Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Eighth Letter 4-29-13

Hey Family,


This week was a great week! Elder Tonga and I continue to get along and have a bunch of fun together! Dad you are right, this is an adventure every day! You never know what's gonna happen! Sometimes we hear crazy ghost/demon stories and sometimes we just get bashed, and have to leave as soon as possible. Weird stuff! Other then all that, the investigators are doing great. Lilia took us up on helping her move some stuff from her friends house and this week we are gonna help her with her garden! She is almost done with the BOM and I have a feeling she is going to start coming to church. She really understands and believes everything we teach her! she stopped smoking a few months ago after 25+ years and now I think she will stop drinking! So impressive what Heavenly Father can do! It's truly amazing! Jannette has read the BOM 2 times now and goes to church, but still won't be baptized 'cause she wants a more clear answer from God. Hopefully she can soften her heart and realize this is what is right! Eric is the way smart Baptist that is looking for only truth, but is still resistant to what we believe even though he knows it makes complete sense! A lot of the investigators just need to soften their hearts and listen to our truth! Pray for these great people!

This week we did a lot of service! We helped set up for the talent show that was way fun! We also helped Sister Proach, a less active, with her yard work, and we helped Lilia's friend move out!  A cool story that happened this week is we taught a lady that is about 30 and has had a hard life. Her husband just died a year ago from cancer. You can tell she is a sad lady. We taught her the Plan of Salvation and it was very good. I could feel she trusted us and knew that we loved her! She opened up to us and we had a great lesson! Great experience sitting on her front yard teaching this perfect lesson, the Plan of Salvation.

It's amazing how great these people are. Before this I would go day by day not caring so much of others, but now I see that's not the way to live a life. It's the people around you, the other people that make this a great life.

Elder Tonga and I get along well and work very hard! We also have a ton of fun also. Their are great missionaries here that we see a lot and on p-days we play basketball together. The Todd family is awesome! You'd love Sister Todd mom. She is so nice! They take such good care of us. The house is too nice.. haha, it's a mansion!!  The two wards elder T and I are in are way nice to us also. This place is great!

Dad, that is awesome about Brother Reber! I'm glad you got to talk to him. I definitely see how starting in the states is a blessing! I'm finally getting the whole work down and am able to do it a lot more effectively! I'm glad to be here and I know it's a huge blessing! Thanks for the Sports update! Any news on the Jets?? I hear Richardson got picked up? hehe.... ya right! Hopefully BYU's coaching can actually coach their players this year instead of Bronco reading books from his magnificent collections to the team every practice.

I bet Amy's party was awesome in the new house! Dad, you are OLD man... try to increase the font size so you can read this. Just playin, you are a BOSS!:)

The House looks amazing! Wow. Good work Mom and Dad! I hear Amy's little miss popular now a days! That's awesome!:) She is such a great example to so many others, and she has so much talent! If she goes on a mission she can perform at the Tuesday night devotionals at the MTC and sit on the front row! I can already see her doing that!

Well if everyone else likes Jordan I guess I'm forced to like him too! Just watchen out for my Sis!:)
Mom, just one pair (top and bottom) should do good! size 30 bottoms and L top, and just send the money with if that's okay. Thank you Mommy!:) you still have my address right?
C/O The Todd family 22030 E. Arbor Drive, Aurora CO 80016.

I met one of Uncle Courts MTC companions here! Brother Lund. He showed me pictures of them all together! So funny! He looks like a thicker version of Drez! He says Uncle Court was awesome in the MTC! Let Uncle Court know!

Mom you are right about Heavenly Father bringing knowledge to us here on earth. He is the greatest teacher. I feel I have learned more here in 3 weeks than I have my whole high school seminary. haha... We sure do learn a lot out here! I love it, being able to focus on serve the Lord for 2 years. Best opportunity!

How is Amy, Steph, Jeff, Cam, Amanda, Shaye, Millie, my girl Emme, and Mom and Dad? Anything new with you? I miss you all so much!

Love you all,
-Elder Hauck

Seventh Letter 4-22-13

Mom and family,

Thank you for all the prayers. I can really feel that I'm being watched over out here. The power of prayer is amazing!

