Monday, June 23, 2014

65th Letter 6-16-14

Picture: Us teaching the lost sheep.



Another pretty good week here in Itaqui! Some good things happened, as well as some bad things. Like in every week. But every day is a blessing! 

Monday we had a great P-day. The Elders and I are building a strong relationship! We really are so close to a lot of success! This night we met a new family. Crisiani is a member but her husband isn't. They are both super nice and the husband speaks fluent English. He was practicing with me for a long time and it was pretty rough speaking English for me, ha-ha. But this family is super cool and they have potential to be baptized. We will return tonight and teach them the restoration of the gospel. We also had a family night with a few less-active families here. It went super well and the spirit was strong. They fed us dinner as well, which always is awesome! The members here are starting to really like my companion and I!

Tuesday we had district meeting and it went super well! The elders here are awesome! We then had a great lunch with a member who has been a member for 5 years and only him and his daughters are active out of the whole family he has. His wife is a little tough to communicate with. Don’t know why yet. Later in the day we taught Ari, Silvia and family about the plan of salvation! They loved it! A few months ago I made a little cut out of the POS in Portuguese and I should it to them and the whole family was in Awe! Ha-ha! Very clear that they believed in the Plan and want to follow it.  The whole family was very excited for baptism the 28th of this month and we left shooting a few rocks with their sling shots! :) We then had a family night with Paulo, Isabel, Sandro, and a few other members as well as Isabel’s sister and boyfriend who aren't members. We shared the "Mormon Message" about the better women in our lives or something like that in English. It went super good! The spirit was very strong and the members bore strong testimonies! This family night helped Isabel, Paulo and her sister’s boyfriend realize the importance of women and the importance of marriage. 

Wednesday, today we taught some great lessons. Of course the lesson with Ari and family went very well, had a great lesson with Maria and had a family night with the family of Cesar and a few members. Maria was very confused about which path to follow. She has been visiting another church almost every day and I believed this is what was confusing her. Like always, the spirit is very strong when we taught her. I wanted to invite her to stop going to this other church, but I was a little afraid it would be too bold. I prayed more about it during the lesson and I asked her if she believed her home is a special place where she can receive revelation and feel the presence of the Holy Ghost and I invited her to stop going to the other church and stay in home reading the BOM and praying for answers! Surprisingly she said yes, like it was a relief to her. Elder Cotrim and I were very happy that she accepted the invitation!

Thursday, today we had an amazing lesson with Paula, a less-active member that is having some difficulties. Her mom was there with us and we shared a message. The spirit hit very strong and we all felt it in that home. Paula usually is very closed-off, but she opened up to us. Our words that we said were not our words! The spirit was firmly with us and we were inspired to say, ask, and do what was needed to help her resolve problems and concerns! Many tears were cried, but in the end Paula was a lot more happy. She has depression and said that the depression was starting to hit before we got there, but when we got there it started to go away and by the end of the lesson she was full of joy and the depression stopped! This was a real testimony builder! I love the Spirit that we receive when we are righteous!

Friday we had exchanges. Elder Rodrigous and I were comps. and my son (Elder Cotrim), and Elder Saregent worked in the Golden Area (My area). Ha-ha. I had many plans of how I could help Elder Rodrigous and their area and I think I was able to fulfill those plans. We talked a lot about where they are using their efforts and how we can be better. The whole day went very well and we found some good success. The Elders here are awesome! I hope you all have good missionaries in your wards and stakes there.

Saturday, we taught Maria and Nina, a new investigator from a part member family. Maria was in a motorcycle accident not too long ago and broke 8 ribs. We gave her a blessing last Sunday and she said it helped! We shared a lesson with her and as well as her friends and it went very good! We then arrived at Ari´s home and the whole family was sad...I was scared that something very bad happened and they wouldn't want to follow Jesus Christ in the True Church. Ari was fast to say, “My children will follow your church, but my wife and I will not. We will follow the church that our parents followed.” This made no sense too us because the past 2 weeks they have been agreeing with everything we say and they also said they will stay together as a family and follow Christ in His church (our church). We tried hard to resolve the problem, but Ari and Silvia were blinded by pride. The kids all have a strong desire to follow Christ still and actually as we spoke with the parents and expressed our love for them, it strengthened the children’s desire to be baptized. We will see what will happen. I believe they will all be baptized in the true Church, maybe not all of them right now, but soon, yes.

Church went super good and we had 7 investigators there, including the 4 kids of Ari and Silvia! :) Irmão Joâo, our ward mission leader is improving a ton with new great ideas! When I first got here he was a little lazy, but now he is super excited to work!

Mom, the investigators we are working with are progressing mainly through their efforts to reading the Book of Mormon. The ones that don’t read the BOM and pray (Ari and Silvia) are the ones that don’t progress! A BOY!!!!!!!!! No way! I am so excited for Amanda and Shaye! I love them soo much! Maybe their family will be Girl, Boy, Girl, Boy, Girl like our family! Sounds like Amy´s talk about Dad was awesome! I am glad you liked my letter from last week! Cool that the whole family was together for a bit Sunday!

Dad, YOU ARE A STUD! I hope you have a great week! Remember that you are an awesome Dad and I have always looked up to you! You helped me change to be the man I am today. I love you so much, Dad! Thank you so much for your letter, Dad! The mission really is an amazing time of life. I don’t know when I will renew my visa. I heard that I only can renew it once it expires. You are right about the weather being more cold and humid here. I like it a lot more compared to the sweat dripping in my food weather I had before. Dad, I hope you had a great Fathers Day! :) Love you and sweet pictures man!

I love you ALL! 

Elder Brad Hauck

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