Monday, July 14, 2014

69th Letter 7-14-14

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Dear Amazing Family,

A Seminal Joya! All right, so I don’t have too much time to write today, but I hope I can share a few experiences that happened this past week! The work here is going well. We are working really hard to keep the work moving strongly and we pray it won’t slow down! Elder Cotrim continues to do awesome and we work great together. I think he is the companion that I have made the most progress with in the work as well as in myself. I feel very content with everything. The District is doing great. The other elders are improving and finding more success!

So this week we had a zone meeting that went super good! We got to hear two trainings, one from Elder Henderson and the other from Elder Bento. Both trainings were very good, but Elder Bento´s was top notch! He is a stud and brought some great ideas and understanding to all of us. He talked a lot about goals and how we can improve our manner of organizing and accomplishing goals. He taught a lot about faith and how using faith intelligently we can accomplish these goals diligently, effectively, and more in harmony of the will of God. I want to improve my goal making skills a lot! 

Another experience that happened this week was when we got a call to give a blessing to a baby that was born 1 month early and has many physical problems, including problems with his heart. The Mom is not a member but almost all of her sisters and daughters are. I remember when we entered the room where the baby was I saw the baby and knew at that moment that the baby would be fine and that he would continue his life healthy. The spirit there was so pure and calming. I had the great opportunity to give this baby, Edwardo, a blessing. My spirit felt very calm and I was able to give the blessing clearly and I was guided by the Lord to say what was needed to be said. Don´t remember exactly what I said, but that he would be cured and the doctor would perform the surgery with exactness! I will never forget the spirit that we felt there. Felt like we were in the presence of an angle. This little baby is very special to Heavenly Father!

This week was full of excitement, but sorry I don’t have time to share everything! The mission is amazing and I feel my spirit grow everyday! I feel like I understand things better. Heavenly Father really does love us and will give us wisdom if we just act with faith!

Mom, sounds like the visit to the Haucks went awesome! I would have loved to be there with all of you! I miss those times with the family! I definitely won’t take them for granted after the mission! Ha-ha. Super funny about the car searching. You always stay strong in your decision! The van is pretty cute still! Ha-ha...I can imagine Dad´s reaction when you told him you want to keep the van. Sounds like the whole trip went very good! Glad to hear Jaden´s farewell went great! He will be an awesome missionary! Tell Cam happy birthday from me! And I love the pictures! Thank you for the testimony, Mom! You are exactly right about the gospel being the great blessing in our lives. We owe it to Him to dedicate our live to Him! I love you Mom!

Dad, I am glad you were able to see all the family this week and talk with them! The weather here is very strange! A few days this week it was pretty hot! Ha-ha. Many people talk about the cold, but where is it? Ha-ha!  Love you Dad!

I love all of you so very much and can´t believe how fast time is flying by! Stay well!!


Elder Hauck

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