Monday, November 3, 2014

85th Letter 11-3-14

Photos: 1: Our LMA bought us Xis! 
2: Us and our LMA ready to baptize 3: Baptism


A great week here in the south! We had two baptisms and in the ward, in total, we had 4 baptisms!! It went super good! We had a good show up of the ward members and many non-members were there as well! Luisa and Leticia are two awesome young women! They are already looking for friends that we can teach. They always say, “Elder, she/he is 10 so she/he can be baptized!! Lets baptize him/her!!” It is super cute and of course the more people we teach and baptisms we receive the better! :)

This week we taught a good amount of people. It is awesome seeing the work move along. I love looking back at the numbers we had, or just remembering how just 4 weeks ago we were struggling with the work and now we are doing well. I know the work will continue moving along how the Lord wants it to. The Lord is truly full of mercy!!

This week I have been using part of my studies and extra time studying the Atonement. The more I study and learn the more I realize how little I know. Ha-ha, but I finally understand some key sacred principles of the Atonement, which have really moved my look on things, and desires. From reading and rereading Alma 34 I understand a lot more. Imagine if we didn´t have the Book of Mormon to restore the truth that was lost. The Book of Mormon is so awesome!

This week we talked with a man named Igor. His son is a member, and he wants to learn more and be baptized. He is an awesome guy and has a lot of desire to move his life around. We taught a great lesson to him and invited him to be baptized, as we always do the first visit, and he said yes!

Yesterday we taught the elect family again! Patricia and Tiago. They are so awesome! We taught them the Plan of Salvation today and they asked great questions! The spirit was so strong there as we taught them about how their family can be eternal! I feel very good about them and feel like they are learning great and fast! I am super excited for them. They seem to already love us after the 2nd visit!! :) What great blessings!!

So today we will have the Zone p-day and we will eat a lot of ice cream!! Elder Silveira and I bought 20 liters of ice cream and a bunch of fruit!! :) We will play basketball, volleyball, and ping-pong with the zone!

All now for some news that could be a little upsetting. So I talked with President Parrela and I will be going home in March instead of January. But everything is for a reason so I am excited with the extended time! :)

Mom, so Halloween doesn´t really exist here. Ha-ha! I think the stake had an activity, but I think it is considered an American holiday. But we did have the Day of The Dead. Sunday we went to the cemetery and handed out pamphlets of the Plan of Salvation and explained a little about what we believe. That is awesome about Mason Paxman´s family going to our ward now! Our ward is celestial! Mom, I want you to know you have done everything that our Heavenly Father desired of you raising us children in LOVE, CHARITY and in the true and everlasting gospel! 

Dad, so the official release date is March 10th. The extra time is an answer to my prayers. I feel a lot more confident now in reaching my personal goals. The work is going great in the Zone! We had 7 baptisms this week in the zone! My companion and I are doing well…I am learning a lot of patience. He talks a ton, so I just wait for my turn and will talk when he lets me. Ha-ha!

I love you all so so much!
Elder Hauck

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