Monday, October 28, 2013

34th Letter 10-28-13

Photo: Hank wedding before they got baptized.

This week wasn't as good as the past few weeks. We had little success, which made it a slow week. Something exciting is that we got a new Elder with us named Elder Ruiz. He was in Peru learning Spanish and I guess he couldn't handle it so he got transferred here. He is a pretty cool Elder, though.

Monday, we played basketball most of the time. Had dinner with the Phillips and then tried a few people, but no luck. We then taught Sister Kubic. Brother Barlow was with us, he used to work on planes and an engine blew up in his face and now he has bad burn marks all over his face and upper torso. He is a great guy! He gave her a blessing and again the spirit was strong. Out of nowhere I thought of singing "I am a Child of God" with all them. I think it was neat, so hopefully they liked it. I hope she recognizes the spirit.

Tuesday, we had great studies as usual. I love studying! I seriously feel like the knowledge of the gospel I had before my mission was nothing! I love learning this stuff!! We had lunch with Stake President Jones and talked more about the work. He is such a spiritual giant! He gave us some great tips to improve the work here. We then taught Braylan. He is getting ready for the Priesthood now and he is completely ready! Tried a lot of people with not much success. After dinner we saw the Pistoras and watched the Restoration movie with them. They LOVED it!! The grandma was in tears  and they all were fascinated by it all. Karen wants to be baptized by Byran so now we need to get Byran prepared for baptism. He has a lot of great questions! That night we helped the Tyus's move some furniture, which was a good evening workout-haha. When we came home we found out we were getting a new companion. It surprised us both quite a bit!

Wednesday, we went to the food bank and Arc for about 2 hours each. After all that we went to the Hanks' and talked about the Holy Ghost! We picked up Elder Ruiz, had dinner and then had Ward Missionary Correlation meeting. That night we went and talked to Rubi and Beto. They talk a ton, so it is hard to stay on track with the lesson, but we will get it down soon. 

Thursday, we had district meeting and after went to ARC for 4 hours. After that we went to dinner and then taught the Pistoras again. Elder and Sister Pratt came with us and did a great job. Probably one of the better Member Present lessons we have had. They answered the questions we couldn't answer and Byran seemed very satisfied with the overall conclusion to his questions. We shared with them a little of the Plan of Salvation and they seemed very receptive to it! Byran really studies hard and wants to know everything about the church! We then rushed to the Deru's house with Brother Welling and talked about the Atonement with them. They have never really understood the importance of Jesus Christ and specifically the Atonement! That lesson went pretty well. Brother Deru likes to be very confrontational with me... I don't know why. So I stayed more quiet this lesson.

Friday, we had interviews with President Toombs and they went well. He is a great guy! After that we went to the Food Bank and Jeff gave us more protein containers. They can't use them so he just gives them to us. We have like 4 containers in our basement. We then went to Braylan's house and watched The Restoration movie with him. He liked it a lot! Then saw Jennifer and read with her. then saw Rodnet and set up an appointment. That night we taught Laurden a few more of the commandments and it went very well!

Saturday, we helped a less active family move to a new home. We did a lot of the work and they mostly sat around and smoked cigarettes and weed...They did appreciate the help though. My companions kinda bashed heads so we resolved that and then we had weekly planning until dinner. The night then got crazy...So we were on our way to a less active family to try to set up a lesson with them and we got a text from another less active lady that she wanted a blessing. We talked to the first family for awhile. They have been offended many times and they have kinda given up on the church. We talked a lot about what President Uctdorf taught in Conference and I think it really hit home. So after we got out of there we got another text from the other less active lady saying, "My situation just got worse, I have to leave." We rushed over there and gave her a call. She was uncontrollably crying and told us she got in a accident and just found out that the guy she ran into died. We knocked on her door and no answer, the lights were off and we couldn't hear anything. We rushed around the building to see if she was anywhere, but we couldn't find her! All 3 of us were pretty scared. One of my comps thought she may have committed suicide, but I didn't feel like she would do that. We continued to call her but she never answered. Knocked on the neighbors doors and came in contact with a man that told us he saw a lady and her son get in a car and drive away. So we knew she was at least not in the apartment. We called Bishop, but nothing  came through. We drove around for a bit and continued to call her but no luck. We decided to pray and after that we felt a lot more comfort and knew she was okay. Crazy way to end a night.

