Monday, September 30, 2013

30th Letter 9-30-13

Picture: Dustin's Baptism

ANOTHER great week! This week has been a lot harder, but we got a lot done and even got another Baptism! I will be staying in this ward for another transfer, which I'm happy about and plus we got a CAR!! : )

Monday, this P-day was the bomb! We first went and emailed then had lunch and after went bowling! I bowled a 132, which was alright. An elder in our zone can sound a lot like President Toombs so he wanted to pull a prank, so he told me to change his phone number's name to President Toombs on the phone. He called and talked to Elder Rampton and told him he was going to the Fort Collins mission for good because they need help with the flooding damage. The elder called a few other people in the zone the same way. Some of the elders that got the call were mad about it. Pretty much the whole zone was in amazement that people were really getting moved because they thought they could be called next. It was pretty fun! -haha. After dinner we rode around trying to find people to teach, but we had little luck. We did get to teach the Kubic's, though, and it went well! Another nice quiet bike ride home.

Tuesday, we had very little luck.  We did meet a cool older couple and did the prayer approach with them. They go to a popular church around here and they talk on anti-Mormon stuff there. They were pretty nice still and I think we cleared up some lies. We went to ARC for a few hours. Dinner was the highlight of the day. Sister Mooring is from the South and she made some good food! The dessert was very very good! It was banana pudding! :) The rest of the night nothing too exciting happened.
Wednesday,  we served at the Food Bank for a bit and then had lunch at Grith's. We all got the Monster Burger and my stomach killed the rest the day-haha. We taught Dustin a few of the Commandments and got his Interview done.  I heard from some members that they caught some guy in the LA consulate who would find 19-21 year old males from Utah trying to go to Brazil and hold their paper work. I think that is probably what happened to mine...

Thursday, district meeting went good! Our District Leader is a goof! We finished the commandments with Dustin and planned his baptism. He is so ready for this! He is gonna be a strong member of the church! We then taught Braylan who is getting baptized on the 5th. He is a stud! We teach him a lesson and we have him teach us back. He is also preparing for a mission so we got him a Preach My Gospel book.  We then went to ARC and after planned the baptism for Dustin. At 8 or so we went over to meet with Rodney. Immediately he pulled out his Anti stuff and tried to prove us wrong. He was a lot like Eric, if you remember him from my last area, but nowhere as smart. He contradicted himself so many times that he didn't make sense of his belief. We would show him things in the Bible like "faith without works is dead" and he would totally understand it differently. He feels like we don't have to work for our salvation. It was pretty irritating, especially for Elder Rampton, because this is the first time he has run into a guy like this. We rescheduled a time to come back though and I gave him some answers to his Anti-Mormon belief he receives from idiots off the internet. So I'm glad we get to go back, but I don't know if there will be much progress.

Friday, we went to the Food Bank again and had lunch at LnL, a Hawaiian restaurant. It was super good! We had weekly planning and when I went upstairs to give Brother Rankin, the ward mission leader, the program for the baptism Elder Pratt was there with our car. He gave me the keys and I decided I wanted to pull a prank on I just didn't say anything. We got ready to head out and work, so we put our helmets on and grabbed our bikes and walked around to the front, because our bikes are in the backyard. He saw the car and had to take a second look at it to realize it was our car. I pretended I didn't know about it's arrival and started getting "excited" with him. Then I started saying, "But where are the keys?" and then I pulled them out of my pocket with surprise and said, "Oh here they are!" Elder Rampton doesn't like the pranks sometimes-haah. Dinner went well and then we taught the Hank's a lesson. They are having some troubles, but are still having faith in the Baptism!

Saturday, This was the busy day! First we went and watched "Joseph Smith, The Prophet of The Restoration." I think he liked it a lot! We need to get him to church! We are loving the new car! We then went to teach Braylan a few of the commandments. After that we taught Eli and a few of his friends. Then we saw Harley and talked to her. She told us she doesn't want to take the lessons anymore. It was sad and we tried hard to explain to her why this is important, but she decided she doesn't want to see us again. It was pretty sad...but the good thing though, is after that we got to have Dustin's Baptism! It went so awesome! After he was baptized he told me how he felt different, he felt clean! The whole program went perfectly! I could feel the spirit so strong today! It was amazing! I was the one who got to baptize Dustin and I was honored to do so. We then taught Ron David and he actually gave us a time to come back! That night we found out who was being transferred and who stayed.

Sunday, sacrament meeting went great! Dustin was Confirmed by Elder Rampton and the testimonies were awesome! After church we taught Dustin about the First Resurrection and the Priesthood! He wants to get the priesthood so bad! It's so cool to see his true desire in all this. After that we had no luck. No one was home and people kept rejecting us. Dinner was good though and that evening we taught Rubi and Beto. We asked Rubi if she really wanted to be baptized or not. She said she really does. We told her she has to work hard for it and it's not going to be easy. She said she was going to try to get work off so she can make it to church and said she will do what it takes to be Baptized. Beto got a little emotional when she said she wants him to Baptize her. Beto Terrazas is a recent convert and also is a musician that is pretty popular. His music is super cool! I showed him Amanda's CD and he loved it! Amanda, he wants a signed CD from you! So could you send one for him?
The week went well and I continue to strengthen my testimony! I love this work so much! Everyday I get to feel the Holy Spirit stronger and stronger as I learn to recognize it better. I love Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ so much and I know they love me. I also know they love all of you! I'm very excited for General Conference and think they will talk a lot about missionary work! It's gonna be awesome!!

Mom, I don't know exactly how or where we will watch it. I think probably at the stake center. I can't believe Emme can walk! Those videos you sent me are so cute! Gosh, she is so CUTE! I miss her.. Glad to hear you love teaching the lessons on Sunday, Mom! You are awesome! Those paintings from your childhood chapel are beautiful! I will be praying for Amy as she gets her wisdom teeth out. Make sure you film it so I can see how she acts after, haah.  I love you Mom!

Dad, Thank you for the support. You and Mom have always been there for me! Everyone, I have the best parents in the world!! Also, thank you for the sports update! I actually get to use it when I street contact Bronco fans-haha.  You are right about me maybe having a new NFL team. I still like the Jets, though, and enjoy hearing about them. You and Si look like brothers, Dad. You should be on Duck Dynasty! I will try and baptize Payton while I'm here!

Family, I love all of you so much and miss you. Continue to help the missionaries in your area. They need your help!

Elder Hauck

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