Monday, June 10, 2013

14th Letter 6-10-13

Qurido Bonita Familia,

I love you all so much! This week has been amazing! We had zone conference on Tuesday and I learned so much. They are implementing a new way of finding and serving people. It's called Just Serve. We have to get 10 hours of service a week and they are really working on establishing some big projects around the mission for us to go serve at. I think this will work amazingly! I absolutely love serving out here. I get to use all the great skills Dad taught me and I get to see the happiness in others. I also learned a lot from the AP's and President Maynes. This is the last time we meet with him, though. He leaves at the end of this month and the mission is splitting. So the Arapahoe Stake, where I serve, will be in the Colorado North Mission. Because they are opening a Fort Collins Mission. Pretty much I am going to serve in 3 different missions! :) -Haha, Crazy right??? President Toons will be our new mission president in the north. So I got some cool changes ahead of me.
Wednesday we all got to go to the temple. The Denver Temple is amazing! Sister Lindsay took us to Snooze, a pretty good breakfast place. I'm glad she sent you a picture, Mom. She is such a nice lady. Bishop is a great man as well. What did he say in the message he sent you, Mom? The members here are awesome and really love us. It seems the biggest thing going on in the stake is missionary work. Is this how it is all over the U.S.?

Thursday was a rough day, but ended out amazing. So we had no luck with any of the lessons we planned so we had a lot of extra time. We started tracking and found one person that let us pray for him and his family and we gave out a few service cards...after knocking over 30 homes, sweating our shirts to death.  For 2 hours we had no luck.  We then went to dinner at the McPhalls.  They said, "We have a neighbor that could really use some service. Her husband died and is really sad." We went over and met her and she loves us! We went back Friday and mowed her lawn, trimmed her bushes and left her with a lesson. She is letting us come back. Amazing how God blesses us when we do all that we can.

Friday we were with the AP of the North mission. Just so they could get to know all of us and see how we are doing. That was one busy day!

Sunday was crazy as well!! So during our sacrament meeting a man pulls us out of the meeting and said, "Someone outside wants to talk to you two." We went outside and a guy was parked in the middle of the parking lot standing in front of it. We went and talked to him and he said he wants the lessons and he wants to get baptized in the church. That was so amazing! I was so thankful. We will definitely meet with him this week. This whole week will be insane!!

Overall the week was amazing and it flew by. We got 5 new investigators so we will be working our tails off! :)

Nothing else has happened with the whole prank thing from last week. We see the punks sometimes and we just wave at them. I think they learned their lesson! :) Haha.  Elder Tonga just has to go to the court date. It isn't too big of a deal, President Maynes said, 'cause we didn't do anything wrong. Dad, that was exactly what I was thinking about! It would have been so hard to take all that persecution back in the day. What strong members they were! Crazy stories like these are what make a mission really exciting! Haha

Dad, I think that is the biggest influence Satan has on this world. What is real and what is fake. So many are blinded with seeing good as bad and bad as good. It is so sad to see how lost some people are and how easy they can change. They just need to recognize the light of Christ in their life.
Mom, wow...your talk made me cry in the library. I knew I should of printed it out and taken it home...Haha. You're amazing Mom. I love you! Tell the ward that I miss and love them!
I love you all so much and think of you a lot. Thank you for all the emails. Makes me happy. Sorry if I don't get back to you all every week. Always remember I love you!

Love, Elder Hauck

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