Thursday, May 30, 2013

Twelfth Letter 5-28-13

Dear Family,

Couldn't email Monday because of Memorial Day, all libraries were closed.

This week was one of the best weeks I have had in awhile!! We got a new investigator named Chris. He is about 40 and is married to a member that has been less active. He has had many trials in his family so who better to turn to then Christ and this great church! He wants to get baptized and have his life changed around. I'm sure things are going to go great with him because of his willingness to change! Lilia had some amazing experiences this last week! She had a dream of her baptism! She explained it all perfectly and she has never even seen a baptism service!  Really amazed me! She's progressing so well! I feel so bad though because she knows this church is true and wants to join, but she is scared her husband won't support her, and she wants to go to church with her family! We told her God will help her and make things work for her! I have been praying so hard for her! Since meeting with her we have gotten her to stop cursing and she even let us empty a bottle of alcohol! We got a video, but I think its too long to send. So cool the changes she is making! A kind of sad story is that Eric dropped us. He believes we are teaching false doctrine.  He is really sincere with everything, but is just so set with his belief.  Hopefully things can turn around for him. Margaret, a Nigerian, is a great new investigator as well. We challenged her to read the BOM and she said yes!! I love this work!

Mom, sounds like your the cool mom in town! Good work!! Haha. The weather here is great now! Even getting a little hot. It rains quite a bit though! We walk and ride bikes! Just depends on if its too far or if someone will give us a ride. Thanks for getting the line of authority! Can't wait to get the package! : )

Sorry I didn't send the pictures last week. The camera is acting weird when I open the lens to take a picture. It sounds like its gonna break.... haha. I don't know what happened to it... Hopefully it doesn't break on me.

I cant believe Conner Hafen is home and Tanner is leaving! Time really does fly! Tanner is going to do great! I bet Amy, Amanda, and Emme sang beautifully at church! Wish I could have heard them!
Mom, that quote from Brigham is great! It shows you don't have to be an amazing speaker or have all the knowledge in the world. You just need a testimony and a strong spirit, which is given to you by God, if we do what is right! I have always known you have a testimony, Mom! You and Dad have a true testimony! I know this because I have grown up leaning on both of your great strong testimonies.
Dad, you're exactly right about some of the people just following the traditions of the church and never really growing a true, steadfast testimony. Really sad to see this happen. It makes me thankful for the parents I had that didn't make it a tradition. You let us kids decide if we wanted to go to church or do the activities. I feel it has helped me start the base of my own testimony! I'm definitely gonna have to use a lot of your ways to raise my children! As far as the good people outside of the church, it's true! I talk to people here that are truly great people that believe in Christ, maybe in a different way or different things to represent that faith, but it is still good and they are good people!
I loved this part "our whole course is designed to help people, to lift them, to strengthen them—as has been said frequently, to make bad men good and good men better; to teach peace, the gospel of Christ; to try to exemplify the Golden Rule and a program of helpfulness to those in distress wherever they may be and whatever their circumstances". Many people we meet think we are bringing a whole new type of gospel and teachings into the world. We quickly have to tell them that we want all the good they have and invite them to bring it to our church and we will make it even better! I love the look on their faces when we say that to them!

Dad, I wish you could be here with me. Sometimes I wish I had all your knowledge! Haha. Good to  hear Cummings is going soon!  Larsen is a great guy as well! I kinda miss the gym, Haha.. Mostly all the really great people I met there! Another thing I miss, which is really weird, is driving a car, Haha... Funny right? I don't really miss music, a phone, being lazy, and all that other pointless stuff. Haha

My testimony has grown more than I ever would have thought.  I now know for a surety that this is the most true church on the earth today! I know that Pres. Monson, his counselors, and the general authorities are all prompted by God and they receive import revelation for us in this time and age. Since coming out here I have gained a testimony of humility. In my life I won't be able to accomplish anything without having humility! Above all, I know that Christ died for our sins and that He and God love us!

I love you all so much and miss you!
Have a good week.
-Elder Hauck 

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