Monday, May 20, 2013

Eleventh Letter 5-20-13

Dear Family,

Things continue to be great out here! This week I really saw how obedience brings about blessings! Truly amazing! I am still with Elder Tonga for this next transfer! We both want this transfer to be better than the last so we are gonna work as hard as we can! I'm mostly glad I'm staying in this area because they have such great people here!

The investigators are doing great! We met a new one named Margaret, she is Nigerian and has such a sweet spirit! I hope we can continue to meet with her! Lilia continues to progress, she is awesome! I'll send you a picture of her and I. Didn't get to meet with Brian this past week though, hopefully this week!

Dad, thank you so much for the help! I have kinda been frustrated for the last 2 weeks and really wanted to just go to Brazil, but this week the missionaries have straightened up!  Patience really is the key! It's hard to not call some of them out and tell them they can't be doing that, but you're right, that doesn't work at all. This mission definitely isn't easy! I know now what I need to continue to do. This is my mission to serve the Lord and I won't be influenced by the weakness of others! It's not what I think or what others think, it's what God thinks! Dad, thank you so much! I really feel the spirit when I hear and feel of your great support for me! I love you!

Dad, that quote must be true! "The harder we work as missionaries the better our wife will be." I hope my wife is like you mom!

Mom, I bet the house looks great! I hope you and the fam love it! Thank you for the two referrals, Mom! Look at you doing missionary work here while living in another state! :) Is there a way you can get their addresses?

Crazy Amy, you're gonna be a senior! I hope you are having fun! Weird that I graduated a year ago... seems like yesterday! Grandma Hirschi is awesome! She has such a sweet spirit! Tell her I love her!

Answers to your questions, Mom:

1- The thing I have learned from the Todd family is that even with all the trials their kids have they still love them so much! They care about their children so much! This of course opened my eyes to you and Dad and the love you have for my siblings and I. I really appreciate what you and Dad have done raising me in a home centered around love and Christ!

2- Families here are definitely different from Utah. You can see that some are very laid back and humble. Not to talk bad on Utah, but their are some really judgmental people there. This sometimes turns people away from our Church. Kinda sad. People we run into that are from Utah tell us some bad experiences they have had. Wish they wouldn't dwell on that and realize no one is perfect.

I love you all so much and miss you tons! I feel of all your prayers and they really do help! Thank you so much for everything you have all done for me in this life!

Love you family,

-Elder Hauck

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