Sunday, Braylan talked in sacrament meeting so we got to hear him. He is a stud! He gave a perfect talk about spiritual power. We then came to our ward. The whole Pistora family showed up and Elder Rampton got to confirm Brother Hanks and I got to Confirm Sister Hanks. The spirit was so powerful! It was a great sacrament meeting! After church we talked with Dustin about receiving the Priesthood and he really wants it. Then we taught Sister Maximoff more of the Commandments. After that we went and taught the Derus. We talked a lot about what the spirit is and helped them understand the need for the Atonement. Again Brother Deru got confrontational and it kinda irritated me. It's like he wouldn't even listen to what I had to say, he would just assume it was all false...very difficult. They both decided they really didn't wanna know if there is a true church on the Earth or even if there was a prophet. We pretty much dropped them. That night we tried a lot of people and at around 8 we street contacted in Olde Town where a bunch of people were walking around, kinda the middle of town. Talked to some interesting people-haha.

Overall the week was pretty exciting at times, as it usually is.

Mom, sounds like Saint George is doing great! Amy you are turning into the model child! Good job! Good luck with your play performances that are coming up! You will do great! Mom you sound busy! Sounds like you are having a lot of fun, though! Thank you for those pictures of Dad-haha, he is turning into a goof without his main homie with him! I have a few words for him. Also, Sister Larsen told me about this Missionary Mom's thing. I think she sent you the link to join with the Brazilian moms.

Dad, are you okay?  I'm just playin'. Looks and sounds like you are doing great! I think the beard is awesome!  A little pointer on the tie, though. I know you are the one that taught me how to tie a tie, but you need the tip of the tie in a 1 inch distance from your belt buckle at all times. Don't be getting sloppy just cause I'm gone, alright?  Overall you are looking good with the Chips Ahoy cookies.

Cute to hear that Emme still remembers me! : ) I miss her so much!

I love all of you so much! I hope all of you continue to progress in the gospel. Study daily and always pray! We all have work to do in ourselves and with the people around us. Some families in the Arvada 2nd ward are fasting for me to receive my visa this upcoming fast Sunday. They wanted me to invite all of you to fast for my visa as well. A lot of families show a lot of love towards me here...I feel at home. So if you can please fast this next fast Sunday for my visa. 

Love you all,

Elder Hauck

Sorry didn't take any pictures this week. (The photo is from the Hank wedding from last week)

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

33rd Letter 10-21-13

Picture: Hanks Baptism

ANOTHER amazing week here in Arvada! This work continues to amaze me. I find new miracles every day! This is such a blessing! So this week we started off kinda slow, because everyone was canceling on us, but by the end of the week it all paid off!

Monday, got to play basketball for a long time. Then we met with the Hanks and finished up a few of the commandments! They have changed so much in the past 2-3 weeks.. It is a miracle! Then we got to see the Kubic's again. The spirit has never been this strong while meeting with her before, so it was a very powerful meeting! She opened up to us big time and told us how scared she is about dying because she doesn't know if there is anything after this. I quickly turned into a baby and bore my testimony of the plan and our purpose of being here and returning to live with our loving Heavenly Father. I really hope Sister Kubic receives an answer soon!

Tuesday, while having studies we got a call from a 5th ward member. He told us of a couple moving into our ward and that they want to hear the lessons we have to share. It's always great receiving referrals from members that are potential investigators who sound completely ready! We went to ARC for awhile and then got canceled on a ton.  But that night we were able to teach Laurden a few of the commandments. The night was full of cancels, but we did contact Bryan and Karen and they are awesome! 

Wednesday,  went to the temple today! I love going there so much.. never gets old! Elder Rampton and I save miles up so the temple trip which is about 80 miles round trip doesn't hurt us. That afternoon we taught Braylan and answered a lot of his questions. We then got a ride to Westminister to give Liz, an old investigator, a blessing.  Then we saw the Hanks again and finished the commandments, planned the wedding some more as well as the baptism. They are so excited! Dinner with the Datko's was super good! They took us to Texas Road House! : ) We then taught the Deru's a bit of the Plan of Salvation and read 2nd Nephi: 2 with them. Then visited with Beto and Rubi. Beto is hilarious!

