Monday, June 24, 2013

16th Letter 6-24-13

Pictures: Ronnie Hicks' Daughter's Confirmation,  Elder Tonga and I

Hey Family,

This week was great! Tuesday we saw some great people! Lilia is still progressing, but it's getting to the point where she can't go much farther unless she gets baptized! Pray for her husband's heart to be softened! We are so close! Lamont is doing well, but his mom is still holding him back! Janette is doing well, she just is so attached to her little Baptist church group... We tell her she can bring all of her friends over with her! We will help them! Tuesday night was kinda crazy. We went to this house that used to have investigators.  We got there and the mother is way nice. We go inside and the Uncle (Moms brother) was way mad and pretty much told us to leave Haha. They kinda argued for awhile to have us stay, but it turned out they let us stay and the uncle actually started to like us.

Wednesday was tough! Eric keeps looking for anti stuff.  It's ridiculous the stuff he finds! The thing I got out of that lesson is that you can never argue over a strong spiritual testimony. Eric really feels like we are lost and he wants to convert us. So that lesson was kinda rough.

Thursday was a normal day. Met with a few awesome people. We watched the Doctrine and Covenants Restoration video and the investigator loved it! She almost cried during all the hard things Joseph Smith went through!

Friday we went to a service project. I don't know if any of you have heard of Project Cure, they get a bunch of donated medical supplies and sends them to 3rd world countries. We helped organize a lot of the donated shipments.

Saturday we saw Ronnie and actually got into her home, which has never happened! haha. Tony and his family are doing great and I think we might be able to teach them a lesson soon! They tell people there is something different about us.

Sunday I talked in sacrament meeting at the Copperleaf Ward. It was pretty different from our home ward. I don't think they thought my jokes were that funny... Haha. The broadcast was amazing!!! Did you guys go to it? I hope you did!

Brother Scudder is on date for the 9th of July. He really is working hard towards it! He's a good guy! One of his daughters even came to sacrament!

Mom, the camera works great! Thank you so much! I will most likely be sending some stuff home that I don't use. As of right now I don't need anything else. Thank you though! : ) Alma 32 is amazing and I think it really changed Sister Geoffroy. She answers questions in Sunday school and seems to have a lot more confidence! Sad to hear about Papa Joe. Tell him to get better quick for me, okay? Sounds like he is healing well though, which is awesome! Tell Grandma Hirschi Happy Birthday for me! Sounds like home is great as always! I show pictures of my girl waiting for me back at home, Emme, all the time! They think she is so adorable! : ) Crazy how many people know the Piano Guys!

Amanda, I gave one of your CDs to a girl in our ward. She loves you! She is adding you on Facebook so she can talk to you. Her name is Natalie. Thanks for the care package and of course the pictures of Emme! You are the best!

Jeff and Cam, Glad to hear you are representing our family well with your talks in sacrament meeting...Haha. Keep up the good work. Love you both!

Steph keep that kid away from you! Boys are bad news; ) Amy, same goes for you!
Dad, the new improvements on the house look amazing!! Great job Dad! Thank you, Dad. I'm just following the great examples I have had in life. You are by far the biggest example! Oh, and you do have some great kids! : )

I love all of you guys so much! I want all of you to look for missionary opportunities in your life! Be bold and full of courage!

Miss you all,
Elder Hauck

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