Sunday, August 17, 2014

73rd Letter 8-11-14

Photos: 1-Raissa's Baptism 2-These Southernests like knives!

Dear Beloved Family,

I don't have too much time today to write because I have been transferred to Santa Maria and will be a Zone Leader here.

I love you all so very much! Please keep your love and prayers coming towards me! :)

Mom & Dad, hey, I will get the new address for you guys. I think I will ask for one more care package here in Brazil! :) I will think of more things I want this week, but Elder Cotrim wants 2 photo albums, that are clear covered, like the family tree one you sent me. Also, maybe Chips Ahoy.. but I'll check becsuse they may have them here in Santa Maria. I love you both so much and am so grateful for your love and support in everything!

I will try to write you more this week, but if not, until next Monday.


Elder Hauck

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