Monday, October 7, 2013

31st Letter 10-7-13

Photos: Giant Pumpkins at the Hanks, Braylan's and Ian's Baptisms

JEFF HAPPY BIRTHDAY! You are old..Love you man! Another great week here in Arvada. We didn't have a baptism in our ward, but we still got to do a lot of great things. The weather is getting a lot colder now and I like it a lot! The car makes it nice too.  General Conference was awesome! it was so nice to sit down and listen to these great men and women speak to us! I would say it was the best conference I've listened to! So this week was pretty busy and that is what made it so great!

Monday, P-day was awesome. We played basketball and football. We had dinner with the Hanks and they fed us a ton of rib's potatoes and even more! It was a feast! The Bolock family came with us and they have become good friends with the Hanks. They deserve a lot of blessings for feeding us all that food when they have trouble supporting themselves already.  We shared a message with them before we left and they always enjoy it. We then went over to the Kubic's and planned on showing the "Joseph Smith Prophet of the Restoration" but she had some great concerns we should of addressed the first time we met with her. She doesn't know if there is a God.  We talked about it the first lesson, but she didn't say anything about not believing in God. So today when we see her again we are going to try and help her know there is a God. Hopefully it goes well...

Tuesday, we met with Braylan and talked to him about the commandments. He is going to start going to the 5th ward, where he is suppose to go. He is so ready for his Baptism! He is a stud. We then went to Arc for a long time and had a good time. We then met with Braylan and his Bishop to figure out the whole baptism. We then went over to the Conley's and talked with them. Brother Conley has a surgery tomorrow, so we got to give him a blessing! He is such a good guy!

Wednesday, we taught Braylan more about missionary work because he wants to start getting ready for that. He then came with us to the food bank to do service. After that we went to Sister Melonie's home and taught her about Baptist and sacrament. We then contacted Melton Johnson and found out he is active and has two homes so he attends the other ward. We then taught the Hanks a little on the Gospel of Jesus Christ and read 3 Nephi: 27 with them. Dinner was pretty unique.. We just had waffles. It was good though! They had giant pumpkins outside their house that the husband grew! Mom did you get the picture?  We then went and talked with the Deru's, they are super nice. They don't have much of a religious background so we talked a lot about questions they had. They seem very interested though! We then went to Rubi's house with Brother Lara and taught lesson one to them. We committed Rubi to be Baptized November 2nd!

Thursday, we had District meeting and went to Arc after for awhile.  Didn't meet with Braylan because he got in a car crash. He said he was pretty sore from it and didn't want us to come by. We then met with Gin and Carl. They are awesome! They are a little older, but are still super funny. We talked about God's love for us and how this gospel can bless their family. They agreed with a lot of our beliefs and are interested in hearing all the lessons. Dinner was great with the Schillings and their son, who is less active. We shared a strong message with them and they gave us a great referral! Then met with the Lauretzen's,  members in our ward.

Friday, we met with Braylan and talked more on his baptism. He is still ready for it more than ever and he said he wants to bear his testimony after he is baptized. We went to the Food Bank again and then had weekly planning after. We showed the Joseph Smith movie with Sister Maximoff and she loved it. She is getting ready to go back to the temple! That night we had dinner with The Chase's and taught Laurden, the 9 year old daughter. She want's to get baptized very bad so we got her a date on the 19th of October! : )

Saturday, we got to teach Alex before conference. Taught him the Gospel of Jesus Christ. I think he liked it, but every time we invite him to be baptized he declines. He needs to pray about the Book of Mormon still, but never gets around to it. General Conference was awesome of course! We watched it at the stake center. The Hahn's were driving through so Elder Tonga and his companion as well as us went with them to have lunch in between the sessions. I loved President Uchtdorf's talks! He is such a stud! After the afternoon session we had Braylan's baptism. Elder Rampton baptized him and the whole program went great! He had a lot of non-member family and friends there. The priesthood session was great too! After we went and tried a referral, the Biddles. They were so welcoming and gave us a time to come back! The husband reminds me of Ken Gee, the guy who bought the house on Foremaster.

Sunday was super spiritual! Elder Krogh and I went on exchanges so we could go to Ian's baptism. Watched General Conference and then prepared for the baptism. It was good to see Ian and his family and friends! You could tell he was so excited for this! I had the privileged to baptize him. As we walked to the font he was so happy and pumped for it. After I asked him how he felt and he almost got in tears. He looked so happy after! It was amazing! His friend K.K. talked to us and it was powerful and then I heard I was confirming him as well, here at the same meeting. I didn't know I was confirming him, so I had to brush up on the Confirmation blessing. The spirit was so strong as I gave him the Holy Ghost.. It felt a lot like when I gave Eli the Holy Ghost. The spirit is so powerful! I was so blessed to be able to do this for Ian. He is a good friend! After the afternoon General Conference session we went and taught the Deru's with Brother Phillips. It went good and we challenged them to read and pray about the BOM. That night we had dinner with a super cool family that updated us on the NFL games and then we taught the Hanks Lesson 3. It was probably the best lesson we have had with them so far. They are so sweet!

Mom, Some of the talks that I loved were, Ballards, Nelsen's, Uchtodorf's on how our church isn't perfect, but our doctrine is! I loved the quote "Doubt your Doubts before you Doubt your testimony." I am glad you enjoyed it! I missed some talks because of all the travels we had to make. Your feast and testimony meeting as a family must have been awesome! I wish I could have been there for it! Glad to hear Amy is doing well with the wisdom teeth gone! Sounds like you all are having a blast!! I couldn't see the video of Amy for some reason.

So usually the mission office is told a period of time where I will stay here for good, but they haven't told them anything! President Toombs just told me to keep waiting and he will let me know what's going to happen. So as of now, I still could go to Brazil.

Dad, Thanks again for the sports update and photos! Sad to hear Millie is falling apart. I was thinking about how the Priesthood session was weird without you being there with me.. haha. It is crazy to think in only a little over a year I'll be back home! Time is flying! The sports update aren't distracting, so don't worry about that.

Family, thank you again for all the support! I love you all so much and miss you. Continue to help the missionary work grow! Crazy to think we have 15 million+ members in our church now!

Love you all,

Elder Hauck

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