Monday, May 5, 2014

59th Letter 5-5-14

 Picture: Baptism! :)

Algumas Mudanças,

WOW... All right, so this week was a huge surprise and some big things happened! I am so happy I was able to work this week and see some great success! This Mission is awesome!

All right, so if you remember anything from last week you know that it wasn't too great. Well, Monday and Tuesday passed the same way. I talked a lot with President Parrela to arrange everything for my companion to be transferred back to his home. He left Wednesday morning and I got to stay with Elder Sargent and Rodrigues dos Santos.

Wednesday, with the dead weight gone, we got to work and immediately found miracles! We three started working and found new people that have interest in the Church, taught a few lessons and have a family to help get ready to be Baptized at the end of this week! With the experience I have of being in trios in Colorado I was used to the teaching style we had to move to, but the other two elders had a little harder time adjusting, but sure enough after the first few lessons we were teaching well. I was able to give the baptism interviews to Leda, Andrially, and Allyson. It was so cool to ask them these questions, feel the spirit with them, and hear their testimonies of the gospel! 

Thursday, another awesome day. We had lunch with two non-members and shared a great message with them of why we have commandments and why we must follow them. We also taught Augosto, an old man who lives alone and cant walk to well, but has a family member that helps him around the house at times. We arrived there and he was mad at us. We asked him why he was mad and he said, “You guys said you would pray for me and I would improve my life to be better, but I still can’t walk!” It was cool to see the faith he has, but we had to explain to him that the knowledge of the Gospel would improve his life and bring blessings in his life. The whole visit with him was a little funny because he was mad that we hadn't healed him yet. This night we talked with a part member family. The father isn't a member, but has visited church for the past 3+ years. We talked with him of why he wasn't baptized yet. He said he wanted to wait until his wife´s birthday. We explained to him that Heavenly Father doesn't want to wait to give him the blessings we receive at baptism and confirmation. We are working with him to be baptized this month!

Friday, Another great day with many lessons! We did some great work and marked Delisiani with a baptismal date of May 10th! We then marked an investigator of the other comps for the same day! We were so happy working together and finding this success together! This whole day we were super happy! We worked a lot with the family that was baptized this past week. We had a family night with this family and the Mom asked me to baptize her. I was very shocked, but very honored! 

Saturday, Day of Baptism!!!!
Had lunch and then went to the chapel to fill up the baptismal font. It took almost 3 hours to fill and heat up. Ha-ha! The baptism went perfect! It was so cool to do this in Portuguese! The spirit there this night was so powerful! Elder Sargent, Rodrigues and I all felt the spirit strong and were super happy! This family lost their Dad 6 months ago, but have found the Plan of Salvation and that they can be an eternal family one day! This family is awesome! :)

Sunday, didn't have a great turnout in sacrament meeting because of the rainstorm and the bus broke down... It was still an awesome meeting and I got to be in the circle for the Confirmation of Andrially. We had some great success today as well! Amazing how the gospel truly brings the happiness of eternity that has no end. Through the gospel is how we can find this true happiness!

This week was crazy, but was super spiritual and a blessing to the members here in Itaqui and to us full-time missionaries. I hope your week went well!

Mom, I am so excited to Skype with you guys Sunday!!! :) I think it is a 3-hour difference so I will be calling between 5-7 o´clock, which is like 2-5 there, I think. I hope this will work out! Mom, things are much better here. I love the members and the people here in Brazil. They are very humble and kind! One thing I like a lot about the missionary work here in Brazil is that we get to teach simple. I am excited for your trip in 3 weeks! I want many pictures of you, dad and Amy! :) I love you Mom and can´t wait to see your beautiful face on Mothers Day!!

Dad, that is awesome about the 12 year old bearing his testimony in Star Wars terms! Ha-ha! Elder Assis doesn't have support back home, no girlfriends and is the only member.  I remember our trip to Europe; it was so cool! I want to go back!:) Ha-ha, Amy will love her trip!

Family, I hope you all have a great week! I love you all!

Elder Hauck

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