Monday, April 7, 2014

55th Letter 4-7-14

 Picture: Our district after General Conference

Yo Yo Minha Familia!

What a beautiful and spiritual week it was! I hope you all were able to watch the sessions of General Conference! How amazing and true is our prophet Thomas S. Monson and the wonderful Apostles and leaders that we have in our church. They truly preach the word of God and guide us to where we can receive a remission of our sins so that we can receive Eternal Life! My testimony has grown this week greatly from the cause of those 2 days of General Conference!  The days leading up to G.C. were awesome as well! It continues to be pretty hot here and many of the São Borjanites are wanting the cooler weather. We invited everyone to G.C.!! We had some great success this week and found miracles through our increase of Faith and Works. This is the work of the Lord! 

Monday, had a normal p-day where we emailed, hand washed our clothes and slept. Haha... Not too much else to do here, plus we are always super tired here so sleep is what we call fun! We taught a less-active man who has had some problem with depression. It is amazing the joy the gospel can bring someone. During our lesson joy begun to grow in him and I could tell his negative desires and depression was lifted while he was searching the scriptures and learning with us. 

Tuesday, Taught a new investigator who was very blinded by her family traditions of Catholicism. She felt the spirit very strong and understood well our message, but when we invited her to be baptized she couldn't say yes. Many people are more focused on popularity or family traditions than looking and finding the truth. Almost as if they have a blindfold on that won’t let them change or want to find the truth. Very difficult. Taught Anderson and his brother tonight and it went very well. He understands well our purpose and that Christ lives! He feels the life of Christ in us and in our message. It is awesome to see his faith grow every time we meet with him. Had an awesome family night with a few non-members. Watched “The Restoration” film and bore our testimonies of the Restoration.

Wednesday, Taught many people today with Irmão Erriclides, a good member missionary here. We got 4 lessons in with him in about 3 hours! Very powerful are the lessons with a member! I feel as if Christ is helping us even more, by sending a stronger spirit, when we have members with us. A strong purpose of member missionary work! Had a great lesson with Roberta and her Mom. Roberta is 14 years old and loves the gospel. Her mom is less-active, but is open to her learning the Gospel. Roberta watched 3 sessions of General Conference with us at the church!

Thursday, Today we received all the stuff for our new house! We don’t need to hand wash all our clothes now and we have a stove and oven! President and Sister Parrela brought everything and helped us bring it all in the house! They are so awesome and have such sweet spirits! Had a powerful lesson tonight with Maicon, the priest quorum president. He is a great teacher and taught a powerful lesson with us! We invited them to pray and receive and answer if Joseph Smith is a prophet and that we would return tomorrow to follow-up.

Friday, Today we taught Arce again! He is a little more open to us and accepted the invitation to visit G.C. with us! Had an awesome lesson with Norma, and a member named Julia that taught with us. We talked a lot about prophets with everyone this week, but we asked her to go into her room after we leave and read Moroni´s promise and pray to know if the BOM is true! I know she received and answer! The night we rushed to re-invite everyone to G.C,! Many people confirmed they would and that made us sleep well this night! : )

Saturday, General Conference is HERE! It´s like Christmas! Wow did I love all the inspiration and revelation I felt and received through the words of these great men and women! What a great blessing we have to hear these words! I won’t write everything I loved about it but I will name a few of the talks I really liked! Of course the first talk by Jeffery R. Holland***, Neil L. Anderson*, Henry B. Eyring*, Russell M. Nelson**, Robert D. Hales**. And from the Priesthood session: Dallin H. Oaks, was super powerful!  And Dieter F. Uchtdorf *** I loved all the talks, but the stars can show how much I liked special ones. Also, I was able to watch all the sessions in English, so this was a great blessing. It just isn´t the same in Portuguese.

Sunday, Again we were treated with more spirit and revelation from the Lord! Some talks I likes a lot were: Dieter F. Uchtdorf ***, David A. Bednar***, Thomas S. Monson **, Boyd K. Packer*, L. Tom Perry*, Lawrence E. Corbridge*** (I don’t know if you guys remember but he spoke to us in my mission tour in Colorado! He has such a strong spirit!) And lastly D. Todd Christofferson*** Loved his testimony of the Resurrection and Savior! My three most favorite talks were Holland, Corbridge and Christofferson!

What an awesome Conference we were able to watch! We truly are so blessed! I cannot wait to study these words and apply them in my life to be a better missionary, man, and follower of Christ!

Mom, about the Missionties thing, I think it is pretty weak. I just barely received your letter. If it cost money, you don’t need to continue. I love your emails every week! Plus we only visit the mailbox, where we receive all our mail once a week before district meeting. Great to hear you loved Conference! A response to your letter from Missionties: Super cool about FHE with Amy and the family every week! Glad to hear Amanda’s B-day went great! Mom, the white shirt doesn't make you look fat, you look beautiful as always! I love the photo of Emme and the Ice cream! Ha-ha!! I am so glad you got many answers to your questions through Conference! I had 5 questions and every single one was answered! It is fine for you to send the Link of the Piano guys new video. I am excited to see it! So glad to hear Aunt Kim is doing well! Tell her I love her. And of course Mom, I love you!!! : )

Amy, you are my Sterling Scholar! : )

Dad, We watched all sessions in the chapel. I don´t think it was a worldwide thing but they asked all of the members here in Brazil to watch all conference sessions in the chapels. You are right! I feel all charged up!! Ha-ha, It’s crazy to think I will be watching G.C. with you next year!! The work in the Branch is improving and I see them organizing thing more... I love the photo of everyone during Conference! : ) Does Emme really know my name!!!?? I miss her so much! I love you Dad! 

Everyone thank you for your prayers! Remember to stay grateful in all situations! 

I love you all!
Elder Hauck

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