Thursday, taught Alex Lesko more about the Book of Mormon. He is getting a lot closer to baptism. Brother Bowler helps us a lot, because Alex won't open up to us, but he will to Brother Bowler. District meeting was great. We did a role play of the Restoration and First Vision and I did the whole lesson in Portuguese. It was hard, but a good refresher. Then we saw the Hanks again to get their Interviews done and they both went well. That evening we went to Byran and Karen's house and helped them move furniture around.  They also fed us dinner! Karen's mother and daughter were there as well and they all have a Texas accent! It's super cool! They lived by a Mormon family in Texas and became very good friends. The Grandmother loved us. She continued to give us complements on our church and ourselves. They asked a ton of questions about the church and we answered them. By the end we asked if we could share our message with them and they all 4 agreed!

Friday, went to the Food Bank for a long time and then rushed to read Helaman chapter 1 with Jeniffer and then we went to Sister Maximoff's house and talked to her about a few of the Commandments.  Dinner with Brother Tyus was very good and after he came with us to teach Laurden. When we got there Sister Chase, Laurden's mother, said she wasn't there but that we could share a message with her and her son Dillan. It went well, but Sister Chase started to feel like we were harshly preaching to her? It was pretty confusing.  She broke into tears and kinda got mad at us.  I think she may have a drug addiction problem...Idk.  Then her ex-husband showed up with another one of their sons, his name is Derek. Derek was high. He was talking about how we need to be more like Jacob and accept our better alien. He also told us that we are intimidating and he doesn't like it. He said we need to study more and accept that alien. Referred it all to the Mormon rainbow. It was all pretty confusing, but very funny as well.  So we left that place pretty fast. Then that night we saw the Hanks again to finish up some plans with them.

Saturday, we visited Gin and Carl and taught them The Restoration and Carl loved it. Gin seemed a little hesitant. She said, "I feel like the spirit is telling me that this isn't true." Carl quickly said, "And I feel the spirit telling me I have to pee!" -haha. It was pretty funny when he said that, but I really hope Gin doesn't feel that way. We then went to ARC for a while and then prepared for the Hanks wedding. It went so good! They were so happy!  We then taught the Deru's the whole Plan of Salvation. Sister Deru is a big feminist, so we have to be careful with what we say. I shared with her the story of the 2,000 stripling warriors and how important the role of their mothers were to their success. She loved it, because she has 4 boys and she even cried a little. That evening we went and taught Byran and Karen the Restoration. The spirit was so strong there. I know they felt the spirit tell them it was all true. At the end we asked them to be baptized. They didn't really give an answer, but they said they would pray about it. We invited them to church as well.

Sunday, we had ward counsel and then prepared for church. Brother Hartley gave me two talks on faith and that things happen for a reason. Usually to strengthen us. He feels really bad that I haven't received my visa, which is very kind of him. I can really feel the love of the ward for my companion and I. The Hanks showed up and Byran and Karen showed up as well! Karen came up to me and said, "Last night I thought a lot about what you said and I opened up the Book of Mormon to a random page to read one verse and the verse was about being baptized!" I asked her how she felt and if she believes it was in answer. She said, "Yep!" This made me feel like I got hit by a bus of joy and happiness! I couldn't stop smiling!- haha.  After church we went to try a few people. Talked to Rodney and Harley and then went to the baptism of the Hanks. It went o good! Probably one of the best baptisms I have been to! After they were baptized they were both crying and Brother Hanks came and told us he felt warm, not like temperature warm, but like inside warm. After dinner we went to teach Isaiah Lesson 1. It went so good! His sister Amanda was there and she had a lot of interest as well. Again the spirit was very strong in that room! Isaiah recognized that he has been feeling the spirit when ever we come talk with him. We challenged all of them to read and pray. I think they all will. That ended off the week very well! : )

Mom, Elder Rampton is doing well. I am kind of giving him the chance to be Senior companion so he can learn more and get a feel of taking the lead in lessons, planning, and pretty much everything. He is doing very good! It is getting beautiful here. The trees are changing and it snows a little every week. Soon I think it will be snowing a lot! That is awesome to hear you guys are all getting together as a family every week. I miss taking advantage of those great conversations. It is cool to see how well Amy is doing with her busy schedule! The address I am at is 5123 Zinnia St. Arvada, CO, 80004. Transfers are Nov. 10, so I could be moving. Sending mail to the Mission Office gets it to me where ever I am. I got letters from the Diamond's and from the Fords! : ) Tell them I said thank you. Thank you for the updates on the Visa. I feel like it might be too much work and time to get the new retainer here in Colorado.

