Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Seventh Letter 4-22-13

Mom and family,

Thank you for all the prayers. I can really feel that I'm being watched over out here. The power of prayer is amazing!

Colorado is just fine! The people here are awesome! I had my first baptism!!! Courtney's Father got the Priesthood so she was baptized on Sunday! I got to be part of the confirmation! Such a cool experience! Her and her Dad are so happy! They are awesome! At the Baptism their were so many non members! It will hopefully open their eyes to this great gospel! She is really going to help with the missionary work out here! Her Dad has really showed me how amazing the priesthood really is. He got all the blessings restored and got to go to the temple again. I have never seen a man so happy! He has told us all he has gone through and what brought him back to the gospel was his daughter. He was scared if he died doing his truck delivering business that his daughter would be lost and have no direction in life. He realized that the church was what he needed to feel safe. His whole story is quite remarkable! He has been a great example to me.

So this whole week has been so great! we found a new investigator named Nick. The story is pretty funny! So we were riding by on our bikes, that we recently got from some members in the ward, we passed Nick and I said, "what's up man, how are ya?" and he said, "good man want some weed?" -hahaha. We stopped to talk and said we don't smoke weed. He asked about us and what we are all about. He thought we were Jehovah Witnesses. We walked with him to the liquor store where he was meeting his friends and taught him the first lesson! haha. He seemed interested and gave us his number! We will see what happens. Funny story!

This week I have become a lot more comfortable teaching. Before I didn't talk too much, but now I feel like I know a little more and can actually help these great people.

That's awesome about Elder Tonga's friend! haha He showed me the picture of you and I was thinking "how did you get that?" so your email helped clear that up!

Sounds exciting, all the stuff with the house! I cant wait to see pictures! I can't believe Dad is 50 and Amy is only turning 13 right? I'm gonna be so shocked by how much growth she makes in 2 years. same with Emme! crazy crazy!

Jordan seems okay... Make sure they don't make too big of steps. I need to interrogate him first. They can wait 2 years for me. haha ;) Does Jeff like him? If he likes him he must be okay. Just playin. Steph, I'm sure he is awesome. I hope he really makes you happy! I'm cool with him being a Ute! That's awesome! Let him know he has a lot of work to do in the next 22 months. Steph, I wasn't kidding about the no big steps while I'm gone! He has to be the best guy ever if he's gonna be with my sister! haha, Love ya Steph!

This week has really been awesome! I'm getting more and more excited for Brazi,l but feel this reassignment has really helped me strengthen my testimony that I'm sure Heavenly Father planned. I'm thankful for this opportunity!

Thanks for the letters family. I love hearing from all of you. It really gives me a boost in the work! As far as prayers, you could really just pray for all the people that we come in contact with. There are many that we meet that could use a prayer!

How am I suppose to cash these checks? Mom I could use some of the long john-garments. I have met a few people here in CO that went to Southern Brazil that say I will need them. There are a lot of members that know Portuguese! It's fun talking to them!

I'm so thankful for all of you! You are all such an example to me! I love you all and miss you so much! Really try to share the gospel with whoever you can this week! I know their aren't too many nonmembers there, but even members can use a little boost from a act of service or just a kind remark.

Keep me updated with what ever is new.

Love you fam,
-Elder Hauck

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