Monday, November 24, 2014

88th Letter 11-24-14


 Photo: Hudson Shaye Scott (Elder Hauck's new nephew.)
Dia de gratidão

What a studly addition to the family! Hudson Shaye Scott will be such a beast out on the football and mission field here in a few years! :) Ha-ha....I am so grateful for Heavenly Father blessing us with another angel from heaven. Amanda and Shaye you deserve the best blessings because of your love, worthiness, and obedience to the Lord…add others. in Brazil they don´t have Thanksgiving so unfortunately it will be a normal Thursday for us. Also, with me being the only American I don’t think I well have much of a celebration at home either. Maybe I will make a little turkey and mashed potatoes! ; )

This week was a pretty crazy week! A new chapel was dedicated and we got to help out throughout the week. We passed out hundreds of invitations, gave tours of the chapel, and posted up in a busy road with big picture frames on stands and talked with a bunch of people. It was very hot and I got fried with there being no shade where we put up the picture stands. But blessings! :) Ha-ha!

Another crazy thing and a blessing is that I don’t work in the area were the new chapel was opened because 2 of the 3 days we were there 2 people were murdered in the near by was a knife fight and another was a 12 gauge in the stomach.

So on a better note...or a more spiritual note. Monday we had a lesson with Tiago and Patricia and we taught the law of chastity and eternal marriage to them. The spirit was so strong and they are progressing awesomely! We are even starting to organize some wedding plans in the chapel. Pray for them that everything will go well! They truly are a family very special!

Another awesome experience was with Rute and Gabriel. So Rute is Gabriel’s Mom and they live alone and have been investigating the church for a good 4 months now. We went there Saturday night and had a great lesson with them. We asked them how they felt about the church, the things we have taught and about baptism and Rute replied like this, “Alright, I will be honest with you guys.... (At this moment hearts stopped beating and wind left our lungs)... I don’t have any doubts about the church. I want to be baptized!”

Woohoooo!! The spirit testified to all four of us and Gabriel said, “I think baptism is cool!” Ha-ha...So we marked the 6th of December for their baptism! :) Looks like Christmas arrived early here in Brazil!

With it being Thanksgiving week I want to talk about the many things that I am grateful for! So here is a list with no specific order! :)
-My Heavenly Father
-My Savior, Jesus Christ, His plan and His Gospel
-The Atonement
-My Mom
-My Dad
-My brother and sisters
-My whole awesome family
-The Book of Mormon
-My mission and the people I have met
-The true and living church of Jesus Christ (the restoration)
- Opportunities to learn and grow
-My friends
-Food and sleeping
-Comfortable shoes
-The US and the English language…Ha-ha!
-Rain when it is super hot here in Brazil

Well there are some things! :) 

Mom, I want to tell you how much I love you and how thankful I am for you! Also, thanks for the pretty pictures! :) Dad, I am thankful for you too man! Ha-ha…just playing! I love you! I didn’t know that Brother Reber served here in my mission!! Great to hear about Dixie High taking state but sad to hear about University of Utah’s loss.

Have a great Thanksgiving! :)


Elder Hauck