Tuesday, September 3, 2013

26th Letter 9-3-13

Another great week here in Colorado. Had a lot of success, but it was kind of a slow week.
Monday, we played basketball for a few hours and that night we had an awesome lesson with Brother Kubic. We showed him the Mormon Message "Men's Hearts Shall Fail Them." This is probably my favorite Mormon message! You should all watch it! This video really hit home for Brother Kubic. it was just what he needed! He is a big guy that loves to lift weights, but by the end of our message he was in tears. I absolutely love when the spirit really hits someone to the point where they want to change. He is less active and his wife is a non-member. Later in the week we met with them again.

Tuesday, we had the lunch with Stake President Jones. He is such a spiritual giant and really gave us some great tips to improve the work! The food is always super good, so that's another bonus! We have been spending a ton of time at the library because Elder Kasten is going home soon and has to fill out his "trunky papers."  I guess they really do call it that... haha. Later that night we got our hair cut by the Bradys. We had a lesson with them as well. They are a super cool family!

Wednesday, we got to serve at the Food Bank for a few hours. After that we went to the high school to help Sister Larsen, the PTA president, with setting up a sale in the school. We taught the Hanks a lesson on the Book of Mormon and after gave him a blessing. They really want to be baptized soon, but they need to do a few things first. We had a great dinner and ward correlation that night as well. We ran into a guy named Chris and tried to help him take the trash out, but he wouldn't let us. We talked for a bit and he turned out to be a really nice guy. We gave him a BOM and we are going back to see him this week. We also ran into, Fabien, his wife, and Ron and talked to them more about our church. Ron really loves our church as did Fabien, but his wife was very anti. I think we resolved a few misunderstandings she had of our church.

Thursday, I got to give a training on faith In Christ. I loved planning for and giving this training. Faith really is the base of all we do. I really didn't see it as in action before my mission, but now I see it is even more then a hope for things not seen, but an action for things not seen. Acting upon our faith is what God wants us to do. Exercising our faith like the muscles in our body is what grows and strengthens our testimony! I hope to continue to grow my faith! Of course I gave candy out in this training, that's how you get their attention!  The rest of the day was very slow. Mostly studied with Elder Rampton and set up appointments while Elder Kasten did his trunky papers.

Friday, Rampton had his follow-up training meeting. I got to drive again to Aurora, which was a blast, and the meeting went pretty well. This week I have been praying for my visa so much! I really hope it gets here soon. I even fasted today! Mom and Dad you know how hard it is for me to fast,  haha. I actually grew my testimony of fasting though because of it. I really see that it's not just a sacrifice of food. This helped me realize why I'm sacrificing other bad habits I need to leave behind. That night we helped put down a wedding reception and I met a man named Mark Teady. He knows you Mom. He went to school with you and said he had a crush on Nancy Empey! -haha. Brother Teady is the Bishop in the ward next to ours and is an awesome man! Do you remember him mom?

Saturday we were on fire! We met with Sister Melonie and the Laras. Mom by the way, she is the daughter of the Allens from your wards growing up. John and Jenette are Sister Lara's parents. They are die hard BYU fans so I get to bug them about the Utes! : )  On the way to dinner we tried Harley again. Her boyfriend answered and talked to us for about an hour! His name is Hahn and is a lot like Harley. They believe in much of the same things we believe in. It is super cool! They both are interested in meeting again! Think the day couldn't get better? Well it does. As we are riding our bikes home from dinner we see 5 teenage kids playing ball. They invite us to play and we say, "If we beat you guys, you have to listen to a lesson." They agreed so we beat them. They asked a ton of questions about what we are doing and about the church. Three of the guys go to a Christian church regularly and have strong testimonies. We talked about life and they shared a lot with us. Had a pretty powerful prayer with all of them in their driveway afterwards as well! We got them all BOM's and pamphlets because they want to study it. We will probably meet with them again soon!

Sunday, the Hanks came to church and loved it. We had a meeting with bishop and I think it went well. Had dinner with the Laras and got to hear about the disappointing loss of BYU.  Helped move in some furniture for a single mom with 5 kids. I guess her boyfriend stole all the furniture from the apartment, but when we showed up he was there and so was a lot of furniture. I guess he actually just sold the furniture or something. Kinda confusing, but not our spot to judge...

Monday (Labor Day),  we went to the car show, which was pretty fun! Saw some sweet cars. I'll add some pictures. Taught Dustin about the gospel of Jesus Christ and helped him through some hard times he had during last week. He wants to be baptized now, which is good because he lost a lot of interest when he went through this hard patch last week. Also, we taught Brother Kubic and his wife. She's not a member, but I think she loved the message we shared. They both agreed to take the lessons again!
This week really was awesome, even though it was slow I still loved it. My companions are awesome and we work hard.

Mom, Elder Kasten heads home Thursday to Kaysville Utah. Elder Rampton and I get along great. He is trying hard to work hard. He is from Simi Valley California. Arvada is pretty old in most of the parts. A few nice areas, but the middle of the city is in our area so we meet a lot of people down there. Members do feed us every night! : ) The routine is crazy, Mom. It changes everyday. Usually I wake up, workout, eat, have personal study, and companion studies. I do the 12 week training for Rampton and then I do language study. After lunch we are out doing stuff until 9:00 or so. Everyday is a surprise! Haha. Mom, not many girls are writing me so don't worry. I hear from Devin, Chris, Elder Challis, Kurtis, Cortney Sherman, Megan, and a few other people sometimes. Mom, I'm glad to hear you are helping the missionaries in the area! You are probably a great blessing to them! We sometimes get lunch from members, but not very often. Rides sometimes as well.

Dad, thanks again for all the sport updates! Also glad to hear Steph is doing well at UVU. She is going to have a blast and grow so much! I bet the new finish on the piano will look great! The whole visa situation isn't taking my focus away, just is getting crazy because they say if I don't get it this transfer I might be reassigned here for good... I'm getting a little impatient, haha. I know if I stay here it's for a reason.

I love you guys so much and love hearing from you. Hope everything is going well!
Elder Hauck

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