Monday, April 8, 2013

Fifth Letter 4-6-13

Hey Fam,

So it’s Denver Colorado South for me! Ha-ha, kind of funny right? I was thinking I would go some where on the east coast or something cool like that, but Denver will be great! I can’t believe I leave on MONDAY! Crazy Crazy... I just got my flight plan and I depart at 8:30. It's an hour and a half flight so I guess once I land its game time! Ha-ha. I’m so excited to teach the people in Colorado.

Easter was so amazing! We had a sacrament meeting of 3,000 missionaries. They said it was the biggest sacrament meeting in history. We also got to hear from the presiding Bishop, which was awesome. That night we also got to hear from Sheri Dew, you probably know her. She was awesome! She taught us about the tools that we need to be a successful missionary and about being obedient. After that talk I have been trying to be extra obedient. I have noticed a difference. That whole Easter Sunday was very spiritual and relaxing. Then on Tuesday we got to hear from an area 70 from Paris. He was awesome! He talked a lot about enduring to the end. While he was talking I was thinking about what I’m going to be like after my mission. From the help of the speaker and the Holy Ghost I received the thought of when ever I have a trial in life I can always turn to the great spiritual feelings I have felt here in the MTC and I feel like I will be able to accomplish any of the trials that will be placed in my life. I hope I never forget these spiritual feelings I feel on this beautiful mission. Dad, I know now why it's so important to write in your journal every night! The speaker also talked about how the most important work, or service for the Lord, we can do is in the walls of our own home. I thought this was awesome. Also, the speaker told us to picture our entire family in their rooms praying for me personally every night. This really touched me and brought the spirit to me. I realize the love I have and it makes the hard times so much easier when I think of all of you. It's amazing the support I have here. I love you all so much!

I’m sure the Easter Party was fun! It's always nice meeting up with the whole family. They are so amazing. I’m glad you all like the house so much! Amanda told me about Millie being way freaked out and weird. Ha-ha, that's so funny! I’m glad the move went well. I bet Dad is exhausted! He's such a stud.

The missionary plaque looks otimo! Thanks for sending me a picture of it and the other pictures as well. You are all so beautiful. Whenever I show people the pictures of our family they always say I have a beautiful family, which is true! Emme is so adorable. She breaks my heart. Kind of funny story, so after the devotional on Tuesday we had a testimony meeting. My district leader, Elder Lapray, talked a little about his nephew and then I started thinking about Emme and I just started crying. Ha-ha..I can’t wait to see her in 23 months!

So I’m not exactly sure how the schedule is going to be, but we don’t have class or anything so I think we just go to a room and watch Conference all day! Which is going to be so cool. I feel like I'll actually listen to all the talks and its going to help me a lot. I want to encourage all of you to listen or watch general conference and do it with a question in your mind and in your heart. I know the question will be answered. For me, I have many questions ha-ha...

The rest of this last week has been really busy. We hosted the new missionaries on Wednesday, which was way cool. Kind of sad seeing all the moms crying when they got back in their car after their missionary left. Couldn't stop thinking about you Mom. I miss you so much!

I’m excited to see the pictures of the house! I hear it looks great! Mom, for my room you can do whatever you want!:)  As far as the most special thing that happened this week, it was when we had our infield orientation. I learned a lot about what I’m going to be doing in the field. I never knew how important the members are to missionary work. They can help us a lot. Also, goal setting and planning. Those are very important. They also talked a lot about finding people. This part was very useful. Right when I get to Colorado I’m going to run up to some one and start talking to them. They told me I’m going to be nervous for the first 100 people I talk to so I’m going to have to get through those first 100 as fast as possible!

Dad will you keep me updated with that website that tells me about the Visa status? I hope Gramps is okay? Dad, I have never felt neglected by you or anyone in the family. I realize you are all busy. I’m busy too ha-ha. Don’t worry too much about me! I have the Holy Ghost in my life and the Lord by my side. I don’t think I have ever felt so safe and prepared in my entire life. Also, Dad when you talked about the change you have noticed in me, that makes me happy. I hope I’m a completely different person when I get home. I hope I’m like you.

I love you all so much. Keep me updated with everyone. They changed the rules so we can email anyone now. So let all my friends know they can just email me instead of writing me. They also give us extra time on emails now too. It's a great change, I think. Can you get me Aunt Lisa’s, Courts, Chris Abraham, Mitch, and Tadd’s Email too?

Tell Amy, Steph. Jeff, Cam, Amanda and Shaye I want to hear from them! It can even be a short message from your phone!:)
I love you all so much and I miss you.
Obrigado por tudos o amor

-Elder Hauck

Hey Again,

Ya I think I can only get on my email on my P-day. I'll find out for sure though.
I’m about to call!!:) Love you!

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