Monday, March 3, 2014

50th Letter 3-3-14

Picture: During Carnival here in São Borja they write all over the streets with paint. It is pretty cool!

Dear Family,

Another great week here in Brazil! I am loving the weather now that it isn't so hot and I am learning the language! The people here are awesome and I am building some strong relationships with them. I will be staying here another transfer and I don’t think I will be District leader. I think President messed up and sent me a letter -haha. Or he just was joking with me -haha. No, but this week went very well and we found a lot of success!

Monday, after emailing my super cool family and doing all the stuff we have to get done on P-day we went and taught Marley about the Atonement and repentance. The lesson went very well and we were able to ask her many inspired questions to help her realize she can use the Atonement in her life. The lesson was very powerful and she felt the spirit very strong. It is difficult though because she has a ton of motivation when we are there, but when we leave her family doesn't help at all and her family is very mean to her... She really wants to stop smoking, but the family is making it hard for her..

Tuesday we had a great district meeting where we talked a lot about questions and how asking inspired question is key. I have noticed this a lot here. The teaching is much more difficult with the lack of education these beloved people have, so we have to ask many questions to see if they understand. Taught a good amount of people today. Jennifer doesn't want to live the Law of Chastity and doesn't want to keep all other commitments so we had to drop her. She knows this church is true. Taught Atiade and Eloy The Restoration. It went well, but they don’t listen when we teach them. It is very difficult! Had a super good lesson with Cesar (Seizer) and talked more about The Plan of Salvation. He loves the Plan and he is interested to learn more every day! Also taught Maria, a 10-year-old girl that has two super inactive parents. 

Wednesday, taught Arce more of L.2 and it went very well! He is a BOSS! He always keeps his commitments! Kind of cool to that we teach him in his Bar and a lot of people are drinking around us and hear our message. Bars here are different and a lot more open to the street. We then taught Elias and he doesn't want to be baptized or even attend our church. He is a lot more closed off now. Maybe later in his life he will accept. Taught Rotine again. Lessons with him are always exciting. He talks a lot with his pastor so he always asks us question that are kind of hard to answer, but my mission in Colorado helped a lot with this. This night we taught Airiton and Norma, the family we ran into when it was raining and they called us over. They are very interested and receive us very well! At sometimes it is hard to teach there though. For some reason we don’t feel the spirit strong with them and always have to push through the lesson.

Thursday was my 1-year mark! Wow! It has gone by way to fast.. Now time is counting down! Kind of scary if you ask me. What better to do on your 1-year mark than to teach many people! We taught Jair, Airiton and Norma, the 2 LA brothers, Marisa Borja, which was a super good lesson, and this night we taught Cesar with Henrique and his wife (2 super solid members). The lesson with Cesar and Rosa went very well! We taught about our life on earth and the atonement! He loved both of them and asked many questions. He really wants to understand. So does his wife Rosa. The spirit was super strong and the members helped a ton! Probably the best lesson we have had with Cesar and Rosa. I know they felt the spirit today and I think they know this church is true! After they made us Cachorro quiente or Hot Dogs. They were super unhealthy and good! They load the hot dogs with mayonnaise and ketchup and other meats. Also had a little celebration with Elder Johanson and ate a Twix candy bar.

Friday I had a comp. exchange with Elder Johanson. It went very well and I was able to show him my area. We had a lot of success and taught a lot of people. Helped resolve some LA concerns and teach Atiade and Eloy. The lesson didn't go too well, because they really didn't want to understand. Very difficult teaching some people here. When they want to understand they will.

Saturday,Carnaval begins... Everyone is a little more crazy and have their music super loud! We had a great lunch with President Vladimir and his family. Taught Jusay again and he was super negative as always -haha. He told us the story of when he was 15 a guy tried killing him and shot him with a shotgun. He has shrapnel marks on his neck and upper arms. Pretty crazy! The more crazy part is that later in his life he killed the guy that tried to kill him with the shotgun... Very Crazy... to cheer up the day we taught Arce and we didn’t even have to invite him to come to church he asked us! Ha-ha! Then taught Adriana about the BOM and invited her to church, also taught Cristiane´s family and after taught Marley with Irmão Jair. Went super well! Jair is helping us a lot! He use to be LA but through missionary work we reactivated him!

Sunday, Church went great. Arce, Marley, and Adriana´s family all came! The members were pretty surprised I think. They are going to have to get used to it though. I think before they never had too many investigators attend church. Taught Caroline and the lesson went very well, she is a smarter girl. Then talked with Nara and Elder about the importance of families. They were kind of mad we showed up during carnival because they want to focus on the worldly things for 4 days... That is what Carnival pretty much is now. It used to be a big culture thing where every state would have traditions, but now its just drugs, sex and Rock and roll -haha!

This week was a good week and saw some more progress with our investigators and LA members. One thing I have really noticed this week is how much the Holy Ghost helps me speak Portuguese. If I don’t have the spirit with me I really cant speak too well, but with it I can speak smoothly and with a good accent. And one lesson this week said I am talking a lot better and have a better accent now. I was glad to hear this because it really is frustrating at time to speak so they can understand. I am grateful for the challenges I have though because they make me stronger!

Mom, I haven´t yet received the package. I hope they didn't steal it, haha. Sounds like the weather there is getting better as well! Good to hear. This quote by Russell Ballard is great. Especially now during carnival. The Members here are strong and have activities to not let Carnival; the worldly things get in the way of our righteousness. I love the picture of all the siblings together! Are family really is awesome! Good work with all your scripture studies! I have learned to love being a student of the scriptures!

HAPPY LATE BIRTHDAY STEPH! We got to celebrate together!

Family, I hope you all are doing super well and loving the gospel we have in our lives! Continue to do what is right and seek missionary opportunities! They are out there!

Elder Hauck

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