Dad, thank you for helping me with the whole visa thing. Hopefully they get back to you soon! It's a relief to know that the general authorities get to decide when and if I stay. Sounds like you all had a great week! That's sweet Jeff saw Devin at the gym! I try to keep in touch with him. It's good to hear he is preparing for a mission! Darn Utes... 

I love you all so much and miss you. Heavenly Father is watching over me so don't ever worry about me. I continue to grow my testimony and grow the love I have for these people here. This work truly is an amazing blessing for us all!


Elder Hauck

Monday, October 14, 2013

32nd Letter 10-14-13

Another awesome week! I hope all of you had a great week like I did! I love staying busy! Time seriously soars by! Found more investigators and have 4 on date for Baptism! The increase of success in the work since I gotten here has improved so much! Okay so here's the highlights of the week.

Monday, again I got to email all the awesome people in my life! Then we ate and shopped before going and playing football at a field. That was fun! The weather here is getting a little cold, so playing football is super fun! We had another great dinner with a member, like we usually do. Then we saw the Kubic family. Sister Kubic is trusting us a lot more and is opening up to us. We think we know what we need to do now to help her feel of the Holy Ghost and believe in God.

Tuesday, this was a busy day! We had some great studies and then taught Braylan about the Priesthood! He is excited to get it some day soon! He continues to be a stud! Went to ARC for awhile and then hustled to see Sister Maximoff. We challenged her to read the BOM and she is doing super good! She updates us on where she is at all the time. She is a sweet older lady. Dinner with the Grays was good! They told us some crazy stories that have happened in their life. We then went and saw Laurden and taught her The Plan of Salvation! She thought it was super cool! She is smart for a 9 year old. We then saw Rubi and Beto and finished the Restoration with them.  She just needs to get her work schedule changed to make it to church!

Wednesday, we saw Braylan again and talked about the Temple. We then went to the Food Bank for service and then had Zone Meeting, which was super good! The Sister Trainer Leaders did a great training on helping ourselves and others become converted. After that we rushed to see the Hanks and talked to Brother Hanks about a few of the Commandments. His faith has grown so much! Dinner with the Petersen's was good, a older couple, but super cool and funny! Had Ward Missionary Correlation and then talked with Rodney. He seems to understand better and we feel like his interest in our church is increasing. Everything he tries to prove wrong in our church doesn't make sense when he tries to prove it wrong. We don't ever argue, we just look at the Bible and break it apart so he can understand it. This actually strengthens my testimony so much. Our church makes so much sense! The doctrine is perfect. Every time I find something that seems off I study it out and I always find the answer. This Doctrine we have in our church is perfect! All these other beliefs don't make sense, because they are missing some vital pieces that we have! 

Thursday, we had great studies and then taught the Biddles. They are a nice older couple that go to a rich community church here in CO. We had a discussion about our beliefs and they don't seem to understand that there is only one true church. And they don't care if there is. I don't understand how you could be fine with not finding out for yourself which church is true. We shared Ephesians with them, where it talks about "One Lord, One Faith, One baptism" .... Seems pretty clear to me. They still were not interested, so we left a BOM along with our testimonies and they said they would call us if they had questions.  After that we went to ARC and dinner with the Johnsons. They told us about how they went on the tour in Guatemala about the BOM and I told them that my Grandpa Hauck is an archaeologist and that he does BOM studies. They put it together and got very excited. They have a book that talks a lot about what Richard Hauck has discovered and his ideas of the whole BOM discovery. That was super cool! We then tried to contact a bunch of people, but no luck.

Friday, we taught Braylan about the Holy Ghost, because his Confirmation is this Sunday. We went to the Food Bank and then had weekly planning. Finally got a hold of Brian. He said, "I don't know if you two are up for this, but I don't wanna just know something. I wanna know everything!" We sat with him for a bit. We then had dinner with the Chase's. It was so good! After we taught Laurden The Gospel of Jesus Christ. The evening is what was crazy. We got a text from Jennifer about how she needed a blessing very bad. We decided to call Brother Johnson, the 2nd counselor of the bishop. That was inspired big time. Jennifer has a strong relationship with Brother Johnson, so it was perfect for her at that time. She was so sad and was talking about how she wanted to give up on life. She was bawling! It was so sad to see someone like this. Brother Johnson said perfect things. The spirit was so strong! By the time we left there she was filled with joy and peace. She knew the steps she needed to make to get back on track! That was a cool opportunity to see someone like that, not that is was good she was going through all that, but that the spirit was so strong that she was willing to change.

