Tuesday, July 23, 2013

20th Letter 7-22-13

Photos: Top-with Elder Krogh, Bottom-with Sister Christensen

Otimo Familia,

WOW. Another big change! Okay so yesterday I got a call at around 3:30 from the AP's. They told me I was getting transferred. My first thought was that I got my visa, but it turned out an Elder in the Arapahoe Zone (my last stake) had to get sent home, so they told me they needed to do an emergency transfer. They told me they would be there at 4:30 to pick me up. They picked me up and brought me to my new area. It's Called Hampton Hills. It is way close to Tuscany and Copperleaf so it's pretty similar to where I was before. It was sad to leave Mccullough and Carvolho so fast. I was having so much fun with them! They are great Elders! So I left Arvada and I'm here now. Crazy how things can change so fast. The area we are in seems awesome! We live in a Apartment which is huge. We don't have a car, though, so I need to find one soon or just keep walking.

Last P-day was fun! We played basketball most of the day and cleaned up the downstairs of the Sumner's home. Tuesday we had a zone lunch with President Jones, the stake president. Their son married Stephanie Abraham. I talked to Pres. Jones' wife for a bit about all that and Saint George. Wednesday we had district meeting and district lunch at Sister Carla Christensen. I met her the first day in Arvada and she is from Bountiful and lived very close to Grandpa and Nana. I think they were in the same ward. When she asked for my name she said, "Are you related to Rick and Laura?" Small world! I guess she tried calling Grandpa Hauck, but they didn't answer. Sister Christensen is such a nice lady!  We then met with a non-member, Pat Tatmen. He served in WW2 so he told us a lot about that. We had a great dinner with a member. We then had a lesson with Gabe and Erika on the Plan of Salvation. She seemed to be very interested, but he is atheist so it was pretty difficult for him to accept. I can't understand why or how someone could not believe in God...It's ridiculous! Living life would be so much harder!

Thursday, we met with Rachel again.  She is awesome! haha. We had dinner with a non-member and showed her the restoration video. Crazy how strong the spirit was during the First Vision. Then for some reason the dog started barking right in the middle of it! Seems like something tries to disturbs the message from getting to the investigator! We then went to teach Tim again! I went with Brother Ride, an Elder in the ward. When we walked in they were all smoking. I tried to talk with them to help them figure out a way to stop, but Tim's girl friend kept saying that I was pressuring him. Brother Ride and I had to continue to tell them we are just inviting. They both have disabilities so its pretty hard to communicate with them. Friday, we didn't get much success. Had a training meeting with the mission for Carvolho, which took most the day. Saturday, we helped a non-member move rock to his backyard, then went to Arc for 5 hours! haha. The new "Just Serve" thing is serious and we really try to get 10 hours of service in every week.

The Arvada area was amazing! I loved starting to get to know the members and investigators. Sad I had to leave, but there must be a reason for all things.  New starts are tough, but I know I can do it. My new Comp. is Elder Krogh from Gilbert, Utah. He is quiet, but very obedient! Wish me luck this week and pray for me! My new address is 18507 E. Whitaker Cir Unit E. Aurora CO, 80015

Dad, you are right about it kinda being hard to be in a 3sum. Sometimes it was a blast, but teaching was very hard and sometimes we wouldn't agree on everything. It was a good experience though!

Crazy that Dallen Reber is already home! I bet he did a great job!! I bet Dad had a great talk as well! Obedience is a great commandment! I love the scripture in D&C 130:38, I think...how all blessings are predicated by obedience!

Mom, I'm glad you talked a lot about the sacrament in Sunday School. Since being out here I have really seen how beautiful it is! We really are renewing those sacred covenants we made at Baptism. I love partaking of the sacrament every week! Such a blessing!

That video of Emme crawling is so CUTE! I wish I could be there for all this growth she is having. I can't wait to see her and all of you again! : ) Glad to hear Papa Joe is doing well. Amy looks old in the picture! What the heck is going on!!??? STOP!

Where is Steph working now?? 

Dad, the experience I had last week definitely strengthened my testimony! It was scary to see someone influenced by a bad spirit, but overall it was amazing! Seeing this wave of missionaries in the world is also amazing to see! Missionaries are going to be on every block soon! haha. All of this shows how soon the Second Coming will be here! 

Elder Carvolho helped me a ton with my Portuguese! I would teach him the lessons and he would correct me when I mess up. I wish I had more time with him, but what happens happens.

I love you all so much! I pray for you every night and hope you don't change too much while I'm gone. How is the missionary work doing in Saint George?? Please look for opportunities to spread the gospel!

Miss you all so much! Take Care

Love, Elder Hauck

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