Colorado is just fine! The people here are awesome! I had my first baptism!!! Courtney's Father got the Priesthood so she was baptized on Sunday! I got to be part of the confirmation! Such a cool experience! Her and her Dad are so happy! They are awesome! At the Baptism their were so many non members! It will hopefully open their eyes to this great gospel! She is really going to help with the missionary work out here! Her Dad has really showed me how amazing the priesthood really is. He got all the blessings restored and got to go to the temple again. I have never seen a man so happy! He has told us all he has gone through and what brought him back to the gospel was his daughter. He was scared if he died doing his truck delivering business that his daughter would be lost and have no direction in life. He realized that the church was what he needed to feel safe. His whole story is quite remarkable! He has been a great example to me.

So this whole week has been so great! we found a new investigator named Nick. The story is pretty funny! So we were riding by on our bikes, that we recently got from some members in the ward, we passed Nick and I said, "what's up man, how are ya?" and he said, "good man want some weed?" -hahaha. We stopped to talk and said we don't smoke weed. He asked about us and what we are all about. He thought we were Jehovah Witnesses. We walked with him to the liquor store where he was meeting his friends and taught him the first lesson! haha. He seemed interested and gave us his number! We will see what happens. Funny story!

This week I have become a lot more comfortable teaching. Before I didn't talk too much, but now I feel like I know a little more and can actually help these great people.

That's awesome about Elder Tonga's friend! haha He showed me the picture of you and I was thinking "how did you get that?" so your email helped clear that up!

Sounds exciting, all the stuff with the house! I cant wait to see pictures! I can't believe Dad is 50 and Amy is only turning 13 right? I'm gonna be so shocked by how much growth she makes in 2 years. same with Emme! crazy crazy!

Jordan seems okay... Make sure they don't make too big of steps. I need to interrogate him first. They can wait 2 years for me. haha ;) Does Jeff like him? If he likes him he must be okay. Just playin. Steph, I'm sure he is awesome. I hope he really makes you happy! I'm cool with him being a Ute! That's awesome! Let him know he has a lot of work to do in the next 22 months. Steph, I wasn't kidding about the no big steps while I'm gone! He has to be the best guy ever if he's gonna be with my sister! haha, Love ya Steph!

This week has really been awesome! I'm getting more and more excited for Brazi,l but feel this reassignment has really helped me strengthen my testimony that I'm sure Heavenly Father planned. I'm thankful for this opportunity!

Thanks for the letters family. I love hearing from all of you. It really gives me a boost in the work! As far as prayers, you could really just pray for all the people that we come in contact with. There are many that we meet that could use a prayer!

How am I suppose to cash these checks? Mom I could use some of the long john-garments. I have met a few people here in CO that went to Southern Brazil that say I will need them. There are a lot of members that know Portuguese! It's fun talking to them!

I'm so thankful for all of you! You are all such an example to me! I love you all and miss you so much! Really try to share the gospel with whoever you can this week! I know their aren't too many nonmembers there, but even members can use a little boost from a act of service or just a kind remark.

Keep me updated with what ever is new.

Love you fam,
-Elder Hauck

Monday, April 15, 2013

Sixth Letter 4-15-13

Dear Family,

I am so glad that I got to talk to all you in the airport. A nice gentlemen came up to me when I was about to use the pay phone and let me use his cell phone. I'm glad I get to serve the Lord for this time after all that He has blessed me with. I hope I continue to grow in faith and maturity while I'm out here. So the areas that I am in are close to Aurora. Tuscany and Copperleaf are the 2 areas Elder Tonga and I cover. Elder Tonga is awesome and is helping me get used to teaching people. He is from West valley, Utah. He had a car before the transfer, but they took it away. We have to walk a huge area. The members sometimes give us rides though, which is way nice. Especially when it was snowing and freezing outside. We stay in the stake president's (Brother Todd)  home which is massive. We get the whole downstairs to ourselves. A kitchen, table, couches, and twin beds that are way comfy. It's seriously too nice. The members here are awesome too. We have a member make dinner for us every night. I met one guy that trained uncle Court, his name is Brother Lund. He went to Germany on his mission and freaked out when I told him Court is my uncle. Ask Court about him.

