. Now "Rodrigo" is one of our teachers. Tonight we get a new investigator to start off fresh, which will be very nice. The food here is alright.. I feel like I'm getting fat though.. haha it's pretty unhealthy.  I was sick for the past 4 days, which was kinda lame, but I'm feeling a lot better now.

Mom you are exactly right about me being able to love and focus on Heavenly Father for two years. The MTC experience has really helped me realize how important this mission is. Heavenly Father has given me so much in this life! Serving two years for him and his Son, Jesus Christ, is nothing compared to what I have been blessed with. I cant wait to serve the Brazilian people. I know this is what I'm supposed to do! Thank you so much for the prayers! I really can feel them! This mission so far has not been easy and I was prepared for that! I like the feeling that I can always have the Lord by my side to help me through anything. I love you so much Mom. You have been a great blessing in my life and have prepared me well for this mission! You're an angel! Keep me updated on what's going on at home. How's the house? How's Dad, Amy, Steph, Jeff, Cam, Amanda and Shaye? How is Millie? Take care of her. Thanks for the pictures you sent me... Made me cry like a baby! How is Emme??? I miss her beautiful face! I miss all of you so much.  I hope all is well! I got to see Elder Hauck and Elder Rebman come in on Wednesday which was very cool! I feel kinda older now not being the greeny! haha. I think they both are doing well! Mom I think I might need some toe nail clippers, two more short sleeve shirts and my black Nike frees. Jeff has one of my grey Nike shirts that I need cause my clothes get stinky from gym every day.  Love you guys. Hope you liked the pictures.

Dad, I sent a letter in the mail for the priest quorum. Will you give that to Bishop? Dad I want to thank you for everything you have taught me in this life. You have prepared me for this mission and I will forever be thankful for this. You are a great father and love my siblings and I so much. You are the best! I hope all is well. Anything new? Any new mission calls? I'm learning Portuguese pretty quick! Kinda cool how well the Spirit teaches! Tell Amanda and Shaye thanks for the letter! That whole package I got was awesome! haha.. Also tell Jeff and Cam thanks for the letter! Thank the Rebmans and Taylors for all the candy and cupcakes! I have so much support from home! I have the best family. I have been truly blessed! I love you Dad and miss you. until next week.. Chaou!

paz e amor
-Elder Hauck

Sunday, March 3, 2013

Surprise Photo of Brad

We received a surprise photo of Elder Hauck with his companion today from Dixie Whitehead, a wonderful member of our ward. George and Dixie Whitehead just arrived at the MTC today to prepare to be mission president and mission mom in Mexico City, Mexico. They saw Elder Hauck in the cafeteria. He looks happy and we were so excited to see his smiling face.

We dropped Elder Hauck off on Wednesday and have not received a letter yet, so this picture was a welcomed sign that he is happy and doing well. His companion looks nice too.