Monday, August 12, 2013

23rd Letter 8-12-13

Photos: P-day and Bronco Football Training Camp


This past week has been amazing! I keep telling myself my mission couldn't get better, but somehow it keeps getting better and better. I don't know about easier, but the hard work is keeping us busy and focused! I have learned to love hard work! On Tuesday we helped Patty with her side yard. We cleaned out the planter and put down black weed barrier and covered in with mulch. She made us lunch and her nephew and friend showed up. Patty is a Catholic, but loves the Book of Mormon. So when the nephew and friend started asking questions Patty told them they needed to read the Book of Mormon. She told them that it is an amazing book. She is doing our missionary work for us and she isn't even a member. Elder Krogh and I were pretty amazed by that. So somehow the Hahns got permission from our President for Elder Tonga and I to teach them. Twice a week we get to go on exchanges and teach them.  So Tuesday night we taught them the Restoration. It was very powerful and I know it touched them! The Hahns have had a hard time...their grandpa just got diagnosed with colon cancer and they got in a car crash.

Wednesday we have a new investigator that we put on date today! His name is Ian. He is super solid and is 110% dedicated to being baptized Sept. 7th. We teach him like 2-3 times a week. James is very close to finding an answer. I think all we need to do is boost his confidence. After teaching James we had dinner with a family whose husband went to Brazil on his mission. We had a Brazilian dessert that was way good! We talked a little Portuguese. That night we taught the Flores's the restoration. We showed them the long restoration video and they loved it. By the end the mother was crying. We invited them to pray and find out if this is all true and they accepted.

Thursday, we had zone conference for like 8 hours. It was long, but it was great! I learned a lot! Something I learned is I need to strengthen my faith. We also made our mission visions. Doing this really opened my eyes to what I need to focus on in the mission and to keep the motivation. That night we met with Isaac, a new investigator. We taught part of the Restoration and he immediately opened up to us and told us some very spiritual personal stuff. He told us another story of him being robbed and the guy tried to shoot him, but the gun kept jamming. The last story he told me almost put me in tears.  He is from Mexico so this happened there. A boy had a mother with one eye, The son was always very embarrassed of his mother because she only had one eye. When the boy was at school he would always hide from his mother because of it. Once the boy grew old enough he moved away from his mother. Years pass and one day the once boy that was a man now had a family. His son answered the door one morning to find a old lady with one eye. The boy was so scared he closed the door and ran to his dad. The dad went outside and told his old mother to stay away from his family, because she is scaring his children... the mother, very discouraged and sad, walks away. Years pass and the mother of the boy who became a man died. The now father (boy who rejected his mother) received a letter from his mother's will. It told the son of his mother's love for him and that she forgave him for rejecting her. The letter went on to tell the son of him when he was born having only one good eye. His mother is the one that gave him his other good eye and the son never knew until his mother was already dead...

Friday, we taught Kaleb, another new investigator, lesson one and then taught Ian again. His roommates are making it hard for him to live there so he is looking for a new place. I guess that S.W.A.T team showed up when he was working in the middle of the night and found weed his roommates were growing.  Ian told us of his receiving an answer when he prayed to find out if this is all true. It is amazing seeing all these people receive an answer of this gospel's truthfulness! This whole week it rained a ton, but today was the most! The lightning and thunder is crazy!

Saturday we had a ward picnic. Invited a lot of investigators, but none showed up. It was still way fun though! After we stopped by the Flores family and talked to them more about the Restoration. The Grandparents and mother are way interested!

Sunday meetings and church were awesome. Ian came and stayed for all three hours. He was even answering questions in Sunday School and Priesthood! After Dinner with the Cambells I got to give their neighbor, a less-active lady, a blessing! She fell while running and scraped up her face pretty bad.

Mom, I'm so glad to hear you are helping the missionaries! I can tell you and Dad are great member missionaries! Keep it up, okay! I can't believe Emme is crawling and can almost walk? Don't let her learn to walk! Glad to hear Ben's homecoming was good! Love you Mommy! : )

Dad, I'm glad my advice helped with your talk. I know now where my babyness came from... haha and I see you have been watching Duck Dynasty? haha... at-a-boy! Colorado is getting a lot cooler as well. I love the rain! This morning for P-day we got to go to the Broncos training camp. It was so cool! It made me miss football a lot though. I'll add some pictures. Excited to hear you are going to a good BYU game.  Hopefully Bronco gets done reading his books in time to get the team ready.  You are right about not caring so much about sports, news, and everything else. It's an interesting experience. Thanks for the Portuguese letters!

This work has changed my life. My testimony is reaching strengths I never knew were there. I know and feel the truthfulness of what I teach. Sometimes I just open my mouth and words come out. Sometimes I feel like I'm not even controlling my brain cause I know my brain can't work as fast as it does sometimes during lessons... Kinda weird, but amazing! haha
I miss you guys a lot! Tell everyone I love them!

Hope everything is well.
Elder Hauck

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