Monday, June 3, 2013

13th Letter 6-3-13

Sweet Family,

WOW, this week was something else. First of all, thank you for the care package! I'm going to get the smaller copy of the "Line of authority" laminated, so I can have it with me everywhere! The new camera couldn't have showed up in better timing! I LOVED the little video on it! The cookies are amazing! I miss those things! I remember making those almost every Sunday! The letter from the whole fam was great too. Emme's little hand print, so cute!! Really, thank you so much! The pictures are beautiful!! I feel the love from you all everyday!

Okay, so Tuesday started out a pretty normal day. We saw Lilia and helped her with the yard and taught her a lesson. She is doing great still, by the way. We also saw Lamont and challenged him to sincerely pray about our church. We then walked to dinner and after a new members house. We waited for them, but they never came home so we started walking to another house kinda by the church. We turned the corner and there are these 3 teenage kids (all around 17 and 18) walking towards us on the other side of the street. They saw us and one of the kids came across the street and had a little smirk on his face while walking towards us. When he reached us he jumped on the ground in front of us like he was trying to trip us. Elder Tonga and I just walked around him and started laughing a little. We kept walking and the kid starts following us, saying stuff like, "Tell me about your special Bible!" The kid went on talking bad on our church, saying how we are worthless and that everyone hates us and feels bad for us. At this point the kid's older brother joined in while the third kid sat back shaking his head. These two brothers kept talking bad about us and our church and Elder Tonga let it get to him. He turned around and took off his backpack and told the kids to stop talking or fight him. The younger brother got really close to me where I thought he was going to swing at me. He backed up and kept mocking us saying a few choice words that started getting me a little aggravated!  Elder Tonga called them out while they just kept yelling bad words and throwing up gang signs. The older brother started walking towards Elder Tonga and was flinching every time Tonga would move. A neighbor came out and ran to break it up, even though there was no fight. His wife called the cops and they showed up. We waited for an hour or two while the cops decided what to do. They said it was pretty much a hate crime because they came after us only because we were Mormon. We told them we didn't want to make a huge deal about it, since it was just a joke that went too far. The stupid cops ended up giving the two brothers and Elder Tonga a small disorderly conduct ticket.  That ended the night on a high note..haha.

Another thing that happened was my old camera deleted all my pictures from the MTC and everything! That made me so sad. Sister Lindsay, the lady that comes with us to teach Lilia, told me there's a way to undelete things and I was able to do so today! What a relief! I bought a flash drive to keep them safe.

Crazy week huh?? 

Some good things that happened is that a lot of people saw us on the side of the street with the two kids hand cuffed so that got us a few more lessons and a lot of people felt bad that it happened to us. Eric is doing great and said he will read the BOM!!! We also got to help Ronnie Hicks with her roof. We saw many others this week and they all made up for the beginning of the week, haha.

Amy, that's cool you did a pageant! Don't be discouraged about not winning. You are the most beautiful, smart, true girl I know! Keep your head up in everything you do! I love you. Oh, and you and Emme stop growing up!

No!! Emme needs to stop growing! She cant be getting teeth already! Tell Shaye congrats on his promotion with the Piano Guys! There are a bunch of people that know the Piano Guys here! One of the girls in my ward has Amanda's song on her ipod! The Piano Guys are popular! Its pretty sweet my bro-in-law and sister have something to do with them!

Mom, the camera and the great video are perfect! Thank you so much! You're beautiful! I'm sure you are loving the summer! I want you to relax this summer! Don't work too hard. You need a little rest! Funny about Shaye's phone..haha, sorry it got wet in the pool! I'm sure your testimony touched the hearts of many, Mom! You have a very powerful testimony! It's great to hear Chris is doing great in your Sunday School class! You are right. He will be a great missionary!

Stephna, is this Jordan guy really that great? I hope he treats you well. You deserve the best. You seem very happy in the pictures and from what the family says it sounds like you love him and he makes you happy! This is hard to say...but..if you want to marry him while I'm gone I'll be okay with it. I love you Steph!

Dad, do you mean that they might get married??? Nooooooooooo ;) I'm sure he is great. I do talk to Kurtis quite a bit! He is doing awesome! Dad, thank you for that great story! I never knew that happened! That is an amazing story of Hope and Faith! What strong men! There are many people here that don't see the true happiness of this life. Sharing the Plan of Happiness is by far one of the greatest messages we share. The light in their heart opens when they realize God has a plan for them and they are part of it. So many people don't think they matter to Heavenly Father. Helping these great people realize that God does love them brings so much happiness into my soul! I can feel my prayers getting stronger and it's quite amazing. Something I really learned this week from all the lessons and people we met is that even in the darkest and loneliest times in our lives we still have someone. Heavenly Father will always be there for us.

I love all of you so much and think about you guys a lot!
-Elder Hauck

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