Monday, October 28, 2013

34th Letter 10-28-13

Photo: Hank wedding before they got baptized.

This week wasn't as good as the past few weeks. We had little success, which made it a slow week. Something exciting is that we got a new Elder with us named Elder Ruiz. He was in Peru learning Spanish and I guess he couldn't handle it so he got transferred here. He is a pretty cool Elder, though.

Monday, we played basketball most of the time. Had dinner with the Phillips and then tried a few people, but no luck. We then taught Sister Kubic. Brother Barlow was with us, he used to work on planes and an engine blew up in his face and now he has bad burn marks all over his face and upper torso. He is a great guy! He gave her a blessing and again the spirit was strong. Out of nowhere I thought of singing "I am a Child of God" with all them. I think it was neat, so hopefully they liked it. I hope she recognizes the spirit.

Tuesday, we had great studies as usual. I love studying! I seriously feel like the knowledge of the gospel I had before my mission was nothing! I love learning this stuff!! We had lunch with Stake President Jones and talked more about the work. He is such a spiritual giant! He gave us some great tips to improve the work here. We then taught Braylan. He is getting ready for the Priesthood now and he is completely ready! Tried a lot of people with not much success. After dinner we saw the Pistoras and watched the Restoration movie with them. They LOVED it!! The grandma was in tears  and they all were fascinated by it all. Karen wants to be baptized by Byran so now we need to get Byran prepared for baptism. He has a lot of great questions! That night we helped the Tyus's move some furniture, which was a good evening workout-haha. When we came home we found out we were getting a new companion. It surprised us both quite a bit!

Wednesday, we went to the food bank and Arc for about 2 hours each. After all that we went to the Hanks' and talked about the Holy Ghost! We picked up Elder Ruiz, had dinner and then had Ward Missionary Correlation meeting. That night we went and talked to Rubi and Beto. They talk a ton, so it is hard to stay on track with the lesson, but we will get it down soon. 

Thursday, we had district meeting and after went to ARC for 4 hours. After that we went to dinner and then taught the Pistoras again. Elder and Sister Pratt came with us and did a great job. Probably one of the better Member Present lessons we have had. They answered the questions we couldn't answer and Byran seemed very satisfied with the overall conclusion to his questions. We shared with them a little of the Plan of Salvation and they seemed very receptive to it! Byran really studies hard and wants to know everything about the church! We then rushed to the Deru's house with Brother Welling and talked about the Atonement with them. They have never really understood the importance of Jesus Christ and specifically the Atonement! That lesson went pretty well. Brother Deru likes to be very confrontational with me... I don't know why. So I stayed more quiet this lesson.

Friday, we had interviews with President Toombs and they went well. He is a great guy! After that we went to the Food Bank and Jeff gave us more protein containers. They can't use them so he just gives them to us. We have like 4 containers in our basement. We then went to Braylan's house and watched The Restoration movie with him. He liked it a lot! Then saw Jennifer and read with her. then saw Rodnet and set up an appointment. That night we taught Laurden a few more of the commandments and it went very well!

Saturday, we helped a less active family move to a new home. We did a lot of the work and they mostly sat around and smoked cigarettes and weed...They did appreciate the help though. My companions kinda bashed heads so we resolved that and then we had weekly planning until dinner. The night then got crazy...So we were on our way to a less active family to try to set up a lesson with them and we got a text from another less active lady that she wanted a blessing. We talked to the first family for awhile. They have been offended many times and they have kinda given up on the church. We talked a lot about what President Uctdorf taught in Conference and I think it really hit home. So after we got out of there we got another text from the other less active lady saying, "My situation just got worse, I have to leave." We rushed over there and gave her a call. She was uncontrollably crying and told us she got in a accident and just found out that the guy she ran into died. We knocked on her door and no answer, the lights were off and we couldn't hear anything. We rushed around the building to see if she was anywhere, but we couldn't find her! All 3 of us were pretty scared. One of my comps thought she may have committed suicide, but I didn't feel like she would do that. We continued to call her but she never answered. Knocked on the neighbors doors and came in contact with a man that told us he saw a lady and her son get in a car and drive away. So we knew she was at least not in the apartment. We called Bishop, but nothing  came through. We drove around for a bit and continued to call her but no luck. We decided to pray and after that we felt a lot more comfort and knew she was okay. Crazy way to end a night.

Sunday, Braylan talked in sacrament meeting so we got to hear him. He is a stud! He gave a perfect talk about spiritual power. We then came to our ward. The whole Pistora family showed up and Elder Rampton got to confirm Brother Hanks and I got to Confirm Sister Hanks. The spirit was so powerful! It was a great sacrament meeting! After church we talked with Dustin about receiving the Priesthood and he really wants it. Then we taught Sister Maximoff more of the Commandments. After that we went and taught the Derus. We talked a lot about what the spirit is and helped them understand the need for the Atonement. Again Brother Deru got confrontational and it kinda irritated me. It's like he wouldn't even listen to what I had to say, he would just assume it was all false...very difficult. They both decided they really didn't wanna know if there is a true church on the Earth or even if there was a prophet. We pretty much dropped them. That night we tried a lot of people and at around 8 we street contacted in Olde Town where a bunch of people were walking around, kinda the middle of town. Talked to some interesting people-haha.

Overall the week was pretty exciting at times, as it usually is.

Mom, sounds like Saint George is doing great! Amy you are turning into the model child! Good job! Good luck with your play performances that are coming up! You will do great! Mom you sound busy! Sounds like you are having a lot of fun, though! Thank you for those pictures of Dad-haha, he is turning into a goof without his main homie with him! I have a few words for him. Also, Sister Larsen told me about this Missionary Mom's thing. I think she sent you the link to join with the Brazilian moms.

Dad, are you okay?  I'm just playin'. Looks and sounds like you are doing great! I think the beard is awesome!  A little pointer on the tie, though. I know you are the one that taught me how to tie a tie, but you need the tip of the tie in a 1 inch distance from your belt buckle at all times. Don't be getting sloppy just cause I'm gone, alright?  Overall you are looking good with the Chips Ahoy cookies.

Cute to hear that Emme still remembers me! : ) I miss her so much!

I love all of you so much! I hope all of you continue to progress in the gospel. Study daily and always pray! We all have work to do in ourselves and with the people around us. Some families in the Arvada 2nd ward are fasting for me to receive my visa this upcoming fast Sunday. They wanted me to invite all of you to fast for my visa as well. A lot of families show a lot of love towards me here...I feel at home. So if you can please fast this next fast Sunday for my visa. 

Love you all,

Elder Hauck

Sorry didn't take any pictures this week. (The photo is from the Hank wedding from last week)

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