Monday, July 7, 2014

68th Letter 7-7-14

Photos: 1-Thaliene’s baptism, 2-The flood! 3-Tasting the bean and chicken stew!

Hello Família!! :)

Can you say flood!? Ha-ha, here in Itaqui and other surrounding cities have been suffering because of Rio Uruguai raising 14 meters in the past week! Maybe you heard of it on the news, but I doubt it. Ha-ha! I will send some pictures.

Other than the flood, the week went very good! We finished the week with the baptism of Thaliene and it went great! We worked a lot with her this week, preparing her for baptism and everything. She is awesome and invited friends to the baptism and we had a family night with her family and 2 of her friends after the Baptism. One friend of hers is very interested now! This teenager is elect! She reminds me of Amy! Ha-ha!

This week we spent a lot of time checking in on the members close to the river to see if they need help with anything. Some members lost a lot of things because the river raised so fast they weren’t ready and couldn´t move furniture out of the house fast enough. It was raising about 1.5 meters per day.

This week we found a new investigator through a less-active family. He is a boyfriend of a member and he is very interested and has great questions! We will try meeting his family this week to help them receive the restored gospel. 

I want to share one experience that was very spiritual! All right, so we were walking to a less-active family’s home and stopped to take a picture of the river. Which was surrounding some of the homes in the street, as Elder Cotrim was shooting some pictures a lady was finishing taking some pictures and said a few words to me about the muddy roads. I said a few words back to her and she started walking back to her home. As she was walking back to her house IT his me! “What are you doing Elder, You need to talk to her!” I then said to Cotrim, “We need to talk to her!” We rushed normally behind her to catch up to her and once we caught up to her we started talking to her. She isn´t from here and is from a city that doesn´t have missionaries yet, but we begun to share with her about Jesus Christ! She had a few questions that we answered and then she opened up to us and got a little emotional as she told us of how her 16-year-old son died recently and that she has lost her faith. She asked us why this happened to her. We answered this question by teaching a little of the Plan of Salvation. The spirit hit me very strong when she asked, “Is there really a life after this?” The spirit was so strong as we talked with her and she told us that she feels we are sent from God to talk with her. She understands that everything happens for a reason and the God has great purposes! This experience was very cool because it was almost too perfect to be true. Felt like a dream! I know how powerful the promptings of the spirit are and that we must fallow them!

I don’t know if we will ever see her a gain, but we left her with the restoration and Plan of salvation pamphlets with our number and invited her to read and pray about the Plan, if it really is true. She will be baptized someday!

How amazing is the Holy Ghost and how He worked with us!

Mom, sounds like Cuzzy Camp was awesome! I can’t believe I will be able to go next year! Ha-ha! Awesome to hear Amanda and Shaye’s move-in went well and that you got to play with Emme! I love the pictures!

Dad, I feel like the big family we were teaching will warm up to the gospel over time. The flood completely covered their home and we, as well as members, went by to help them out. Maybe this will humble them for the gospel. I am excited for Dresden! I am thinking of how it was for me starting the mission! It truly is a change of life! Ha-ha...Dad thank you so much for everything! (I keep saying it, Dad! :) You and Mom have helped me so much in life. Like it is said in Alma 32, and 3 Nephi 14 good fruit can only come from a good tree! I am a fruit of my parents! I believe I am a good fruit because I was grown on a good tree! :) I love you all so much!

Have a great week everyone!
Elder Hauck

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