Monday, November 4, 2013

35th Letter 11-4-13

Pictures: The Huntley's and  Sister Mooring and her famous banana pudding. 

First, I want to thank all of you that have fasted for me to receive my visa this past Sunday. I truly am blessed with an amazing and loving family! You are all so awesome! I bet the visa will be here in no time! This week was a little slow because of Halloween, but it was still a pretty good week.

Monday, I was able to read some sweet emails and we were able to go to the gym to work out. Wow, I am weak! -haha. I was so sore the 3 days after. We also got to Bowl for a bit and play basketball for awhile before going to dinner. We then got to give the Sister who was having a hard time last week a blessing. We think she is doing a lot better now. We then saw the Hanks and worked on their Baptismal records. After that we taught the Kubic's with Sister Long, a previous Agnostic, it went very well. I really hope she soon figures out and believes in what we are saying. Especially a belief in God.

Tuesday, we helped Sister Wagner move the remainder of her stuff and then went to ARC for a while. Monday night we had a Zone Fast for all the investigators, and so we ended the fast before going to dinner. After dinner we taught Laurden a few more of the commandments. Hopefully she talks with her uncle soon to see when he can baptize her. After that we taught Ryan and Melonie, new investigators, a little bit about the Book of Mormon, but mostly did "How to Begin Teaching". They had some great questions! They seem very promising, they even invited us to one of their Bible studies with their friends sometime to share our message to all them. That would be cool! I have noticed, since being on my mission I love studying the scriptures! They are amazing and I fell like I finally understand a lot of things. It's a huge blessing!

Wednesday, we got a call from the Pistora's telling us they want a break from us, so they can think about things... That was kinda sad to hear. Hopefully they didn't run over any anti material.  After studies we went to the Food Bank and helped out there. They are very nice people! Tried a few people out, but had no luck. We taught Sister Maximoff and then the Hanks. They are both doing great! Had Dinner with the Moorings and had some amazing food and her famous banana pudding! I will add a picture of Sister Mooring, the banana pudding, and I. :)  After dinner we had very little luck. Ran into a guy that started talking bad on Joseph Smith, and that irritated me. I absolutely hate when people talk bad on Jesus Christ and Joseph Smith. Part of me wants to slap them in the face and the other part feels super sorry for them.

Thursday, the first Halloween of my mission. We had district meeting, which went well. Brother Morgon, from the 3rd ward, came and trained us on PMA (Positive Mental Attitude). I think I have pretty good PMA. If any of you have a trial with this, look in the mirror and ask yourself, "Where is your PMA?" I think it works -haha. After that we went to ARC for awhile. Then had dinner with the Bollocks and the Hanks. After that we went to the Stake Center to hang out with the other elders, because we couldn't be out after 6:00pm.

Friday, we went to the Food Bank for awhile and then had weekly planning. It was a interesting weekly planning.  Had dinner with a guy that just got divorced recently. He is a super cool guy! Felt bad for him having to go through that.  He had 2 beautiful daughters with him as we ate. That night we saw Rubi and her family and taught her L.2. Beto was gone on tour, so I haven't been able to give Amanda's signed album to him yet.

Saturday, this was a pretty cool day. The weather was amazing so we helped the Pratt's rake up all the leaves and then we walked around the neighborhood with rakes and garbage bags and offered to rake up their leaves. Only one lady let us, but I think it might of sparked something in a few others. That night we got to go to the Country Buffet and eat lots of food with the Allreds, Sister Mopin and their friend.  Then we tried finding a few former investigators, but little luck.

Sunday, we had ward counsel and sacrament meeting went great! They changed the bishopric, which was exciting for the ward. President Jones talked to us a lot about the work and how we are doing a good job. A lot of the members told us how impressed they are with us. They are such an amazing ward. A few of the families even fasted for me to receive my visa. After church we taught Ron David and invited him to take the lessons. I think he is going to! Dinner with the Huntley's was great! They fasted for my visa to come.  After dinner we saw Isiah and Amanda. Taught them the Plan of Salvation and they loved it. They are going to come to church next Sunday! I think the work is picking back up again!! :)

Missionary Mom, you are awesome!! You are doing some great work there in Saint George! I'm sure the Sisters love you so much! Continue to help them with their teachings. A member's testimony can play a huge impact in someone's conversion. That is awesome about Chris Abraham! He is going to do awesome! Sounds like the family Halloween party went great!! Cool to hear of all the weddings going on. Tell them all congratulations. I haven't received Mark Abraham's letter yet and I'm excited to receive another package from home! You are spoiling me, Mom! All the costumes are super cool! Amanda and Emme's costumes are awesome! Tell Emme I love her and Happy Birthday on Thursday!

Dad, the Si costume fits you perfectly! What a BOSS! You even have the cup! Here in Colorado it is getting pretty cold. The colors are amazing though! My companions are getting along pretty well.  We were all trying to get along well for this last week. I think I may be transferred. That is awesome about Greg being hired by Delta Airlines! Thank you for the Portuguese message. I can still read it! :)

I love all of you so much. You are the best family anyone could ever ask for. Continue to serve the Lord by being great and loving everyone!

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