Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Tenth Letter 5-13-13

Dear Family,

I'm so glad I got to talk to you yesterday! That was so fun! You all look so great and very happy! It was so good to hear your voices and the great comments you had for me. Really brightened my day and makes me more excited for the work. Thank you very much family! You are all so great! Let Grandma and Grandpa know I'm glad they were there! It makes me feel good! Mom, Amanda, and Grandma, I hope you all had a good Mothers Day! You are the best Mothers I know! You have set the standard high for my future wife, so thank you! :)-Haha. I'm glad you noticed the change I have made since coming out here. I'm really happy with the new/better person I'm becoming! Maybe someday I'll be as cool as Dad.

It was good to see Chris! Looks like he is doing good! I'm glad you like teaching them Mom. You can make a big difference in their lives. I really like that talk by Pres. Monson! Obedience is definitely one of the most important things for us to be doing, especially us as missionaries! I have noticed a lot of Elders aren't as obedient as they should be and you can definitely see the difference between the obedient missionaries and the non-obedient. Makes me want to be even more obedient, so I can receive blessings. Mom, sounds like your organized and prepared as always. These qualities are definitely a blessing from our Heavenly Father!

Dad, that is awesome you got to catch up with one of your old friends from Norway! I hope I have those same experiences in the future. That's so cool Dad! Also, thank you for the comment of the standard of missionary work. It's exactly what I needed! I really am trying to be a good influence on them, but it's definitely hard, since I'm the new "Visa" missionary. I'll continue trying to help them. Thanks Dad!

Sweet!! I'm excited for the line of authority chart. Transfers are next Tuesday. So if you don't get it out by this week just hold on to it and I'll let ya know where I'm at. Thanks again! I will miss Elder Tonga and the people here if I do get transferred. I'm excited for a change though.

Alright, so the greatest thing I have learned on my mission is kind of hard to choose. I have had so many great changes and experiences here.. hmmm. One of the greatest things I have learned out here is to be patient. I realize that patience is key to living this life with happiness. In our life today we feel life needs to be always moving quick. I have realized that this isn't how we should live, we need to be patient with all the great blessings we will receive in our life. Another great thing I have learned is to be humble and selfless. Other people are amazing and they are what bring you happiness. I can't believe I just realized that after being with an amazing family my whole life. Haha... What a dumb kid I was-Haha.

The best thing that happened this week was definitely talking to you guys, but last week was probably talking to a new investigator named Brian. He is a Baptist, but is really open to meeting with us. It's kind of hard teaching him because he thinks we are so much a like. He was joking around that we should combine churches. So that lesson was pretty fun. He is a great guy and hopefully we can start getting him to understand the gospel. Last week was an alright week. Definitely cheered me up being able to talk to all of you.

I love you all SOOOOO much! I miss you a lot also... Emme was so cute!
Have a good week Family.

-Elder Hauck

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