Monday, January 6, 2014

42nd Letter 1-6-14

Photos: I love the rain storms in Brazil!

Dear Familia,

This week went much better than the past weeks. I am finally starting to feel at home and not so much homesick. The Portuguese is still rough at times, but I know I am being blessed for my efforts. The new year is here and I am excited to spend the whole 2014 year serving the Lord. This week it rained a ton and I loved it!!

Monday after emailing everyone we went back home and mostly slept and hung out. I made a side bag out of some stuff I had. it is kinda ghetto, but it works and looks good -haha. That night we taught Raul, who is super cool! He is 24 and loves the gospel. He has to go serve in the Military, though, so he leaves this week. Kinda sad about that. His family likes us as well so I think they will be baptized soon.

Tuesday, a lot of the families were together so it was kinda hard to find much to do.  We had District meting and I could finally understand a good portion of it. Studies went well after and we did get to see Irma Rosa and teach her about prophets. She gave us a bunch of snacks too! : ) The other 4 missionaries and I had hot dogs to celebrate the new year and that night we didn't sleep too well. People had music blasting and fireworks going until like 1:00AM! The fireworks here are super loud and there isn't much insulation in the homes to quiet the noise. It was very interesting though.

Wednesday,  again families were all together and was kinda hard to teach, but we did see a few members and less actives. Jonathan and Mateus are 16 and super cool. I like teaching them because they really listen to me when I try to speak. Met with the branch missionary leader that night and discussed the work over some food. : )

Thursday, today was a super slow day. Only taught 1 less-active member and I got some stomach pains again.. so I called Sister Parrela and she helped a lot. I have to be very careful with the food down here because my stomach is pretty weak.  We spent a lot of time walking around trying to find people to talk to, but not many people are too interested to be honest. I really wish I could talk better Portuguese.  None of them wanna talk to a grown man who talks like a baby -haha.

Friday, today we went on exchanges. Elder Johansen and I were together! Yep, two big time greenies! It was a rough day, but we actually did alright! Taught 2 lessons to non-members and talked to a lot of people in the street who laughed at us most the time we talked to them -haha. One lady was super mean to me when she couldn't understand me... ha.

Saturday, watched the ``Hastening the Work of Salvation`` video with the missionaries and then had our studies. We taught Andraclease and the rest of that day we didn't have too much success.  Did go to the learning English class and helped out investigators.

Sunday, super good day today. Had church and it went great! We are studying the Old Testament and I am excited because I never study too much from there. It has a lot of the Pearl of Great Price mixed in, which helps explain things. Fast and testimony meeting went well and I bore my testimony. We taught Elying and her family. They are super cool and love talking to me about America. We also taught a few less-actives. That night we had a fireside where the Branch President talked about member missionary work.

Mom, thank you so much for being so amazing! You are a great example of a righteous, loving, kind, peaceful, helpful, strong woman! You are so awesome! Thank you so much for everything you have blessed me with. You are right, we have been so blessed! Being here in Brazil really has opened my eyes to all the blessings I have received. Thank you so much for everything Mom! You are a great example in all aspects of life! I cried when I read your letter, so thanks.

Dad, you are exactly right! Things have gotten better! Much Better. I had those same feelings of negativity, but have to remind myself to suck it up and work on. I am finally getting used to the culture and the homesickness is dying down. Awesome to hear John Matuauto is back and doing well! I remember when we would home teach them! That was very fun! Sounds like the northern hemisphere is super cold! The work here is very different. To be honest, the things I can take from serving in Colorado are being bold, talking with everyone, loving others, teaching the doctrine, and helping them make commitments. Like I said when we Skyped, they are lazy and don't care too much for religion. They don't care to much of the Bible either, so the knowledge I received in Colorado about our belief in the Bible isn't too much help, but the Book of Mormon helps a ton. The work is very different here. Transfers are every 6 weeks. My companion and I are getting along a lot better. I think it is because we can communicate a little better now. I am learning a lot of patience. Love you Dad.

Amy, Steph, Jeff, Cam good luck with school and everything!! Amanda and Shaye good luck with work and being famous! : )

Hope all of you have a great week!
Elder Hauck

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