Saturday, we got to teach Alex and we found out what his concern is. We resolved it with the help of Brother Bowler. I think Alex will soon be ready for Baptism. We then taught the Derus a little of Lesson 2. They ask some great questions! Then we had the opportunity to see Brother Scudder, one of the investigators who got baptized that Elder Tonga and I taught. He baptize his daughter! We got picked up by them and then got brought back as well. I'll send a cool pic of us in the car. We got home and had dinner with the Rozeskis and went out to eat! Then saw Rubi and Beto again. Beto is such a goof! He is seriously one of the funniest guys I know! 

Sunday, we got to go to the 5th ward sacrament meeting for Braylan's Confirmation. I was able to confirm him and it was so awesome! That feeling I get is something hard to explain.. It's the Spirit though, that's for sure! After that we met with Bishop Haymond. He is a great Bishop. He talked to me about how I'm dealing the whole waiting for my visa thing and he thanked me for serving in his ward. Then he told Elder Rampton he got accepted into BYU. Dad did you get the picture? Sacrament went great and after church we went to the Hank's home. The Relief Society is the best! They have the whole wedding for the Hanks ready! We talked with both of them about the commandments some more and they seem ready! That night we saw Isiah again and talked with him more about our beliefs. Tom, his dad, used to be interested in the LDS church, so he, Isiah and Ann sat down with us. BTW Ann is less active. Isiah decided he does wanna take the lessons now. So this is awesome, maybe Tom will find more interest.

This work continues to blow me away of how fun and amazing it is! I have seen my conversion to this gospel grow so much in the past 7 months. It is truly amazing. This is the happiest time of my life so far!

Dad, it's sad to hear Amy got an infection. That can't be fun! Good to hear Steph got to come home to visit! Tell Steph and Amy I love them! So about my visa... I think you should call and see what is going on, Dad... Maybe it will work! I will be praying that it works out for the good. The sports update is awesome! Utah did work!! I bet they will be ranked soon. Love you Dad, Thanks for all the prayers!

Mom, the work is going great! I feel bad for little Amish with her wisdom teeth gone, but a 25 on the ACT is good! Good job Amy! Mom good job inviting your non-member neighbors to the ward Luau! You are a good missionary! A lot of times when I'm in a lesson I think, "I wish my Mom or Dad were here to help them understand." I think it would be so cool to have one of you as a member present!

I love you all so much. Please pray that my visa comes!


Elder Hauck

Monday, October 7, 2013

31st Letter 10-7-13

Photos: Giant Pumpkins at the Hanks, Braylan's and Ian's Baptisms

JEFF HAPPY BIRTHDAY! You are old..Love you man! Another great week here in Arvada. We didn't have a baptism in our ward, but we still got to do a lot of great things. The weather is getting a lot colder now and I like it a lot! The car makes it nice too.  General Conference was awesome! it was so nice to sit down and listen to these great men and women speak to us! I would say it was the best conference I've listened to! So this week was pretty busy and that is what made it so great!

Monday, P-day was awesome. We played basketball and football. We had dinner with the Hanks and they fed us a ton of rib's potatoes and even more! It was a feast! The Bolock family came with us and they have become good friends with the Hanks. They deserve a lot of blessings for feeding us all that food when they have trouble supporting themselves already.  We shared a message with them before we left and they always enjoy it. We then went over to the Kubic's and planned on showing the "Joseph Smith Prophet of the Restoration" but she had some great concerns we should of addressed the first time we met with her. She doesn't know if there is a God.  We talked about it the first lesson, but she didn't say anything about not believing in God. So today when we see her again we are going to try and help her know there is a God. Hopefully it goes well...

Tuesday, we met with Braylan and talked to him about the commandments. He is going to start going to the 5th ward, where he is suppose to go. He is so ready for his Baptism! He is a stud. We then went to Arc for a long time and had a good time. We then met with Braylan and his Bishop to figure out the whole baptism. We then went over to the Conley's and talked with them. Brother Conley has a surgery tomorrow, so we got to give him a blessing! He is such a good guy!

