Friday, May 10, 2013

Ninth Letter 5-6-13

Dear Familia,

MOM congratulations!!! You are so amazing! I have the coolest parents that have been the best examples ever! Mom good work. I know this was a lot of hard work! I remember you being up until like 2 or 3 in the morning every night working on your dissertation and what not! I love you and a again good job! I hope I can be like you two and get my PhD.

Haha, So That was Lilia that called you Dad. She is Mexican and the coolest lady! She is almost done with the Book of Mormon! We are doing a lot of service for her right now, trying to get the rest of her family to see that we aren't weird- haha. This week her husband Joe, a die hard Catholic, helped us with the yard and seemed to really like us. Their daughters love us now and want us to come over everyday! haha. The whole family are a blast! I hope she didn't say anything bad about me... haha. Thank you Dad. You have prepared me well for this hard work, but I sure do love every second!

This week has been very good! We had a lot of service projects, which I loved. I got to show the skills Dad has taught me with all the yard work and gardening. We had some great lessons and the investigators are progressing! Yesterday, Fast Sunday, Testimony meeting was amazing! Jannette is a African American that really wants to join the church. She shared her testimony at church and seriously asked everyone to pray for her to know if this church is true. She was almost yelling and crying when she asked! Wow the spirit hit me right then... It was amazing! I think she will be baptized soon!

Mom, I have noticed that light in many. I really need to open my eyes and listen more. It's crazy how blind and deaf I have been in the past. One of the hardest thing is helping people recognize the light of Christ and also the spirit. Many people are confused when it comes to this. I also see agency playing a huge part. We ask so many people to do things for us, like reading and praying if it's true. Many of these people share experiences that clearly show the answer. They sometimes just choose not to accept it. Really sad and frustrating.

That lesson you got really sounds great! I love how you get so much from these lessons. It shows you  really lose yourself in the teachings of the gospel.“I’ll go where you want me to go; I’ll say what you want me to say; I’ll do what you want me to do; I’ll be what you want me to be" I love this and will remember it while I go day to day. I have really noticed God in my life while I've been here. Sometimes I just open my mouth and things come out that I don't even think about. It's amazing how Heavenly father can use me still with all my imperfections. Thanks for that Mom, I Love you Mom.

Brian throwing gummy bears? -of course! He's such a goon! Our whole extended family is so awesome! We have really been blessed with our great family. So many great examples! Tell them all I love and miss them.

Dad, thank you for the input for my questions. The feedback is going help me a lot! When meeting bashers it only strengthens my testimony. The things they say don't make any sense. Sometimes what they say even go against teachings in the Bible, and they say they believe the Bible. So strange... This mission really does help build unwavering faith.

Mom thank you for the package! We had another snow storm so the long johns helped! I also love the paper with the kisses!:) I was wondering if you could get me one of those Line of Authority charts that shows the whole path of the priesthood from Jesus to Joseph Smith to me. I hear some have it and it helps a ton explaining the priesthood line.

I love you all so much! Hope everything is well at home. If you need anything let me know! Love ya and  Miss ya!

-Elder Hauck

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