Monday, March 31, 2014

54th Letter 3-31-14

 Pictures: #1-Frenando, Mechela and Devy, a family we helped reactivate.   
#2-Elder Gois & I returning home after a rainstorm.

 Hello Família! : )  

Another great week here in Southern America! This week was a little warmer but ended with some big rainstorms. We got soaked one of the nights as we ran home. The work here is slowly progressing and Elder Gois and I are trying everything to improve the progression here in the branch. This week we really focused on having members present in our lessons. The members trust and love us and want to help a lot more now, then as in times past. I am beginning to love Brazil and the Brazilian people! They are so loving and kind. Elder Gois and I are working well together and since I can finally communicate pretty well we are becoming good friends.

This week started off great. We had Daniel, a member who is preparing for a mission, teach with us and the lesson with Cristiane, an investigator. It went very well and we got a good idea of her desire to be baptized...Not now, but next year she wants to be. Mainly because her fiance wants to wait a year to get married. Earlier in the week we found a 21-year-old man who is very religious and received us very well! We taught him and his brother with a member and the lesson was very powerful. He is very open to research our church and find out if it is true. Worked with some other investigators and had some good progression with them.

Eraldo, an investigator is super solid as well. His wife is a member and they have 3 kids. He is very interested as well. We will see how he receives the next lessons. Also, this same day (Wednesday) we taught another family that is very interested. The family only has a Mom and a daughter, but they are both awesome!

We saw Arce this week and talked with him a bit. We are slowly going to work with him to gain his trust again. I think he already knows this is all true and that it´s only a matter of time when he will return and be baptized. A cool experience that happened today (Thursday) was we were looking for an address that we received as a referral and it was in a area we don’t usually work. A lady came out of her house and yelled to have us come to her. She is a member and was having some health troubles and wanted a blessing. We gave her a blessing and she was very thankful that we walked in front of her house at that time. Made me think of how we are truly guided every minute in this work! It truly is amazing! At times we don’t even know it.

This month we have been working a lot with a less active family that has a very strong testimony, but they were offended by a member. We worked hard with them and they are now active in the church. After the first Sunday they returned, they said to me, "The ward feels different now."  I was very happy to hear this. Later this week we talked with the father of the less active mom. He told us of how much his daughter and son-in-law love us and of how much they trust us and feel the spirit with us. This cheered me up a lot! Our efforts here in São Borja really are affective! We were able to assist in the reactivation of a family. Now they are preparing for the temple! : )

Saturday we wet to many houses to invite the investigators to church. Juão, Mates 13 year old, came with us to teach all these families! He was with us for 4 houses and bore a powerful testimony! It is amazing how the gospel can grow a powerful son of God in 13 years. It was a blessing to have him with us and show him the work. He will be an awesome missionary!

This week was tough, but we really saw the fruits of our labors. All of our efforts are remembered. This work definitely isn't easy, but it is worth every second!

Mom, I hope I will receive the letters this week! I am super excited! The pictures of Emme are SO cute!! Ela é tão bonitinha! I can’t wait to give her a Big hug and kiss! : ) How is Aunt Kim?

Dad, I am keeping a good journal and I write in it everyday! I love looking back to when I was in the MTC. I was very different then. Ha-ha! To me it is very funny! The picture with the food has beans, rice, tomatoes and a steak! You would love the food here! BAH! It is super good, especially the meat! My blister is almost healed up, which is kind of a miracle, because I thought I would have it for a few months. I did some surgery on it and I think that helped. I had a blister on top of another blister man!

I love all of you so very much! I love the emails, letters and pictures I get from you. Have a great week! : )

Com Muito Amor,

Elder Hauck

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