About Portuguese, a ton of the members speak Portuguese so I get to practice with them. I also get a extra hour a day to study the language, which I love. I have forgotten some of the stuff, but I knew it would happen. I hope I don't lose it all though. I just need to use it as much as possible! That's a great idea Dad. One of the Elders from my district is at the area just next to ours so we see them a lot and talk to each other in Portuguese.

I hear the house is looking amazing! I'm excited to see pictures! Thanks for getting all my stuff put away safe and sound. haha

Conference was awesome! I have never gotten that much out of them before this one.. haha, kinda sad, but I loved the talks! I went in having many questions and they answered all of them. They are amazing men of God. I felt the same way while listening to the speakers at both GC and talks at the MTC. It's amazing how all this changes someone. I realize now how there is so much worthless stuff in the world today and a lot of the stuff I left behind are the things I don't need anymore, as far as worldly things. They just cloud your focus! My mind has never been so clear since serving the Lord. The Holy Ghost really does teach you all things. The Gospel of Jesus Christ and the good Godly things of life is all that matter! The field is definitely different from the MTC. I feel the MTC really prepared me for teaching the gospel and many other great things, but the learning is in the field, through experience. Thanks for all your great information Dad.

Mom, thanks for getting me all those emails. I love you so much. I love this area that I'm in, and the people here are great. Thank you for your strong testimony Mom. You and Dad are strong parents that love the Lord with all your heart. You both have raised us perfectly and are going to be truly blessed in Heaven. Sometimes I don't understand why I have been so blessed. I don't deserve all of this. My family is perfect, my mission is amazing, my friends love and support me. Heavenly Father lives and loves me!

Some cool experiences this week:

So the first lesson was Lilia, a Hispanic Catholic. Tonga told me it was our first time meeting her. He tells me to take the lead and to introduce ourselves. Lilia answers the door and after I explain who we are she asked how old we are. She then says, "You thing you 19 year olds can teach me!!??" she continued yelling at us and I was kinda scared..haha. Then Lilia started laughing and let us in and I was confused. Turned out she has been an investigator for awhile and it was all a prank. We taught her a great lesson on the Word of Wisdom. She says she is a Cath-Mormon.. haha

We then taught Lemont, who is on date for Baptism. We brought him to church also. We ran into a Catholic basher on Thursday, which was pretty crazy. Some of the stuff she said about Joseph Smith and Brigham Young just made me sick. That was kinda a bad day in all. Later that night we went to the Ecrons, a less active fam with a non member son. I guess his friend showed him a video on Youtube that someone put up about the SLC temple and what goes on in there. This horrible man videotaped the whole endowment and posted it on youtube! This 18 year old guy we were teaching was so confused about it all, it was so sad! I cant believe someone would do that! It makes me sick! Hopefully they can take that video off and find this guy! So Thursday was a bad day, the other days went great though!

So on Saturday Elder Tonga wanted to do another prank. I thought we were just tracking so he told me to take the lead on this house. We go up and introduce ourselves, she lets us in. She tells us her husband is a atheist, so we just taught her for a bit. She really liked our lesson and i was spilling my heart to her. I told her about the first vision, and the restoration, gave her a BOM and did a soft commitment to baptism. I was so pumped and thought I was doing so great. The husband comes down and is shaking his head and kinda mad. Elder Tonga asks to use the bathroom. I was like "What are you thinking?" you don't use a new person's bathroom! I got her number and address, but it turned out they were members already... way lame! haha

I love you all so much and miss you a lot. I show some of the close families we teach pictures of you and they think you are all beautiful. They remind me of the greatest blessing Heavenly Father has given me, my family. My family means everything to me!:) I love you all sooo much. Keep me updated with cool new things.

-Elder Hauck

Monday, April 8, 2013

Fifth Letter 4-6-13

Hey Fam,

So it’s Denver Colorado South for me! Ha-ha, kind of funny right? I was thinking I would go some where on the east coast or something cool like that, but Denver will be great! I can’t believe I leave on MONDAY! Crazy Crazy... I just got my flight plan and I depart at 8:30. It's an hour and a half flight so I guess once I land its game time! Ha-ha. I’m so excited to teach the people in Colorado.

