Monday, April 1, 2013

Fourth Letter 3-29-13

Dear Mom, Dad and Family,

Thank you so much for the package! The watch is perfect Dad, and the ties are awesome. The candy will be good I’m sure. I feel like I’m getting fat... ha-ha. We have dinner at 4:30 so once we get done with the day I am starving, so I get to go back to the residence and eat all the candy. Probably not the best thing to eat before going to bed. The Cinnamon rolls were so good! I shared them with my district and they all loved them! Mom I'll wear that tie just for you!

That is insane that the house is almost done. You all are going to love it! Wish I could help you out. I’d love to see some pictures. Being the zone leader has been awesome. We actually ended up splitting our branch because we had so many missionaries. So now we are the zone leaders of Branch 70, it used to be 7. We also got a new president, President Nielson. He is such a good guy! This week we got one new district. They are awesome! I love helping them out and making them feel welcome. It’s crazy to think I’m one of the veterans here now. I leave in 9 DAYS!!! Crazy Crazy... I can’t wait though. This Sunday they are actually releasing us so we can train the new zone leaders, because the fallowing week is General Conference.

This week Elder M and I had an awesome experience! So we planned a lesson on the Priesthood (sacerdocio) for Paulo, or Brother Butters. The Lesson went so good! We taught him out on the grass field by the gym. Our message was about how the priesthood could bless his life and family. During that lesson the spirit was so strong. Towards the end I was just speaking Portuguese without even remembering what I said. He understood though cause after he thanked us for the great spirit and message we gave him. It was an amazing experience.

Mom, that scripture has helped me so much. Today we went to the temple and I did sealings again. I love it 'cause doing this service is uniting families for all eternity. I can't wait to get married and then go and do that service as a couple for the dead someday. After we did that we got to go to the celestial room. I read that scripture (Ether 12:27). I feel so much joy when I read that verse and it hits even deeper when I’m at the temple reading it. I have noticed in my life I haven't been exactly humble. I want to apologize for this. I really should have focused on humbling myself long ago. This was my weakness, but since coming here I have realized this weakness can become a strength. I can thank Heavenly Father for this. The MTC has really changed me.

Mom, Thanks for sharing that with your class. I’m sure you are helping these young men and woman in this time of theirs where life is hard. I know that if I didn't have the Sunday school teachers, priesthood leaders, and amazing parents I wouldn't be where I am today. You are helping these kids so much mom. I love you! Let Chris know I love him and tell him to keep preparing for this amazing thing! He will love it.

Dad, That advice about serving the others by being a zone leader really helped. I will probably get my reassignment on Wednesday and leave Saturday, Sunday or Monday. I'll let ya know in the next letter. The idea of thinking in Portuguese is kind of crazy, haha. I think that will be way cool though when is does happen. I guess I sleep talk in Portuguese sometimes. The elders in my room think its way funny. Writing in my journal has been really fun. I realized the days that I didn't write in it, which were like 3 days, I don’t remember what happened. I need to write every night!

I’m sure your going to love being done with the house. You have worked so hard on it. Grandma wrote me and hoped she could help you out in some way. She is great! She writes me every week and it's so fun to read her letters. Thanks for writing me Mom and Dad. I really do like reading these great letters!

Have you heard anything about Tadd? I’m sure he is doing great. Let me know of any new mission calls. Also, how is the other Elder Hauck? Aunt Lisa sends me forwards of Jakes and Ben's emails so I know how they are doing.

Amy will you let Brother Evans, Manis, and Troyer know how thankful I am for them and all they taught me. Seminary really helped me know more about the doctrine.

Intao.. How is everyone? Is Amy liking school and dance? What’s the update on Steph and the guys? Make sure they are cool guys, Jeff and Dad. Jeff and Cam, how is everything? Amanda and Shaye how are you? And Of course, how is my girl Emme? Tell her I love her! Also, take care of Millie! I want her still alive when I get home, ha-ha. I love all of you so much and miss you. I think about you a lot and love looking at our family pictures. I would love it if you emailed me, or dear elder me!! It's nice having something to read when you get back to the residence.

I love you all so much!  Eu Amo Voces mais que sempre, Chau chau
-Elder Hauck

PS. I’ll be letting you know where I’m going in the next letter!!

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