Monday, September 9, 2013

27th Letter 9-9-13

Photo: Me and The Conley's

Coolest Family,

This week went great! So, last you heard from me was last Tuesday. I am still sleep-talking in Portuguese and having dreams of receiving my visa..haha. So after emailing we had a training with President and one of the AP's. It was a good training on extending commitments. I even practiced a few in Portuguese- haah. Well, after that we did our studies that I love! I think of before my mission and sitting down for an hour to study was something I had to force myself to do. Now I absolutely love it! I studied quite a bit from the BOM, of course, and also Revelations this week. That evening we were able to see Grace and Rubi. We spent a lot of Tuesday and Wednesday saying goodbye to people because Elder Kasten was leaving Thursday morning.

Wednesday, we had to pack all our stuff up because we had to move to a new house...the Pratt's. They are awesome! The new set up is super nice. We have a fridge of our own and the whole basement to study in. Later that afternoon we taught the Hanks L.1. It was an okay lesson, but they seemed to get off track quite a bit. It's hard to teach them sometimes.  Dinner was super good! We went to Grifth's...a burger place.

Thursday, Elder Kasten left in the morning and now it's just me and E. Rampton. We had to go to the church early to pick up clothes we had left at the church, so we rode our bikes. On the way to the church there is a huge hill we have to go down. Well, on the way back we were trying to get as much speed as we could down the opposite side of the hill so we could get up the big hill as much as possible. I went first and got across the street that has a median with a cut out for the sidewalk to go through. Well, the opposite side of the street where the curb-cutout is wasn't lined up so we couldn't make the turn. It scared me a little and I somehow jumped the curb going about 20 MPH. I looked back hoping E. Rampton could make it, but nope...Haha, he took a pretty bad spill. He is okay though. It was pretty funny. Studies went great after that and also had District meeting. The trainings were good and I got a lot out of it. After that we helped a new family move into the ward. They are an awesome family!

Friday, I went to E. Tonga's court date. It went great though! They finally dropped all the charges on him and we won't have to go back again. E. Tonga was pretty happy about that. That night we did the Prayer Approach with the Conley's. The Prayer Approach is so powerful! We taught Eli Brackett and put him on date for the 21st of this month! He is a smart kid! After that we saw Fabien, Tarisa, and Ron David siting on their porch drinking and smoking. We talked to them for about an hour and gave them a Book of Momon and invited them to take the lessons. They want to think on it.  They are good people that believe in a lot of the same things we do. I hope they will listen to us. They told us how much respect they have for us and that we have changed their lives.

Saturday, Studies and weekly planning went well. We went to Arc for a few hours and then went to the Country Buffet. E. Rampton and I ate a lot of food! The Maupins and Allreds were nice to take us there! : ) That evening we went to see Harley and Hans. Harley really opened up to us and told us that the spirit that we have has impacted her. She actually started crying when she talked about us. This work is truly amazing family. We really do have the true Priesthood on the earth today. People not even of our faith can feel this spirit we all have. Harley and Hans accepted the invitation to hear the lessons and Harley is gonna read the Book of Mormon. Heavenly Father has prepared them for us. They are so AWESOME!!

Sunday, Eli came to church with his Mom and her "friend". Sacrament meeting was awesome along with all the other meetings. Ray, the Conley's son, who hasn't come to church in a long time came also! He seemed to like it. That night we had dinner with the Rozeski's. They are an older couple and the husband is a convert for 11 years. He is a stud and played ball at BYU in the 70's. That whole family is awesome! After that we went and taught Beto, Rubi, and Grace. Beto is a crack up, haah... So we taught the Restoration (L.1) it was going great until we get to the part of the First Vision. Right when we are about to speak Joseph Smiths words, Beto comes in and says, "Oops, I ran over someones bike".  Elder Rampton left his bike in the middle of the driveway and it is done for. Other than a few things the week went smoothly. Training E. Rampton is fun and I feel like this is where I am going to learn the most.

Mom, thank you so much for the beautiful information about your conversion. I wish I would of talked to you and Dad more about this before I left. Looks like you are turning into a missionary! Rejections aren't too bad for me now.. Sometimes it is hard when you can feel the spirit saying, "They need this, don't give up!" yet they continue to reject... That's the hard part. I'm curious what was that ladies rejection to you and the Sisters? I love the pictures you sent!

Dad, the piano looks great! Good work! I heard BYU won! You guys are so lucky you got to be there to watch the game! Sounds like that storm was insane! Glad you all are safe. Thanks for the awesome pictures! Hill looks like a boss! Glad you all enjoyed the game! Man I miss football!!! haha. Reaping the Uncle Si shirt! haha. That is hilarious! Looks like BYU might have a shot at The U this year ; ) ha.. That game is going to be awesome! You are the Man! I love the sport updates.

Being the senior companion is awesome! I get to take all the good I have learned in the past 6 months and train it to E. Rampton! This work is true and the growth I have received in these past months is so precious to me. Wouldn't trade it for anything. I still have a lot of work to do though. I Love all of you and miss ya.

Elder Hauck

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