Easter was so amazing! We had a sacrament meeting of 3,000 missionaries. They said it was the biggest sacrament meeting in history. We also got to hear from the presiding Bishop, which was awesome. That night we also got to hear from Sheri Dew, you probably know her. She was awesome! She taught us about the tools that we need to be a successful missionary and about being obedient. After that talk I have been trying to be extra obedient. I have noticed a difference. That whole Easter Sunday was very spiritual and relaxing. Then on Tuesday we got to hear from an area 70 from Paris. He was awesome! He talked a lot about enduring to the end. While he was talking I was thinking about what I’m going to be like after my mission. From the help of the speaker and the Holy Ghost I received the thought of when ever I have a trial in life I can always turn to the great spiritual feelings I have felt here in the MTC and I feel like I will be able to accomplish any of the trials that will be placed in my life. I hope I never forget these spiritual feelings I feel on this beautiful mission. Dad, I know now why it's so important to write in your journal every night! The speaker also talked about how the most important work, or service for the Lord, we can do is in the walls of our own home. I thought this was awesome. Also, the speaker told us to picture our entire family in their rooms praying for me personally every night. This really touched me and brought the spirit to me. I realize the love I have and it makes the hard times so much easier when I think of all of you. It's amazing the support I have here. I love you all so much!

I’m sure the Easter Party was fun! It's always nice meeting up with the whole family. They are so amazing. I’m glad you all like the house so much! Amanda told me about Millie being way freaked out and weird. Ha-ha, that's so funny! I’m glad the move went well. I bet Dad is exhausted! He's such a stud.

The missionary plaque looks otimo! Thanks for sending me a picture of it and the other pictures as well. You are all so beautiful. Whenever I show people the pictures of our family they always say I have a beautiful family, which is true! Emme is so adorable. She breaks my heart. Kind of funny story, so after the devotional on Tuesday we had a testimony meeting. My district leader, Elder Lapray, talked a little about his nephew and then I started thinking about Emme and I just started crying. Ha-ha..I can’t wait to see her in 23 months!

So I’m not exactly sure how the schedule is going to be, but we don’t have class or anything so I think we just go to a room and watch Conference all day! Which is going to be so cool. I feel like I'll actually listen to all the talks and its going to help me a lot. I want to encourage all of you to listen or watch general conference and do it with a question in your mind and in your heart. I know the question will be answered. For me, I have many questions ha-ha...

The rest of this last week has been really busy. We hosted the new missionaries on Wednesday, which was way cool. Kind of sad seeing all the moms crying when they got back in their car after their missionary left. Couldn't stop thinking about you Mom. I miss you so much!

I’m excited to see the pictures of the house! I hear it looks great! Mom, for my room you can do whatever you want!:)  As far as the most special thing that happened this week, it was when we had our infield orientation. I learned a lot about what I’m going to be doing in the field. I never knew how important the members are to missionary work. They can help us a lot. Also, goal setting and planning. Those are very important. They also talked a lot about finding people. This part was very useful. Right when I get to Colorado I’m going to run up to some one and start talking to them. They told me I’m going to be nervous for the first 100 people I talk to so I’m going to have to get through those first 100 as fast as possible!

Dad will you keep me updated with that website that tells me about the Visa status? I hope Gramps is okay? Dad, I have never felt neglected by you or anyone in the family. I realize you are all busy. I’m busy too ha-ha. Don’t worry too much about me! I have the Holy Ghost in my life and the Lord by my side. I don’t think I have ever felt so safe and prepared in my entire life. Also, Dad when you talked about the change you have noticed in me, that makes me happy. I hope I’m a completely different person when I get home. I hope I’m like you.

I love you all so much. Keep me updated with everyone. They changed the rules so we can email anyone now. So let all my friends know they can just email me instead of writing me. They also give us extra time on emails now too. It's a great change, I think. Can you get me Aunt Lisa’s, Courts, Chris Abraham, Mitch, and Tadd’s Email too?

Tell Amy, Steph. Jeff, Cam, Amanda and Shaye I want to hear from them! It can even be a short message from your phone!:)
I love you all so much and I miss you.
Obrigado por tudos o amor

-Elder Hauck

Hey Again,

Ya I think I can only get on my email on my P-day. I'll find out for sure though.
I’m about to call!!:) Love you!

