Monday, July 15, 2013

19th Letter 7-15-13

Dear Family,

WOW!! So a lot of changes lately! On last Monday Sister Lindsey took Elder Tonga and I down town and dropped us off at a church. There I said goodbye to Elder Tonga and the rest of the Elders I got close to. I got on a van and was taken to meet my new companions! One is Elder McCullough from Snowflake, Arizona. He is a stud! The other Is Elder Carvolho (Car-vol- yo). He is from Sao Paulo, Brazil!! How sweet is this??? So he has only been here for one transfer and has been helping me so much with my Portuguese! He is such a funny kid and teaches very well! We call ourselves the 3 Nephites, haha. We teach well together, but the area is giant and doesn't have much success! We usually drive around to less actives and potential investigators homes. A lot of them do not like us at all. I could probably say they are more mean than the other area I was in. We live with the Sumners and they are awesome! The address is, 6502 Quartz Circle, Arvada CO 80007. Overall I love my new companions and the area is good. We just have a lot of work to do!

So the first night I was here we went to the Allen's house. They lived up in the mountains so the drive was pretty long. The grandma there was out of her mind! Haha. Some of the things she said were hilarious. She prayed before we ate and said, "Heavenly Father, bless Joseph and Brigham that they can have a hot dog, Amen." Half the other stuff she told us about during our dinner didn't make any sense! So that was pretty interesting! During the week we did a ton of service at a local food bank and a donation store called ARC. We get around 10 hours of service hours a week! It is pretty crazy! Also met some cool families in the ward and knocked a lot of doors! Some of the less actives seemed to like us and want to have us back, but we will see what happens. There is one recent convert named Rachel, who is around 40, that we teach that is a little different. I guess she takes anything we say and blows it up so we have to be very careful what we say. I already messed up by saying I missed her at church because she didn't show up. She told us that she would be talking to our mission president about that, haha. It is pretty weird. We had zone conference which was pretty good. We have a tiny zone with only 3 sister companionships and 4 elder companionships.

Saturday was a pretty crazy. That night we went to a few less actives member's homes. The last one we went to Elder Carvolho and I had a bad feeling about knocking on the door as we walked towards the house. Elder McCullough knocked on the door and a man came out who used to be a member, but is now going to a church called The Covenant. We talked for awhile and could feel the confusion in his heart and spirit. I have never seen someone so lost.  It was very sad and hard to see someone like this.

Sunday went very well, and was pretty nice only having 3 hours of church instead of 8. We saw a ton of people that day and it was nice to meet everyone. The past few days it has been raining like crazy! Earlier Saturday we had to run from our car to a home and we were soaked by the time we stepped out of the car.

I feel like my teaching ability has gotten so much better in the last few months! I get to use everything I learned in my last area in this area! It feels really good to be improving. I can't even imagine the growth I will have by the end of my mission! I do miss my old area and the great people I met there, but it was time to move on.

Mom, I am getting letters from a lot of friends so don't worry about me. I have plenty of support out here and it feels great! : ) I am glad everything is going well with you and that your Sunday School class is awesome! Love you Mom!!

Dad, I do miss my area and the great people there! They were like family there! So sad saying goodbye to all of them! You, me and Mom are coming back here to see all these great people. Okay? It's hard starting over with relationships after feeling so comfortable in the last area, but I'll have to get used to it.

I hope the whole family is doing well! I love all of you so much! Tell Tanner Hafen good luck and tell Dallen Reber he's a stud! Tell the ward that I miss them. Miss you guys.

Love, Elder Hauck

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