Monday, May 12, 2014

60th Letter 5-12-14

Photos 1: In the Ward missionary leader´s home with his son, Pedro.
2: Chorrasco a few weeks ago 


Happy Mothers Day to all the great Mom´s I know! I LOVE MY MOM!! It was so awesome to be able to Skype you Mom and the rest of the family! You all look beautiful and happy! The Skype session helped a lot and encouraged me to work harder and harder until the end of the mission! Thank you all for your words of encouragement and love!

This week went by super fast! We had some slow downs with investigators, but also found somethings out that will help them progress better. It is amazing to see the Lords hand in this work!

Monday, had an awesome P-day and barely got all the things done that we needed to.  Had a lesson with Delisiani, who had a baptismal date. The lesson went great and her desire was there, but her daughter was starting to get sick. We also saw Jusalino, a strong investigator who is waiting for his divorce papers to come through so he can get remarried and baptized. His testimony is very powerful!

Tuesday, had zone conference today and it went awesome! Spent a good 10 hours of the day in a van traveling to São Gabriel and back here to Itaqui. The trainings went awesome and it was great to see the other missionaries in the other zones. President Parrela gave a great training about how science and religion go together, that science is the power of God! Every thing needs a force/energy to be moved or changed! This energy or force is of course God! He also gave trainings on how important studies are in our lives, during the mission and after. Learned a lot of good stuff that I will use not only in the work, but also in my life!

Wednesday, we saw a lot of people today and helped a lot of people! Lunch had an inactive member of the church. We talked to him a lot about why he left and why he doesn´t want to return. His excuse was very weak. Saw Delisiani today and her daughter was very sick now. We gave her a blessing and taught them a lesson. We talked to Delisiani before this week and told her that this week would be very hard and it was. She gave up on her date to be baptized and now she is slowing down a lot in her conversion. We will continue to help her, though. Tonight we had a great family night with a lot of people. I made chocolate chip oatmeal cookies and they were a HIT! All the sisters in the branch want your recipe now Mom! : ) Ha-ha

Thursday, another great day with success. Met a new investigator and got to know the mother and daughter. They are very intelligent and understand our message well. They both need to get married still, so this could take sometime. Also met another family that is very prepared, but have the same problem. They need to get MARRIED! We had a great meeting with the President of the Branch and the newly called ward missionaries!! This will be awesome to have ward missionaries! The meeting went very good and we were able to give training on teaching lesson 5 of Preach My Gospel.

Friday, today was pretty rough. We didn´t catch to many people in their homes. We walked a lot and it was a little hotter today, than the other days. Had an activity in the chapel for Mothers Day. It went super good! Had a lot of cake there and we were able to serve all the mothers there. Also, had a few investigators there as well!

Saturday, talked with Delisiani more and she had slowed down quite a bit. Her daughter has a serious health problem and they need to go to Porta Alegra. She doesn´t want to make any plans right now with us until her daughter is healthy, which is understandable. We will continue to visit her and see what will happen next. Taught the mom and daughter who both need to marry again. They love our message and have so many questions to the point where it is pretty hard to continue teaching the lesson.

SUNDAY, what a great day this was! We had a great meeting with the President of the branch and then had our church meetings! Lunch was a chorrasco, (but not the one in the picture) and was super good! We meet a less-active family and taught them. We then rushed to Skype our awesome Moms! Of course this went awesome! I was able to see my beautiful Mom and the rest of the family! I am so grateful for my Mom and for all that she does for me! : )

I hope you all have a great week this week and learn a lot of new things! I will be training a new missionary this next transfer and continue being district leader, that means I will need a lot of prayers my way! Ha-ha! I love you ALL!! : )

Love, Elder Hauck

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