Monday, November 17, 2014

87th Letter 11-17-14

Photos: 1-Our crew. 2-The baby birds nesting in our kitchen.

 Dear Family,

All right, so this e-mail will be short, so I will say sorry right now....Nada muito legal.

So as you know transfers where this week and it all went pretty smoothly. Transfers are always a bit nerve racking, because if something goes wrong it is the Zone Leaders fault usually or at least we take the blame…ha-ha! But thank goodness it went well! In our Zone we received a lot of new elders. We still need to get to know them and everything, and tomorrow we will have our Zone meeting so we will get to meet all the new guys in the Zone. 

This week we traveled almost all week because of the Mission Council in Santa Maria. All the ZL´s have to travel to SM, which is an 8-hour trip on bus. But the Council went very well and we shared the subject of doing the Prayer Approach, an approach that worked very well in the U.S.  So I prayed and thought a lot about it and felt like we should apply it in our mission as well. President Parrela loves the idea and looks like he will study it a little more and apply it in the mission here soon. I am super excited for it! 

After the Council we had some extra time so I was able to go with Elder Silveira and visit Sara, a recent convert that was baptized in Santa Marta. She is doing awesome. She is staying active in the church and trying to be a missionary too! I was glad I was able to surprise her with a visit! :) 

A cool/crazy thing that happens when we have mission council is that all the ZLs stay in Casa Grande, which is a big house with a bunch of beds. So we slept there 2 nights and of course we ordered pizza and ate until we were knocked out with sleep…ha-ha!  So you guys can know we did this both nights...I think I gained my weight back that I lost. ;) Ha-ha!

When we returned home we got to work and were able to have some great lessons. This week will be crazy too because we will have a new chapel inaugurated (dedicated) here and we have to organize with the bishop and stake president, so it will be a crazy busy week!

Mom, so the weather is warming up and that means the LBS will start to drop... ;(  I am super excited for Amanda and the new baby! I will be an uncle of two!! Thanksgiving here isn´t too big. I think the only holidays they really celebrate here are Christmas and New Years, along with the other Brazilian celebrations. It will be cool to hear of the changes Amy will make in the next few months as she prepares to serve a mission! She is going to do awesome!

Dad, yes, a member here in the mission makes the scripture covers for missionaries. They are super cool! :) So on P-day we usually clean the house and sometimes play basketball, volleyball or goal to goal, which is like soccer but without contact. The missionaries here in a Brazil can´t play soccer. It is a rule. Here in Uruguaiana, there aren’t many cool things to visit…ha-ha! The missionaries in the Zone are doing very well. Of course there are some problems, but nothing serious. To tell you the truth about the sisters we have here, they aren´t a distraction. They are usually very obedient and respectful but some of them bring some drama to the mission, ha-ha! I will finish the mission strong! No regrets, right?!

Keep Millie alive until I get home!! Thanks for the sports update! :)

I love all of you so very much! :)

Elder Hauck

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