Monday, April 14, 2014

56th Letter 4-14-14

 Pics: 1-Peach cobbler with the boys. 2-Bruno and Bruna (A super cool family.)

My Beautiful Family!

Great week here in Brazil! The weather was hot at the beginning of the week, but by the end it was raining, which cooled down the temperature a ton! Elder Gois and I worked hard and found a lot of blessing from our labors! We have transfers this week and I will be transferred to Itaqui and will serve as the District Leader there. I am very excited for the new leadership position and the opportunity I have to serve in another area here in Brazil. I have heard many great things about the area that I will be serving in, and that the members are great member missionaries! Please keep me, my district, and Itaqui in your prayers this week! : )

Monday was a great P-day! I had a lot of fire in me from General Conference the days before and a lot of joy because of the news I heard about!! The day went perfect! We had a lot of success during the night, contacting 3 referrals, teaching a new investigator, whom has a son on a mission and wants to join the church, and we taught a less-active family about the First Vision. The First Vision has so much power behind it! I don’t know how anyone can deny it! The less-active family felt the spirit strong and they returned to church yesterday (Sunday)!

Tuesday, Elder Gois and I continued with the fire that we got from General Conference and kept working hard. This fire lasted all week and I hope I keep it for 6 months until the next G.C.! : ) Had an awesome District meeting where we shared our testimonies about General Conference. The spirit was very strong there. Definitely when the Sister missionaries share their testimonies. They have strong spirits! We taught some awesome people today and we were very bold! Taught a new investigator named Santa, who has a lot of burn marks on her hands and face, which makes her look a little different, but she is very humble and I love this about her. She received us very well and felt the spirit strong in our lesson! Taught a part member family about the Plan of Salvation and invited the parents of two sons, who are members, to be baptized. They want to, but need to change some things first.

Wednesday, another awesome day where we taught a lot of people! Erraclides, a member taught with us and it went very well!  Towards the end of the day we had two solid lessons with Jusalini and the other with Roberta. Jusalini is very ready to be baptized and only needs to stop drinking! She has a strong understanding of The Restoration and she is reading the BOM!:) Roberta is also ready to be baptized! We taught her more about praying and receiving an answer and she has a lot of excitement to receive an answer and be baptized! Today is when the weather began to cool off a bit! I like it a lot more here when it isn't blazing Hot!! Ha-ha

Thursday, today was pretty tough. We seriously walked everywhere and tried many homes, but no one would receive us! It was like everyone heard we weren't humans and that we had some kind of disease with us. Ha-ha. We did teach Norma, but she dropped us... She doesn't want to change her life to follow Christ right now. Had a member with us named Lucus, a return missionary, and he got to see the troubles of finding and teaching willing people the gospel.

Friday, today is when I received word I would be District Leader and be transferred. We taught many people today! Eraldo, Arce, Eliza, Santa, and Roberta all today! All these lessons went very well and they all progressed a little more! We invited Roberta to be baptized and she has a date of April 19 to be baptized. She is very excited!!

Saturday, another awesome day with many lessons! We saw many less-active families and I think we helped them a lot. Taught Jusalini and Cristiane with Daniel, a 19 year-old who is waiting for his mission call! Later in the night we had an awesome lesson with a new family we received a referral for. They are all super nice and understand well. The First Vision was super powerful! We invited them to be baptized, but the two daughters have a huge doubt! They don’t believe in Jesus Christ. They want to believe in him, but have read a lot of anti-Christ literature...The mother is Christian and will read and pray to know if the Church of Jesus Christ is true, but we had a different invite for the two daughters. Because they do believe in God they do pray so we talked about how God answers our prayers and invited them to pray to know if Jesus is the Christ the Savior of the World. They accepted the invitation. The spirit was very powerful during the lesson and I know they felt the truth! The message of the Restoration really can help people believe in Christ!

Sunday, had 3 awesome investigators in church and I think they all loved it! The members were all warm and welcoming and we had a testimony meeting that was very powerful! One sister, named Ana, who has been very sick the past month to the point where she almost died, she bore a strong testimony of the priesthood and that it wasn't the medicine that cured her, but was the Priesthood blessings. Elder Gois and I got to be a part of one of her blessings and when she said this to the congregation it really touched me and the spirit confirmed to me that it was the power of the Priesthood that healed her! Very awesome spirit I felt there. I hope the investigators felt it too! This night we visited many members to say goodbye to them! I love the members here and will miss them.

This week was a great blessing for me. I really feel like I am leaving this area a lot better than I found it! I will continue to do this with all areas I will serve in! The Lord’s work truly is hastening! I will be moving to Itaqui tomorrow (Tuesday) and will be sending the next email from there! I love my Savior and the work that he lets me be part of!

Mom, the work here in São Borja is improving! Slowly, but it is improving! The work here has taught me a lot of patience. Ha-ha. Easter here is very religious, which is very cool. The catholic members are all very excited and celebrate with Chorrascos (BBQ´s). They are already preparing for the big celebration of Easter day. I don’t know what I will be doing Easter Day. I think just church and then the usual. Might be different here though. Mom, to be honest I don’t remember us doing the Passover very well. Ha-ha. That is awesome about Jeff and Cam helping in Mexico! I hope to hear all about it! I am sure it was a humbling experience! I love you Mom! P.S. I made Peach Cobbler, Mom! :)

Dad, one thing that has helped me better understand the people here in Brazil was when Jeffrey R. Holland said how people want an easy God. This is very true and I have seen it a lot here in Brazil. This helped me better understand how I can help other people understand that God isn't easy and neither is Salvation! I have talked with the Zone leaders about parents picking up their missionary and they have said it is allowed, but I don’t know all the details yet. I will continue to find more information of when and how we will do this. Because it would be super cool to show you and Mom Brazil. Sounds like things are going well back at home! I will continue to pray for you guys!:) Love you Dad!

I love you Family!
Elder Hauck

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