Wednesday, July 10, 2013

18th Letter 7-8-13

Photos: 1-The Hahn Family, 2- Brother & Sister Lindsey, 3-Lilia's Family, & 4-Brother Scudder's Baptism

Dear Family,

This week has been pretty crazy! So we had a great P-day last week and Tuesday we saw Lilia and taught her about Baptism and just how our church meetings go.  She came to the baptism we had on Saturday and she loved it!! We have been teaching her a lot and she is so ready! We also had a 4th of July breakfast, which Lilia brought her whole family to! Joe had a blast and is continuing to soften towards us Mormons, haha. The Hahn's also came to the Breakfast and had a blast!

Wednesday we didn't have much success, neither did we Thursday because of the 4th and everyone out of town! We got to see some fireworks, which was way cool! They do it big here in Colorado even with all the fires!

So Saturday night we found out about transfers. I'm leaving to Arvada. I guess it is more of a country side. Elder Tonga is going to Copperleaf with a new Elder, and Tuscany is getting two new Elders, I think. Maybe Sisters. So that news was pretty sad... I told Lilia, the Lindseys, Hanhs, and all the other close families. Sacrament meeting was pretty sad with us both leaving because we have gotten so close to families that were always really against the church and missionaries. Elder Tonga and I shared our testimonies and both cried, haha. It felt like my farewell all over again! Crazy how I got attached to these two wards! Probably as much as I did with our home ward!

After church we went to see Lilia and her family. So sad seeing Alle, Lilia's 11 year old daughter, supper sad and she kept giving us hugs. Lilia took it well and said their must be a reason for it. I'm gonna miss her so much! She is probably the one I got closest with while being here! Dad and Mom, we need to come back and visit these great families when I get home! We also saw the Hahn's. I talked with them for awhile and I really encouraged the girls to take the discussions and really get involved with the Church because it will strengthen the love of their family! I know they will be members soon!  So sad. When we said our goodbyes Mary started crying and gave us hugs. That was tough seeing her cry. We then saw the Scudders and talked with them for a while. Chris Scudders testimony has grown so much in the past month! He expressed how thankful he was that we were the Elders that challenged him to baptism. Now he is working towards the Priesthood!

Chris's Baptism went great! We had it with two other youth and when Chris was baptized the spirit was so strong! Elder Tonga and I got to be the witnesses, so that was cool! His confirmation was on Sunday and I got to be part of that as well! His father in law was the one to confirm him.

We also had a great experience teaching the Restoration to a teenage kid. When we got to the restoration part of Joseph seeing God and Christ I recited the first vision to him. The Spirit flushed the room and I could see something change in the teenage boy. His eyes opened wider and he listened even a little more than anyone usually would. I was amazed by the strong spirit that was in the room at that time. I'm also amazed with how much teaching these great lessons has strengthened my testimony! I definitely see why they want you to be fully converted to the gospel after teaching this marvelous gospel for two years. I can't even imagine where my testimony will be by the end of these 2 years.

So today I will be leaving to Arvada. The transfers are different in the North mission so we go today instead of Tuesday's. I just hop in the transfer train and head there to meet my new comps! Kinda weird... haha.

I'm glad to hear you had a good cousin camp!:) I bet it was a blast! Dad, I'm sorry to hear about Dallen being robbed! That would be tough! I can't even imagine all the memories gone! I'm thinking of sending the journals home once I fill them up.

Sister Lindsey is awesome and really wants to meet you Mom! I'm glad she sent you some pictures!
Well this week is going to be a big change, but I'm ready for it! Kinda upset because they are moving me farther away from Brazil, since Arvada is North of here... haha. I hope you all are doing great and I love you all so much!

Take care,
Elder Hauck

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