Monday, September 16, 2013

28th Letter 9-16-13

Another successful week here in the Arvada 2nd ward! This ward is on FIRE! We have people coming to us wanting to be taught! Got 4 new investigators this week and like 4 other potential gators! They soon will need another set of Elders or Sisters in this ward! Also had the Mission tour with Elder Korbridge! Alright, so here is what happened this week.

Monday, I got some amazing emails from awesome family and friends. After emailing we went to a burger place to eat. Then went to King Soopers to get our groceries. The rain made it hard to keep all our gear and food dry because we were in a truck. Dinner was awesome! I even got a glimpse of the Redskins vs. Eagles game! -haha. That night we taught Brother and Sister Kubic. The Lesson went amazing! Elder Rampton invited her to be baptized once she knows that the BOM is true and that Joseph Smith was a prophet. She agreed! We will find out tonight how that went.

Tuesday, we woke up, ate and made a new map of our area. It looks super good! The old map had small print and was old. After studies and lunch we went and helped the Conleys move some stuff and went to ARC for about 3 hours. We get to throw away stuff for them in the big dumpster that has a compacter. Breaking the stuff is pretty fun! I guess while we were working a lady came in and asked if Mormons bought Arc. The lady that works there said, "No they just volunteer here."  Then the lady said, "Well see if I ever shop here again." The worker lady stood up for us though and said, "That's mean ma'am." That was pretty funny to hear. That evening we taught Sister Maximoff. She is an awesome lady and ended up coming to church. Must of been a long time since she last came because people were super surprised to see her. We got super soaked riding our bikes around through all the rain! It was awesome! There is a wise saying that people say in the mission, "Your future wife gets better looking every time you go out in the rain, get yelled at, etc... " Pretty much the harder the mission the better looking my wife will be! -haha.

Wedensday, Woke up early to be taken to the Mission Tour. It was great to see all the Elders and Sisters I hadn't seen in awhile. Found out that 2 of the Elders from my district from the MTC got their visas! I hope that means mine is on the way! The Mission tour was around 7 hours. I learned so much from Elder Korbridge! WOW he is a stud! I feel like my teaching skills were horrible compared to what I know and can do now! He is an amazing teacher and I can tell he has been blessed with knowledge from God. You can see his amazing testimony through his face! He helped us use Syllogism in our teaching. Pretty much what that is is to have a belief, another belief and then come up with a conclusion. Using this in our teaching is more like a Destination, a Route, and then the Conclusion. We learned that every lesson we teach covers those 3 points. That evening we didn't have much luck, but we had ward missionary correlation with Bishop and all the ward missionaries. Elder Rampton and I can tell Bishop really likes us and the dedication we have to this ward.

Thursday, during the morning time I got to really study what I learned at the mission tour!  Was nice to organize all my ideas. Today we had a Zone training and President Jones came to it and trained us some more on how we can improve! His training was awesome as well! After the meeting Brother Bashford picked us up and we went and gave Sister Romans a blessing. She is blind and is going through some hard medical problems. Brother Bashford gave an amazing blessing the spirit was so strong! Rode our bikes around in the rain some more and ran into Chuck. He told us we need to come back and talk to his wife. So we probably will this week. Also, we ran into a young lady named Katie, in the apartments, that seemed very interested! She gave us her number and said to call her sometime. After that we ran into the atheist guy again. Only this time he had his friend with him. They were with Ron, Fabien, and Tarisa who are good Christians. Once he saw us coming he ran to get his anti-Christian crap. He tried bashing on us and I just told him, "Hey we aren't here to bash; we are only here to talk with our friends." Fabien agreed with us and told the atheist guy to cool it and told him he was insane pretty much-haah.  This upset him pretty good, so he didn't really talk after that. We talked to Ron, Fabien, and Tarisa for a bit and another atheist came up and started talking bad on us. It gets hard sometimes to not bash on them and laugh at some of the stuff they say. It kept going so we decided to leave. I went to shake the first Atheist guys hand and he grabbed my hand and wouldn't let go. He said, "Boy you have a brain up there, use it! Read the book called 'The End of Faith' it will be the best book you ever read!" This ticked me off pretty bad! I looked at him in his eyes and wanted to say a few choice words, but smiled and chuckled a bit-haha. Fabien stood up and started yelling at the atheist. It was pretty cool how he stood up for us.

Friday, we gave Sister Gray a blessing and talked with her for awhile. We got a referral from Church Headquarters and set up a appointment with Alex. On the way to his house this lady waved us down and asked us questions about our church. We got her contact information and will see her this week! Alex's lesson went great! We got to know him and his beliefs. We teach him at the Bowlers home, Vance's and Brad's brother's home. After that we went to ARC for 4 hours. After that we tried a few people but no luck. That evening we tried Isiah and he actually sat down with us and we did "How to Begin Teaching" with him. He wants to talk with his parents first and see if they are okay with him taking the lessons because he is only 15.

Saturday, we got to meet with Harley along with her 2 sons. We taught them all part of Lesson 1 and they seemed to enjoy it. Harley really has been prepared and is going to meet with us twice a week!  We went to ARC after that for a bit and then had dinner with the Maxwells. Her husband is atheist so we asked him a few questions. I couldn't imagine being married to an atheist.. That would be so hard! That evening we went to see Rubi and Beto. Talked with them on trials and weaknesses and how we can overcome them with Christ. Beto is a music artist and is a great singer! He goes on tour a ton and is super busy. He sing in Spanish and sounds like he is pretty popular in America. Rode home again in the rain. It is getting pretty fun now! : )

Sunday, ward counsel and the meetings all went great! Eli had his baptismal interview and is ready for this Saturday! He is a cool kid! After church we went to lunch with the Larsons, the people that sent the photo the first day I got here. The lunch was super good and we shared a good message with them. Kevin, their son, is going to Brazil and leaves next Wednesday.  That night we did our studies and worked on Eli's baptism record. Have been studying a lot from Revelations. Wow, that stuff is interesting. It takes like 30 minutes just to go through one chapter because I search the footnotes and find the deep meaning of it all. Very cool stuff!

Mom, the flooding didn't really affect any of the area we are serving in. So it didn't really slow us down or anything. We did hear about it. 4 people died and like 200 people are or were missing? Mom, you are right about our relationship growing in the past year.  Kinda funny to think how selfish and just dumb I was...haha. I'm excited to have those long conversations with people, mostly family, when I get home. I actually know how to listen now! Sorry to hear about Cam's Grandfather. I could tell he was an amazing man just from meeting him a few times. Amy sounds like she is growing up fast! It's crazy! Let Joni know I say hi and that I love her! Good to hear Lauren is doing well! That video of Emme kissing Mandi is so cute!

Dad, not as much service opportunities to help the flooding. Just battling the rain storms. No one really got any water damage in our area. We do ride bikes a lot. Probably close to 20 miles a day. I like it quite a bit. Yes, we do wear helmets, Dad. Emme has 5 teeth!!?  What?? Sounds like the funeral was amazing and you got to hear some good stories about Cam's Grandpa. Once again, thanks for the sweet sports update! The BYU vs. UTAH game is gonna be good! I'm hoping for an amazing sports update from you!

Family and Friends, Thank you all so much for the support you have given me throughout my life and especially right now! I love all of you and miss you.

Elder Hauck

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