Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Eighth Letter 4-29-13

Hey Family,


This week was a great week! Elder Tonga and I continue to get along and have a bunch of fun together! Dad you are right, this is an adventure every day! You never know what's gonna happen! Sometimes we hear crazy ghost/demon stories and sometimes we just get bashed, and have to leave as soon as possible. Weird stuff! Other then all that, the investigators are doing great. Lilia took us up on helping her move some stuff from her friends house and this week we are gonna help her with her garden! She is almost done with the BOM and I have a feeling she is going to start coming to church. She really understands and believes everything we teach her! she stopped smoking a few months ago after 25+ years and now I think she will stop drinking! So impressive what Heavenly Father can do! It's truly amazing! Jannette has read the BOM 2 times now and goes to church, but still won't be baptized 'cause she wants a more clear answer from God. Hopefully she can soften her heart and realize this is what is right! Eric is the way smart Baptist that is looking for only truth, but is still resistant to what we believe even though he knows it makes complete sense! A lot of the investigators just need to soften their hearts and listen to our truth! Pray for these great people!

This week we did a lot of service! We helped set up for the talent show that was way fun! We also helped Sister Proach, a less active, with her yard work, and we helped Lilia's friend move out!  A cool story that happened this week is we taught a lady that is about 30 and has had a hard life. Her husband just died a year ago from cancer. You can tell she is a sad lady. We taught her the Plan of Salvation and it was very good. I could feel she trusted us and knew that we loved her! She opened up to us and we had a great lesson! Great experience sitting on her front yard teaching this perfect lesson, the Plan of Salvation.

It's amazing how great these people are. Before this I would go day by day not caring so much of others, but now I see that's not the way to live a life. It's the people around you, the other people that make this a great life.

Elder Tonga and I get along well and work very hard! We also have a ton of fun also. Their are great missionaries here that we see a lot and on p-days we play basketball together. The Todd family is awesome! You'd love Sister Todd mom. She is so nice! They take such good care of us. The house is too nice.. haha, it's a mansion!!  The two wards elder T and I are in are way nice to us also. This place is great!

Dad, that is awesome about Brother Reber! I'm glad you got to talk to him. I definitely see how starting in the states is a blessing! I'm finally getting the whole work down and am able to do it a lot more effectively! I'm glad to be here and I know it's a huge blessing! Thanks for the Sports update! Any news on the Jets?? I hear Richardson got picked up? hehe.... ya right! Hopefully BYU's coaching can actually coach their players this year instead of Bronco reading books from his magnificent collections to the team every practice.

I bet Amy's party was awesome in the new house! Dad, you are OLD man... try to increase the font size so you can read this. Just playin, you are a BOSS!:)

The House looks amazing! Wow. Good work Mom and Dad! I hear Amy's little miss popular now a days! That's awesome!:) She is such a great example to so many others, and she has so much talent! If she goes on a mission she can perform at the Tuesday night devotionals at the MTC and sit on the front row! I can already see her doing that!

Well if everyone else likes Jordan I guess I'm forced to like him too! Just watchen out for my Sis!:)
Mom, just one pair (top and bottom) should do good! size 30 bottoms and L top, and just send the money with if that's okay. Thank you Mommy!:) you still have my address right?
C/O The Todd family 22030 E. Arbor Drive, Aurora CO 80016.

I met one of Uncle Courts MTC companions here! Brother Lund. He showed me pictures of them all together! So funny! He looks like a thicker version of Drez! He says Uncle Court was awesome in the MTC! Let Uncle Court know!

Mom you are right about Heavenly Father bringing knowledge to us here on earth. He is the greatest teacher. I feel I have learned more here in 3 weeks than I have my whole high school seminary. haha... We sure do learn a lot out here! I love it, being able to focus on serve the Lord for 2 years. Best opportunity!

How is Amy, Steph, Jeff, Cam, Amanda, Shaye, Millie, my girl Emme, and Mom and Dad? Anything new with you? I miss you all so much!

Love you all,
-Elder Hauck

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