Monday, November 10, 2014

86th Letter 11-10-14

Photos: My new scripture case!


So the newest news is that I will stay here in Uruguaiana with Elder Silveira as Zone Leaders. I am excited to stay here and see some more miracles happen! This city is very blessed and in the zone we are doing super good and are leading in baptism in the mission! Things are going great!

So this week we taught a lot more lessons than usual! We also were blessed with 4 new investigators that seem promising! One new investigator is from a part member family and he was in the Spirtism Church, but is seeing some lies there so he decided to accept the lessons. His wife was very happy with this decision! We taught him a little about the resurrection, because he believed in reincarnation.  We also taught the Restoration. He is liking the lessons a lot and even went to the ward activity that we planned! :) We need to get him married to his wife and baptized so they can get to the temple!

If you all remember that one young family that we are teaching…the lady that stopped us in the street about 4 weeks ago. They are doing super good! The lessons we have with them are incredible! They have awesome questions and are feeling the spirit very strong. Actually after our last lesson with them we asked them how they felt during our visits and they both explained how they feel at peace and happy. We testified to them that it was Heavenly Father manifesting the truth by the Holy Ghost. They accepted that manifestation. :) Saturday they went to the ward activity and loved every second! They have 2 kids and they loved it too! Sunday they came to sacrament meeting and loved that as well! Went perfect with it being the Primary program and they only talked about eternal families! What a great blessing! So Tiago and Patricia are looking super solid and we are growing a great love for them!

Carlos is a very sad man that is suffering with many problems. He has told us many times that he wants to remove his life himself. During our lessons he cries a lot and we try our best to help him out and feel the love of God. He went to the ward activity and I think it helped him a lot. The members treated him well!

Well, there is a little of what happened this past week here in Brazil! We are ready and faithful for the future success. I hope you all are doing awesome! 

Mom, I am glad you all heard of the great news about Amy! She will be a great missionary! Sounds like the spirit of missionary work is strong there as well! :) Also, sounds like Emme´s Birthday went awesome! I hope you told her Happy Birthday from Uncle Brad!:) I love the pictures! 

Dad, I would like a copy of your talk if that is possible. Ha-ha-ha, what a good story about Uncle Todd! I am sad to hear about the Utes losing. And dad I am sure your talk went awesome!

I love you all!!

Elder Hauck

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