Monday, August 18, 2014

74th Letter 8-18-14

 Me with Elder Pontes
My Family,

Wow do I miss you guys!

This week has been very very different! Now I am in Santa Marta which is another city on the side of Santa Maria. I am working in a ward, so we have about 170 members that are active and the area is a lot smaller than Itaqui. The walking is up hill and down hill and the altitude is a lot higher, so I am getting a pretty good work out! Ha-ha!

My new companion is Elder Pontes and you wouldn´t guess it, he is from São Paulo.  He is cool, but completely opposite from me. I feel like this transfer will require a lot of patience and humility, which will be good for me! We will see how things go.

Surprisingly the Ala isn´t having too much success as far as missionary work.  Our teaching pool is pretty weak and we aren´t having too much success finding solid new investigators.  We did find a few though.

One family that we started to teach is Rose, her Mom and her daughter. They are awesome and have great faith, but are kind of slow to act on that faith. We marked a date for baptism, but they ended up skipping out on church, so we will have to move it to another day.  Another family is the family that lives next door in a chapel of an evangelic church.. The Dad is an in-active member that started his own church, which is in his home, and he has a few kids. We talked with him the second day I was here and he told us of his strong testimony. Cleuden is his name. He knows the Church is true and actually uses our church material to teach and also our hymns.. ha-ha! He told us he wants to return and that he is praying for help to repent and return.  He is very sincere! His son named João is super cool and we talked with him and his brother. They both ended up visiting church with us Sunday.

We will see how these two families progress this week! We have a lot of things to change!

Sunday, church went awesome! I felt almost at home, with the full chapel, busy halls, good singing, and powerful leaders! I loved the feeling there this Sunday! I was able to give the spiritual thought before Preisthood Quorum and it went super good! After we learned about Eternal Marriage and we talked openly and boldly about it. It was super-cool and opened my eyes a bit of what I want in the future!

The week was rough and I am super-tired but I am loving the busy work! Time is flying by faster than ever!! I think this week will be a lot better though!

Mom, yes, I am sad that I had to leave Itaqui and Elder Cotrim, but I feel like it was time for me to leave there. The area I am serving does have more college students, but I'm more in the out-skirts of the city. Sounds like a lot of things are starting to change there!! I am excited for Amy moving away for college. It will be a great opportunity!

Dad, I am working as a co-companion zone we are both zone leaders. We have 2 districts that we cover and about 20 missionaries.  I am pumped for the sports news!!! :)

I love all of you so very much and I miss you all like crazy! Take Care!!

Elder Hauck

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