Monday, August 19, 2013

24th Letter 8-19-13

Pictures. Elder Krough and I with Brother Robles and his wife (top) and with Ian (bottom)

Dear Awesome Family,

Another awesome week! And guess what? I'm getting transferred to Arvada again. This time I will be training someone though. This surprised me because they never have missionaries waiting for visas train.  Monday we had a great P-day, of course being able to go see some football was the best part. That night, though, we had a way good lesson with James. We had it at Brother Stewart's home, so it wasn't so crazy with kids running around. We talked a lot about the Priesthood. Brother Stewart and James are very similar so his testimony really hit home. FHE with the Deems family was fun and the rest of that night was good. Tuesday and Thursday mornings at 6am we are able to go to Cross Fit at the Stake Center. It has been nice being able to go get some real exercise!

Tuesday we helped Ian move out of his crazy house he was living in.  He rented a moving truck and we helped load it. When we were moving stuff from the garage to the truck the girls that lived there came out and started flirting with us. One was wearing a disgusting shirt that had some very inappropriate stuff on it. That kind of made me mad, but we hurried and loaded everything up and got on our way. Ian has had a hard time finding a place to live and also got fired from is job.  He is still fighting strong and came to church and still wants to be baptized. Really a trial of his faith. That night we saw the Hahns and taught the Plan of Salvation. It went great and fit well for them with their Grandfather passing.

Wednesday we helped Patty with some renovations in her kitchen and taught her a lesson. She is so sweet! After dinner we taught Chuck and Heather, a referral couple from a member.  The lesson went so well!! I love when lessons go great! I hope they continue to take the lessons and search for truth!
Thursday we had brunch with Brother Robles. He is from Bolivia and goes to lessons with us sometimes. I'll send a picture of us with him. The lesson with Scott went great. We found his concern, it was the Book of Mormon...he doesn't know it's true yet. When I asked him if he believed in the BOM it kind of shocked him and he didn't know. He is an optometrist and has come to church for almost a year. He is in 3rd Nephi and really wants to be baptized, but hasn't received an answer. Brother Robles came with us to teach Isaac. We taught him how to pray. It was a quick lesson, but I think It helped!

Friday we found out Kaleb is staying here in CO so we put him on date for baptism the 14th of Sept. He is a cool kid and wants me to be there for his baptism. The Hahns lesson went super well! Lily told Elder Tonga and I that she isn't against being baptized in our church now. Which is amazing! I almost started crying when she told us that. They are ready for Baptism! Dinner with Dilma and Sister Burk was awesome to end the night!

Saturday we taught Ian again and also the Hahns. Their Grandfather died Sunday morning... Really sad. Said my goodbyes that night to everyone.  I hate saying goodbyes. Sunday was the usual, but at night there was a musical fireside, which was awesome!! The Hampden Hill's ward was awesome and I loved serving there. We found 9 new investigators and upped our lessons from 11 to 18 a week . Hopefully Arvada 2nd is alright!- haha. Saturday night was hard. I thought my visa would be in by now and President Toombs called and told me it hadn't come. Dad can you call the mission people that deal with visas and see what's up? Elders and sister that haven't even been out a transfer are getting them and they are from Utah too.

Glad to hear Jeff got a solid job and maybe a baby soon?! Wow!! : ) Also glad to hear that Steph is excited to go to UVU. She will have a blast meeting new people! Amish good luck with school and everything! Dad, you are right about Mom...Heavenly Father must really love us to give us such a great mom, or wife for you.  My wife has some big shoes to fill.  Dad, sounds like you have too much free time watching Duck Dynasty? -haha just playing. That show teaches some great values in life.....ha. Love you Dad. Will you call about my visa?

Mom, lucky you. You get to watch Emme! Please send the pants to 1250 Main Street Broomfield, CO 80020. That is the mission office. I like the original Chips Ahoy and homemade cookies. I end up having cookies every night! : ) You can send whatever you want, though, homemade preferably. Oh, and what size are the pants? I've lost some weight so 32x32 should be good. Pretty much Dad's size. If they are bigger it's fine. Glad to hear your Sunday School class is going awesome as always!
Family I love you guys so much! I miss you a lot and can't wait to see you all after the mission! : )

Love, Elder Hauck

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