Monday, May 19, 2014

61st Letter 5-19-14

 Pictures: 1-Elder Cotrim and I
2-My name tag in Santa Maria

Família Maravilhosa,

Hello Family. This week went by very fast, but was very good! With all the love I received from you guys on Mothers Day I was happy all week! My new companion is very cool. His name is Elder Cotrim. He's from São Paulo and is 18 years old. His family is all members; he has a fiancé and has some great ideas to help out in the work! The week went by very smoothly and we had a lot of success!

Monday, we emailed our awesome families and after had to do a lot of things to prepare for transfers. I was still in the trio so we taught a few lessons in each area. Had an awesome lesson with Jackson and Maryjane. They are super nice and understand very well! They have a daughter named Anadele who is the cutest thing every! She loves to sing songs in English! Ha-ha.

Tuesday I woke up at 3:30AM and got ready to catch the bus to Santa Maria. The trip was about 6 hours and I was alone!! It is a little scary to be alone for that long. I was sitting next to a girl too, which made it more scary. Ha-ha! But I arrived in Santa Maria and one of my friends there, Elder Santana and I visited some of his investigators he used to have there in Santa Maria. We visited 3 families and one family fed us Pizza! :)  I was super glad we got to visit them, because a lot of the other missionaries had to stay in the bus station for 4 hours contacting people in the streets and what not. Ha-ha! That night we passed by McDonalds!! :)

Wednesday, we had a great breakfast at the Hotel Appel and then had our meeting with President and all the other trainers (10). The meeting went very good! We then received our new companions and the Assistant told me that our bus would leave at 11:50AM!! The meetings ended at 11:20 and President made us eat. My comp and I ate super fast and rushed to the bus station! We were running to catch the bus and missed it by 1 minute! Ha-ha... I then had to call the assistants to tell them that we missed our bus. The secretaries came and picked us up and took us to the mission home. We stayed there all day and talked with people in the street and visited some families with Elders Lapray and Sol. 

Thursday we caught our bus to Itaqui and arrived here at about 6 o´clock. We then had our learning English class, which went super well!

Friday, Finally got to work! We visited a part member family to meet the husband Paulo, but he wasn't there. We shared a lesson with the inactive wife and the lesson went very well. We talked a lot about baptism and the temple marriage they can receive. It went very well! Elder Cotrim teaches very well. We then passed by a member’s house to give her granddaughter a blessing of health. We then found Jorge and his family all sitting together and taught them The Restoration! This lesson went super good and Elder Cotrim and I are teaching well together already! We then taught Universina a little about baptism and the plan of salvation. This was very spiritual. We had this lesson in the Chapel, and we could just feel the spirit stronger there. I know Universina felt it to!

Saturday, lunch was a party with a lot of members, which kind of took some of our working time away. We got to work, though, and found some great success! We visited the branch mission leader, Irmão João and shared a message about the Priesthood and our callings in the church. We then gave him a blessing to help him in his calling to be more effective and have the energy to work hard. Irmão João was a little shocked when I asked if we could give him a blessing, but it was a look of a happy shock. Like he was wanting a blessing for a long time, but no one offered. The spirit was very strong during this blessing! We then tried to contact some referrals and then taught Cesar and his family about baptism! He is completely ready to be baptized but is scared that Satan will work more on him after his baptism and he thinks he won't be able to handle it. We then offered to give him a blessing and he accepted! When I gave him this blessing I honestly do not know what I said. I was saying words in Portuguese that I don’t know yet. The spirit was so strong. Cesar and his family were all in tears by the end, because of the strong presence of the spirit. We invited them to ponder and pray about the baptism of Cesar. Finished the night with an awesome family night with an investigator and a few less-actives.

Sunday, Had our meeting with President. Alisson is a great president! We then had a lunch which was another Chorrasco!! :) I love Chorrascos! We then got to work and taught Jorge. The lesson went very well and I think he understands our message better. We invited him to pray for an answer and said we will return the next day, which is today! We then contacted two referrals. One wasn't interested, but the second was very! We taught her the Restoration and invited her to pray and find an answer and after be baptized. Maria has a lot of faith! We then got lost in the streets, but found our way to Irmão Joãs house and had our meeting with him.

This past week went very well and I know this week will be even better! We have a lot of plans and our vision of success will be realized! I love the work and I am so grateful for the opportunity I have to be a servant of the Lord. I love all of you and miss you guys a ton!

Mom, I was on I high as well because of our Skype on Mother’s Day! I am so glad everything is well there! Sounds like Amy is doing great and as excited as ever to graduate and go on her special trip! I am so glad you take everything you can out of the Gospel Doctrine lessons you teach on Sunday, Mom! Very awesome! I love you so much Mom and miss you tons!!

Dad, I love what you said about experiences we have in this life I want to have it here in the email for all to see!  "I think that was the greatest lesson that I learned from my mission, that we learn from or own experiences. What wonderful proving ground mortality is! We come to this Earth as eager spirits ready and willing to learn, but then life sets in and twists us this way and that. We are formed by our individual experiences. These experiences, both good and the bad, when combined with the knowledge that the gospel brings, can shape us into marvelous creatures. Combine all of that with the atonement of Christ and our potential is limitless. We are pretty awesome, even though we usually don't realize it." (The Famous Jason Hauck aka Brad´s Dad) You are exactly right Jason! :) I love you Dad, and as always, thank you for your powerful words of advice!

Elder Hauck

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