Monday, July 21, 2014

70th Letter 7-21-14

 Photos: 1-Cesar's Baptism, 2-Family Night
Querida Família,

Another great week here in Itaqui! Elder Cotrim and I are really finding those elect that hear His voice! Everyday is a great blessing and being a missionary is an even better blessing. This week we worked a lot more in the city and found some great new investigators that seem elect! The weather here is very nice! The daytime is warm and the night is cold. The people here are saying that this winter won’t be like the other winters. It usually gets a lot colder, but this year nope. I hope this doesn´t mean summer will be hotter...Everything is going very well here and we were blessed to have another BAPTISM! 

César was baptized Friday and it went awesome! So his whole family is members and he held off to be baptized for 8 years. After many, many missionaries helping him out, we were the blessed elders to baptize him. It has been so amazing to see him change so much in the past 3-4 months. When I arrived here he had many doubts about the Word of Wisdom, tithing and why people aren´t perfect in the church. After many spiritual lessons we began to see a great change in his heart. He began to accept and understand the truth and he followed the truth that he received. If you all remember we gave Cesar a blessing about a month or ago and it was very, very powerful the feeling that we felt with him. I believe that this is when he began to make those big changes in his life and he truly has a testimony now. The light that he has in his appearance is very different from before.

Thursday, Elder Bento (LZ) traveled here to give the interview to Cesar. Cesar passed and said one of you will baptize me, but I don’t want to choose. Of course I wanted to, but I knew of how happy and grateful Elder Cotrim would be to baptize him. So I told him he would! He was very excited and gave me a big hug. Ha-ha! The baptism was on his wife’s birthday and it was very late, because he had to work until 7. The baptism went very well, and everyone there felt the spirit very strong! Romilda, his wife was very emotional and bore a strong testimony, which brought tear to all of us. Cesar is awesome and is kind of funny. He reminds me of you Dad! Ha-ha! He loves cars and is super goofy, but serious when he needs to be.

Remember the baby we gave a blessing too? Well, a miracle happened with this little baby. So when we gave the blessing I didn´t remember too much of what I said, but the Mom and the family remembered. The aunt of the baby, who is a member told me, “Thank you so much for the blessing for Eduardo and for blessing that the doctors would be guided to perform the surgery perfectly, because when the baby arrived in Porto Alegre the heart doctor was studying the examinations on the heart and realized that the heart wouldn´t be able to handle the surgery. He called the other doctors that were ready to do the surgery and told them to not do the surgery!”

Now the baby is doing well, but does feel a little pain in his chest, but the doctors said if they would have done the surgery the baby would have died. What an amazing miracle. But it wasn´t me or the doctors that saved this baby. It was Heavenly Father working through us with the Spirit.

This week was full of amazing experiences, but I don’t have time to share them all. I barely have time to write them all down in my journal every day! I get to see the work of the Lord everyday here on the earth! He lives!! (Mormon 9: 8-10)

Mom, I love the pictures of you girls having a blast together! Wow, are the girls in my family beautiful! Ha-ha, Tell Cam and Grandpa Porritt happy late birthday! The Graffs will be great senior missionaries! There is one senior couple in our mission. In Colorado we had like 4 couples. Cool that you were able to teach the Gospel Doctrine lesson Sunday! The lessons here in Gospel Principals are all right. I miss the organization we have in the US. Ha-ha! I also miss the temple so much! At times I think a lot about the temple! I am super excited to find my wife when I get home and be sealed for all time and eternity....But, glad I don´t have to think about this yet. Ha-ha!

Dad, glad to hear you and the family are doing well. Amy will leave for college when? Then you and Mom will have the house to yourselves for a few months and then I will crash the party. I am pumped for football to start again! I hope the updates will be as good as last year Dad. Make them good!

I love all of you so very much and miss you too!

Boa Sorte com tudo,

Elder Hauck

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