Wednesday, we taught Braylan more about missionary work because he wants to start getting ready for that. He then came with us to the food bank to do service. After that we went to Sister Melonie's home and taught her about Baptist and sacrament. We then contacted Melton Johnson and found out he is active and has two homes so he attends the other ward. We then taught the Hanks a little on the Gospel of Jesus Christ and read 3 Nephi: 27 with them. Dinner was pretty unique.. We just had waffles. It was good though! They had giant pumpkins outside their house that the husband grew! Mom did you get the picture?  We then went and talked with the Deru's, they are super nice. They don't have much of a religious background so we talked a lot about questions they had. They seem very interested though! We then went to Rubi's house with Brother Lara and taught lesson one to them. We committed Rubi to be Baptized November 2nd!

Thursday, we had District meeting and went to Arc after for awhile.  Didn't meet with Braylan because he got in a car crash. He said he was pretty sore from it and didn't want us to come by. We then met with Gin and Carl. They are awesome! They are a little older, but are still super funny. We talked about God's love for us and how this gospel can bless their family. They agreed with a lot of our beliefs and are interested in hearing all the lessons. Dinner was great with the Schillings and their son, who is less active. We shared a strong message with them and they gave us a great referral! Then met with the Lauretzen's,  members in our ward.

Friday, we met with Braylan and talked more on his baptism. He is still ready for it more than ever and he said he wants to bear his testimony after he is baptized. We went to the Food Bank again and then had weekly planning after. We showed the Joseph Smith movie with Sister Maximoff and she loved it. She is getting ready to go back to the temple! That night we had dinner with The Chase's and taught Laurden, the 9 year old daughter. She want's to get baptized very bad so we got her a date on the 19th of October! : )

Saturday, we got to teach Alex before conference. Taught him the Gospel of Jesus Christ. I think he liked it, but every time we invite him to be baptized he declines. He needs to pray about the Book of Mormon still, but never gets around to it. General Conference was awesome of course! We watched it at the stake center. The Hahn's were driving through so Elder Tonga and his companion as well as us went with them to have lunch in between the sessions. I loved President Uchtdorf's talks! He is such a stud! After the afternoon session we had Braylan's baptism. Elder Rampton baptized him and the whole program went great! He had a lot of non-member family and friends there. The priesthood session was great too! After we went and tried a referral, the Biddles. They were so welcoming and gave us a time to come back! The husband reminds me of Ken Gee, the guy who bought the house on Foremaster.

Sunday was super spiritual! Elder Krogh and I went on exchanges so we could go to Ian's baptism. Watched General Conference and then prepared for the baptism. It was good to see Ian and his family and friends! You could tell he was so excited for this! I had the privileged to baptize him. As we walked to the font he was so happy and pumped for it. After I asked him how he felt and he almost got in tears. He looked so happy after! It was amazing! His friend K.K. talked to us and it was powerful and then I heard I was confirming him as well, here at the same meeting. I didn't know I was confirming him, so I had to brush up on the Confirmation blessing. The spirit was so strong as I gave him the Holy Ghost.. It felt a lot like when I gave Eli the Holy Ghost. The spirit is so powerful! I was so blessed to be able to do this for Ian. He is a good friend! After the afternoon General Conference session we went and taught the Deru's with Brother Phillips. It went good and we challenged them to read and pray about the BOM. That night we had dinner with a super cool family that updated us on the NFL games and then we taught the Hanks Lesson 3. It was probably the best lesson we have had with them so far. They are so sweet!

Mom, Some of the talks that I loved were, Ballards, Nelsen's, Uchtodorf's on how our church isn't perfect, but our doctrine is! I loved the quote "Doubt your Doubts before you Doubt your testimony." I am glad you enjoyed it! I missed some talks because of all the travels we had to make. Your feast and testimony meeting as a family must have been awesome! I wish I could have been there for it! Glad to hear Amy is doing well with the wisdom teeth gone! Sounds like you all are having a blast!! I couldn't see the video of Amy for some reason.

So usually the mission office is told a period of time where I will stay here for good, but they haven't told them anything! President Toombs just told me to keep waiting and he will let me know what's going to happen. So as of now, I still could go to Brazil.

Dad, Thanks again for the sports update and photos! Sad to hear Millie is falling apart. I was thinking about how the Priesthood session was weird without you being there with me.. haha. It is crazy to think in only a little over a year I'll be back home! Time is flying! The sports update aren't distracting, so don't worry about that.

Family, thank you again for all the support! I love you all so much and miss you. Continue to help the missionary work grow! Crazy to think we have 15 million+ members in our church now!

Love you all,

Elder Hauck