Monday, July 1, 2013

17th Letter 7-1-13

Photos: Lilia at Zoo, Elder Tonga & I with the Scudder's, 

Mi Familia,

My family, this work is amazing! The broadcast really gave us a push! Last P-day we went to the Zoo with Lilia and her Family. Tuesday we taught Lilia and helped her paint  room in her house! During Dinner the Crookston's family needed some help cutting wood in the back. E. Tonga stepped on a nail and it went pretty much all the way through his foot. We went to Urgent care and he got a T- shot.  This week was hard to do work because E. Tonga couldn't  walk. We got crutches and kept working! Thank goodness for the amazing members that drove us a lot this week! E. Tonga's foot is healing and he can kind of walk now.

Wednesday we saw the Hicks and had a great lesson about the Gospel of Jesus Christ! The were very receptive and their was a strong spirit there! Her family is perfect for this church and they know it!:)

Thursday we had an amazing lesson with Lilia. We talked to her about baptism, eternal families, and apostasy. She told us she needs help with her husband to soften to the church. Lilia won't come right out and say it, but she wants to be baptized. It is just that she wants her family with her, which is understandable! We challenged her to slowly talk to Joe about the church and she has already been leaving a BOM on his night stand!!

We are having a baptism this Saturday!! Brother Scudder is ready and excited! Him and his family are in a picture.
The Hanh's are doing amazing! For some reason Tony's wife and daughters like us a lot- haha They actually listen to our spiritual thoughts and I think soon they will take the lesson! They are so cool!! Today we went to the animal sanctuary with them! Il'l attach some pictures. They saved bears, tigers, lions, and a bunch of other animals from cruel people.

Rest of the week went well and a lot of the Investigators are progressing!

Mom, what has brought me the most joy this week is probably the increase of help by the members! That broadcast got everyone so excited for missionary work! it is amazing!! Mom, I am definitely feeling joy here!

Denver has been hot, but this last week was pretty stormy! The electric storms are insane at night!! Lightning brightens the whole city! Elder Tonga and I are doing great! We teach a lot better together now and I really feel like members trust us! He has been out 6 months, so we are both pretty new. Some things about E. Tonga is that he cares so much about the people we teach! They LOVE him so much. I'm sad for when he has to leave because they will miss him! He and I have so much fun while we work. it makes the hard times not as bad. He also knows the bible very well, which helped me a ton because I didn't know it that well.
So it officially split today. President Toombs is the new one. I haven't met him yet, but I hear he is a good guy! I don't know exactly what will happen to me.
Dad your analogy of working out my muscles and working out my spirit is great! haha. The church does have some pretty potent stuff here to strengthen your testimony!:) haha.... You are the best dad and mom EVER!!

The broadcast was amazing and its amazing to see the intelligence and revelation of the First pres.  These changes they are making are making the work increase a ton!! it is weird hearing about the world out here. We don't hear too much with the cut off of technology, but when we hear something it is pretty intense! haha The World is falling apart!

Dad, the insight you gave on the Book of Mormon is perfect for me! Explaining it to some people is so hard, because they look at all the bad and complex parts of it. They read it with a negative intent and cant find the truth! it is so sad to hear people reject the BOM when I have received an answer of its truthfulness. They just need to humble themselves and pray in truth! Seeing this has also strengthened my testimony significantly!

Dad, your Portuguese is better than mine!
Shaye, that video was amazing! I bet the members loved it! Really touched me!
I hope you all are doing well! Have fun in Laguna, but not too much! I miss you guys and I love you SOO MUCH!!:)

Have a good week and please search for missionary opportunities!
Love, Elder Hauck

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