Monday, October 14, 2013

32nd Letter 10-14-13

Another awesome week! I hope all of you had a great week like I did! I love staying busy! Time seriously soars by! Found more investigators and have 4 on date for Baptism! The increase of success in the work since I gotten here has improved so much! Okay so here's the highlights of the week.

Monday, again I got to email all the awesome people in my life! Then we ate and shopped before going and playing football at a field. That was fun! The weather here is getting a little cold, so playing football is super fun! We had another great dinner with a member, like we usually do. Then we saw the Kubic family. Sister Kubic is trusting us a lot more and is opening up to us. We think we know what we need to do now to help her feel of the Holy Ghost and believe in God.

Tuesday, this was a busy day! We had some great studies and then taught Braylan about the Priesthood! He is excited to get it some day soon! He continues to be a stud! Went to ARC for awhile and then hustled to see Sister Maximoff. We challenged her to read the BOM and she is doing super good! She updates us on where she is at all the time. She is a sweet older lady. Dinner with the Grays was good! They told us some crazy stories that have happened in their life. We then went and saw Laurden and taught her The Plan of Salvation! She thought it was super cool! She is smart for a 9 year old. We then saw Rubi and Beto and finished the Restoration with them.  She just needs to get her work schedule changed to make it to church!

Wednesday, we saw Braylan again and talked about the Temple. We then went to the Food Bank for service and then had Zone Meeting, which was super good! The Sister Trainer Leaders did a great training on helping ourselves and others become converted. After that we rushed to see the Hanks and talked to Brother Hanks about a few of the Commandments. His faith has grown so much! Dinner with the Petersen's was good, a older couple, but super cool and funny! Had Ward Missionary Correlation and then talked with Rodney. He seems to understand better and we feel like his interest in our church is increasing. Everything he tries to prove wrong in our church doesn't make sense when he tries to prove it wrong. We don't ever argue, we just look at the Bible and break it apart so he can understand it. This actually strengthens my testimony so much. Our church makes so much sense! The doctrine is perfect. Every time I find something that seems off I study it out and I always find the answer. This Doctrine we have in our church is perfect! All these other beliefs don't make sense, because they are missing some vital pieces that we have! 

Thursday, we had great studies and then taught the Biddles. They are a nice older couple that go to a rich community church here in CO. We had a discussion about our beliefs and they don't seem to understand that there is only one true church. And they don't care if there is. I don't understand how you could be fine with not finding out for yourself which church is true. We shared Ephesians with them, where it talks about "One Lord, One Faith, One baptism" .... Seems pretty clear to me. They still were not interested, so we left a BOM along with our testimonies and they said they would call us if they had questions.  After that we went to ARC and dinner with the Johnsons. They told us about how they went on the tour in Guatemala about the BOM and I told them that my Grandpa Hauck is an archaeologist and that he does BOM studies. They put it together and got very excited. They have a book that talks a lot about what Richard Hauck has discovered and his ideas of the whole BOM discovery. That was super cool! We then tried to contact a bunch of people, but no luck.

Friday, we taught Braylan about the Holy Ghost, because his Confirmation is this Sunday. We went to the Food Bank and then had weekly planning. Finally got a hold of Brian. He said, "I don't know if you two are up for this, but I don't wanna just know something. I wanna know everything!" We sat with him for a bit. We then had dinner with the Chase's. It was so good! After we taught Laurden The Gospel of Jesus Christ. The evening is what was crazy. We got a text from Jennifer about how she needed a blessing very bad. We decided to call Brother Johnson, the 2nd counselor of the bishop. That was inspired big time. Jennifer has a strong relationship with Brother Johnson, so it was perfect for her at that time. She was so sad and was talking about how she wanted to give up on life. She was bawling! It was so sad to see someone like this. Brother Johnson said perfect things. The spirit was so strong! By the time we left there she was filled with joy and peace. She knew the steps she needed to make to get back on track! That was a cool opportunity to see someone like that, not that is was good she was going through all that, but that the spirit was so strong that she was willing to change.

Saturday, we got to teach Alex and we found out what his concern is. We resolved it with the help of Brother Bowler. I think Alex will soon be ready for Baptism. We then taught the Derus a little of Lesson 2. They ask some great questions! Then we had the opportunity to see Brother Scudder, one of the investigators who got baptized that Elder Tonga and I taught. He baptize his daughter! We got picked up by them and then got brought back as well. I'll send a cool pic of us in the car. We got home and had dinner with the Rozeskis and went out to eat! Then saw Rubi and Beto again. Beto is such a goof! He is seriously one of the funniest guys I know! 

Sunday, we got to go to the 5th ward sacrament meeting for Braylan's Confirmation. I was able to confirm him and it was so awesome! That feeling I get is something hard to explain.. It's the Spirit though, that's for sure! After that we met with Bishop Haymond. He is a great Bishop. He talked to me about how I'm dealing the whole waiting for my visa thing and he thanked me for serving in his ward. Then he told Elder Rampton he got accepted into BYU. Dad did you get the picture? Sacrament went great and after church we went to the Hank's home. The Relief Society is the best! They have the whole wedding for the Hanks ready! We talked with both of them about the commandments some more and they seem ready! That night we saw Isiah again and talked with him more about our beliefs. Tom, his dad, used to be interested in the LDS church, so he, Isiah and Ann sat down with us. BTW Ann is less active. Isiah decided he does wanna take the lessons now. So this is awesome, maybe Tom will find more interest.

This work continues to blow me away of how fun and amazing it is! I have seen my conversion to this gospel grow so much in the past 7 months. It is truly amazing. This is the happiest time of my life so far!

Dad, it's sad to hear Amy got an infection. That can't be fun! Good to hear Steph got to come home to visit! Tell Steph and Amy I love them! So about my visa... I think you should call and see what is going on, Dad... Maybe it will work! I will be praying that it works out for the good. The sports update is awesome! Utah did work!! I bet they will be ranked soon. Love you Dad, Thanks for all the prayers!

Mom, the work is going great! I feel bad for little Amish with her wisdom teeth gone, but a 25 on the ACT is good! Good job Amy! Mom good job inviting your non-member neighbors to the ward Luau! You are a good missionary! A lot of times when I'm in a lesson I think, "I wish my Mom or Dad were here to help them understand." I think it would be so cool to have one of you as a member present!

I love you all so much. Please pray that my visa comes!


Elder Hauck

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