Monday, March 17, 2014

52nd Letter 3-17-14

Pictures: 1-River Uragaina. 2-A memorial by the river that says “I am proud to be a missionary.”


Again thank you so much for your awesome letters, prayers and support you all send to me! I have the best family in the world! I hope all of you are doing awesome and continuing to see the blessings in your lives multiply everyday you are faithful! I hope you are all being blessed with missionary opportunities! I love all of you and miss you MUITO! This week was a little different and sad.  We ended up not having the baptism because Arce needs some more time to prepare. The rest of the week was all right, but didn't see too much success. This week we will continue to work hard and I know we will receive the blessings the Lord has in store for us. A little about what happened this week.

Monday, you all know how Mondays are, always awesome!  So we moved into our new house today and got everything organized. The house is big and echoes when we talk because of the lack of furniture to observe the sound. I like the house a lot though. It is a lot closer to everything and I feel the relationship with the members had improved already! Tonight we taught Bruno and Bruna´s cousin a little about the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Arieo is a non-member, is 17 and really open to hearing our message.

Tuesday, had an awesome district/zone meeting with our district. The Zone Leaders and 2 sisters gave some awesome training! I can finally understand almost every single word so it is very nice to hear and share my comments with he district. Today we taught Arce Lesson 3 (The Gospel of Christ) and about tithing. The lesson went awesome and he accepted the commitment to pay tithing. He asked us about the baptism some more and told us he would buy two pairs of white underwear. Ha-ha. He was very excited for baptism today! Also, taught 2 LA families and the lessons went very well. Then taught Helen a New member about the BOM. The missionaries that taught her didn't do too great of a job... A lot of the work here in Sâo Borja is fixing/ strengthening the recent converts that were taught too fast and horribly. This is why we have many LA members here because many people wanted to be baptized in the past and the missionaries taught them in two fast weeks and then baptized them without them even having a testimony. Maybe this is the work that is needed here in Sâo Borja right now.

Wednesday, today is where Arce was very different! We showed up in his house and the first thing he said was ´´I will not be baptized!´´ we were both very shocked as he walked to pick up the pamphlets and BOM to give back to us. We talked with him for a bit and he made many excuses of why he isn´t ready and why he doesn't want to join or church. Someone had to have talked to him because the day before he was completely ready. By the end of the discussion he was much more calm and listened to us a little. But still he doesn't want to be baptized or go to church anymore. We are going to give him some space for a bit and talk to him again this week. The rest the day went all right. We were pretty down for a bit, but brushed it off and continued working. Taught Marisa more about the BOM and also taught a LA family. Then taught Luis and Elesa a little more about the Gospel restored. Had an awesome family night with Frenando and Mechela. They are awesome and I think are almost reactivated! Cezar has work all this week so we won’t be teaching him tell next week.

Thursday, went to teach Mateus, a LA teenager in our ward and found his family there. We taught them and asked many good questions that opened their eyes and sparked a desire to hear more. Had a crazy lesson with Irmá Rosa. She has many problems with the church members. I made a paper with a list (unfilled) of blessings we receive from going to church every Sunday and another list of blessing we get by staying home and not going to church and at the bottom of the page had goals of when and how she will return to church. We talked with her about this and showed her how to fill this paper out and invited her to do so tonight. She was very disrespectful to us about all this.

Friday, had a great weekly planning as well as a great lunch. Saw Ana Machada, who was very sick the past two weeks. She is doing better now though. Today we worked a lot in the more dead part of our area and taught many LA families.

Saturday, today was a pretty good day. Taught Maria Edwardo a little more and also Luis and Eliza. Some one was shoot in their neighborhood the night before so they were a little down, but very open to our message. Kind of interesting how trials or scary situations sometimes open people hearts. Tonight we had a talent show in our branch and it went very well. Had a lot of non-members and LA come. Elder Gois and I juggled limes and then Eggs. Once we were done juggling the Limes we threw them into the crowd and then picked up eggs (cooked) and juggled them. The crowd didn't know they were cooked so when we threw them into the crowd they were all pretty scared. It was pretty funny!

Sunday, church went great, but didn't have any investigators, which was kind of sad. After church we had a great lunch and contacted a lot of people in the street! Tonight we read a chapter with Nara and Elder and it went very well!

I am looking forward to the miracles we will find this week! This work is hard, but truly is life changing in a great way! This week we will focus on working with the members a little more as well as contacting referrals with them.

Mom, thank you for your prayers for this branch’s investigators. Marley, Cezar, Arce, and Cristiane all need blessings to receive the gospel and have the strength to repent. That is awesome about your Spring break with he Family all in town. I am excited to see the new music video of the Piano Guys in Brazil. I don’t know if I can see it until after my mission though. I will see. I think it would be awesome if you and Dad picked me up here after the mission. We will see if it all works out! Is Dad okay?? Awesome about your visit in Provo as well. Amy will love the college life. I am glad you are learning new things about the gospel everyday Mom! I get to experience the same thing here! I love learning now! Mom, I never got the valentine package. Ha-ha don’t know what happened with it. And I have the same address. We pick up the mail once every week in the city. Thank you for the awesome photos. Emme is SO CUTE so is Dad. I love you Mom!!

Dad, don’t be dying on me man! Just playin'.  I am glad the colonoscopy went well! The weather here is cooling down, but is very humid still. It rained all night last night, which cooled things down even more!:) I love the rain! Dad, you can write as much as you want! You are right about mom, she is awesome! I hope I can find a girl as awesome as her! That is NUTS! Breck bought a Ferrari! Super cool! I think you are right about the package being eaten by a Brazilian. Ha-ha. Transfers are every 6 weeks and I don't know if I will be moved. Maybe…I feel the same way about transfers as you described. I am building some strong relationships here, but a new area would be cool! Thanks for everything Dad! Love you!

Family, I love you guys so much! A chapter in the BOM I read this week was 2 Nephi 25! This chapter is awesome! Read verses 23 and 25! : )

Love you guys!
Elder Hauck

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