Monday, June 17, 2013

15th Letter 6-17-13

Dear Family,

Happy Fathers Day yesterday!!

This week has been a great week! I'm starting to think I'll never have a bad week!! Haha, now I probably will... An amazing experience happened to me this week. I know that we are prompted in what we teach, but I never saw it this clear. So Tuesday we taught the Geoffroy's. They are a recent convert part-member family. The Mother is preparing for the temple, but is feeling like her testimony is weak and that when she goes through the temple her testimony won't be strong enough. That morning before we even talked to them I was really thinking about what could help them. They have been taught every lesson so it was kinda a hard decision.  Patience came into my head and I found Alma 32: 41-43. I know for a surety that Heavenly Father prompted me to this scripture. During the lesson I had Sister Geoffroy read this scripture. Tears swelled into her eyes and the spirit was stronger than ever. After reading she turned to me and told me thank you. I responded softly and told her it wasn't me it was Heavenly Father who chose that scripture. It helped her so much and brought her so much peace. I was in shook after that, realizing how easily I can be prompted. The Holy Ghost really is my senior companion.

Another amazing thing that happened is we got Chris Scudder on date! We taught him Lesson One. When we got to Joseph Smith and the first vision he stopped us after and said, "Wow, I just got the goose bumps." We told him that it was the Spirit testifying it was true. That Joseph Smith really did see God and Christ! The spirit was so strong!! I have been so amazed with the power of the spirit. It really does guide us in our everyday life if we allow it to. I cant believe I'm blessed enough to have the Holy Ghost direct me in my life.

I don't know if I have told you about Tony Hahn. He is the kindest guy I know. So humble and loving. He is a recent convert and used to be the guy who goes around blessing the sick in the hospital. His family aren't members, but they love Elder Tonga and I. Next P-day we are going to an animal sanctuary with them. Crazy because when I first met them the family didn't want anything to do with us. Now they sit in on lessons and pray with us. Mary Hahn tells her husband there is something different about us from the other missionaries.  I pray she will come into the Church! Tony deserves it. He is one of the best men I know!

On Saturday we went to Janette's church for a Fathers Day brunch.. WOW!... Haha. It was crazy how they worship there! A lot of Hallelujahs and Amens. Mostly an all black congregation so Elder Tonga and our two ward missionaries were a little out of place. We gave out a lot of cards and they seemed to really like us and want us so come back. Fun experience. The kids all thought we were part of the CIA. Haha...

Everyone else is doing great! Lilia is having a hard time with her husband smoking again. She could use some prayers.

Dad, I hope you had a great Fathers Day! You and Mom are the greatest blessings in my life! You have been an amazing Father and have taught me so much! Thank you for being such a good example of how a loving father truly is. I think I have a pretty good idea how much Heavenly Fathers loves us just from having an amazing father like you! I wish I could Skype again on Fathers Day.. Kinda lame.
Service is really one of the best ways of missionary work! That story of you in the snow carrying the Christmas tree is really cool, Dad! That would be very tough for me to do! Haha. That guy that pulled us out of church might be really interested. He wants to read the BOM first and then we will meet with him.

Mom, I'm sure you spoiled Dad a ton on Fathers Day! He deserves it! He is one hard worker. He has blessed our whole family! I'm glad to hear the family is doing great and that Amy is doing amazing in dance! Alma 32 is an amazing chapter!  Your exactly right, Mom! These Recent converts and soon to be baptized investigators have to have soooo much faith! All that you have talked about in your letter will really help Sister Geoffroy. Thank you! : )

Amy, what the heck are you doing!? You are amazing! I can't believe you did so well at the dance comp! Haha. You keep up the good work and remember how blessed you have been! Something my coaches always told me was always be humble and teachable! I wanna tell you the same thing! I love you Amish and am proud of your accomplishments! Keep it up.

Your pictures are awesome! Thank you so much family! You are the best! I hope you all are doing well! Miss you guys like crazy!

I love you,
Elder Hauck

P.S. This is a picture of Elder Brown and I at the temple and the lady is Sister Drake. She made us a HUGE meal! So good!!

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