Monday, April 1, 2013

Fourth Letter 3-29-13

Dear Mom, Dad and Family,

Thank you so much for the package! The watch is perfect Dad, and the ties are awesome. The candy will be good I’m sure. I feel like I’m getting fat... ha-ha. We have dinner at 4:30 so once we get done with the day I am starving, so I get to go back to the residence and eat all the candy. Probably not the best thing to eat before going to bed. The Cinnamon rolls were so good! I shared them with my district and they all loved them! Mom I'll wear that tie just for you!

That is insane that the house is almost done. You all are going to love it! Wish I could help you out. I’d love to see some pictures. Being the zone leader has been awesome. We actually ended up splitting our branch because we had so many missionaries. So now we are the zone leaders of Branch 70, it used to be 7. We also got a new president, President Nielson. He is such a good guy! This week we got one new district. They are awesome! I love helping them out and making them feel welcome. It’s crazy to think I’m one of the veterans here now. I leave in 9 DAYS!!! Crazy Crazy... I can’t wait though. This Sunday they are actually releasing us so we can train the new zone leaders, because the fallowing week is General Conference.

This week Elder M and I had an awesome experience! So we planned a lesson on the Priesthood (sacerdocio) for Paulo, or Brother Butters. The Lesson went so good! We taught him out on the grass field by the gym. Our message was about how the priesthood could bless his life and family. During that lesson the spirit was so strong. Towards the end I was just speaking Portuguese without even remembering what I said. He understood though cause after he thanked us for the great spirit and message we gave him. It was an amazing experience.

Mom, that scripture has helped me so much. Today we went to the temple and I did sealings again. I love it 'cause doing this service is uniting families for all eternity. I can't wait to get married and then go and do that service as a couple for the dead someday. After we did that we got to go to the celestial room. I read that scripture (Ether 12:27). I feel so much joy when I read that verse and it hits even deeper when I’m at the temple reading it. I have noticed in my life I haven't been exactly humble. I want to apologize for this. I really should have focused on humbling myself long ago. This was my weakness, but since coming here I have realized this weakness can become a strength. I can thank Heavenly Father for this. The MTC has really changed me.

Mom, Thanks for sharing that with your class. I’m sure you are helping these young men and woman in this time of theirs where life is hard. I know that if I didn't have the Sunday school teachers, priesthood leaders, and amazing parents I wouldn't be where I am today. You are helping these kids so much mom. I love you! Let Chris know I love him and tell him to keep preparing for this amazing thing! He will love it.

Dad, That advice about serving the others by being a zone leader really helped. I will probably get my reassignment on Wednesday and leave Saturday, Sunday or Monday. I'll let ya know in the next letter. The idea of thinking in Portuguese is kind of crazy, haha. I think that will be way cool though when is does happen. I guess I sleep talk in Portuguese sometimes. The elders in my room think its way funny. Writing in my journal has been really fun. I realized the days that I didn't write in it, which were like 3 days, I don’t remember what happened. I need to write every night!

I’m sure your going to love being done with the house. You have worked so hard on it. Grandma wrote me and hoped she could help you out in some way. She is great! She writes me every week and it's so fun to read her letters. Thanks for writing me Mom and Dad. I really do like reading these great letters!

Have you heard anything about Tadd? I’m sure he is doing great. Let me know of any new mission calls. Also, how is the other Elder Hauck? Aunt Lisa sends me forwards of Jakes and Ben's emails so I know how they are doing.

Amy will you let Brother Evans, Manis, and Troyer know how thankful I am for them and all they taught me. Seminary really helped me know more about the doctrine.

Intao.. How is everyone? Is Amy liking school and dance? What’s the update on Steph and the guys? Make sure they are cool guys, Jeff and Dad. Jeff and Cam, how is everything? Amanda and Shaye how are you? And Of course, how is my girl Emme? Tell her I love her! Also, take care of Millie! I want her still alive when I get home, ha-ha. I love all of you so much and miss you. I think about you a lot and love looking at our family pictures. I would love it if you emailed me, or dear elder me!! It's nice having something to read when you get back to the residence.

I love you all so much!  Eu Amo Voces mais que sempre, Chau chau
-Elder Hauck

PS. I’ll be letting you know where I’m going in the next letter!!